Wood Ceiling

What comes to your mind whenever you enter a room with a wood ceiling?

A touch of class? A welcome tradition? A place where family can gather? Adding this sense of warmth and comfort is easy and affordable.

Wood Ceiling Advantages

Wood ceiling is a growing trend in interior design, and for very good reasons. Wood ceiling is made of natural material which not only allows you to emphasize the natural beauty of design in any room, but is also completely safe for humans.
Also, wood offers a huge variety of textural solutions which allows you to add character and individuality to any room.
High quality wood ceiling by Wood Willing retains its original appearance for a long time.
Another great advantage of solid wood ceiling compared to alternative materials is that wood ceiling has excellent soundproofing properties and will eliminate irritating noises. In addition, wood is one of the materials with high thermal insulation qualities which means that the temperature in any room that has wood ceiling is easily maintained.
The greatest attraction of wood ceiling is its visual appeal and unique beauty. The grain and richness of texture of wood are features that people have appreciated for hundreds of years, and, although modern industry offers many alternatives, solid wood remains the material with highest aesthetic value.

Wood Ceiling in Nigeria by Wood Willing

Wood Willing make and supply wood ceiling strips and boards to home and building sites in Nigeria. Our wood ceiling materials are milled right here in Nigeria from some of the finest wood species on earth. Also, because we have a plentiful supply of lots of premium timber species including teak and Gmelina, creating the unique look that sets your home apart is easier than you think.

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