Discover different sizes of treated hardwood and softwood in Nigeria. We have planed wood for furniture making, wood for roofing, planks, durable hardwood for boat building,  wood for pallet making, wood for fencing. Wood Willing has treated wood for your professional needs.

When planing our cut to size wood we pay meticulous attention to detail in machining the wood to ensure that the dimensions are accurate and uniform, according to your custom need. Our machining tolerance is ±1mm of the dimensions demanded or unless otherwise stated or agreed.

Cut To Size Planed All Round Wood

All of our wood sizes for professional usages, whether it be Iroko, Teak, Mahogany, Apa, can be ordered to size and delivered fully planed; giving you the best possible starting position to work from, and allowing you to shape the wood as you see fit.

We have listed the individual qualities of all the different planed wood we have available on this page with details regarding their hardness, workability, ideal applications and more to help you pick the wood that will best suit your needs.

Wood Willing also supplies truckload of firewood for fuel to factories and firewood retailers in Nigeria. You can order online and we’ll deliver to your address.

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