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Do you know that wooden doors — both the interior and exterior, made locally can compete globally? Have you thought of this?

Locally-Made Wooden Doors in Nigeria

Before the recent popularity of imported doors in Nigeria, Nigerians lived in houses with wooden doors made by local craftsmen from unprocessed timbers. These classic wood doors made with minimal technological input served their purpose for decades.

They were made with no modern machines, still they stood the test of time. Now, imagine what wood doors made in this day of abundance of sophisticated woodworking technology  could be like.

Nigerian Wooden Door Advantages

Solid wood doors made by Wood Willing are eco friendly, durable, strong, beautiful. They are also cheaper than the imported ones, and can be customized to your taste.

Nigerian Wood Door Designs

Wood Willing stock a diverse range of wood interior doors, wood entrance doors, and wood room dividers that can be used throughout your property’s interior and exterior designs. All of our wood doors are made by experienced woodworkers working with modern tools and technology. These doors provide unbeatable value for money.

When it comes to decorating a house, many homeowners overlook the importance of choosing the correct wood doors. The large surfaces of doors and how often they are used make them one of a house’s most prominent features, yet they are often an afterthought in the decoration process.

Wood Willing has, for your consideration, plenty wood interior and exterior door ideas, so you can make a real feature of these household essentials. We know the importance of top-quality wood doors and offer a huge range to suit the varying tastes of our customers.

Whether you are looking for wood interior doors in shades of grey, white and black to create a monochrome palette, rustic lounge doors, grand entrance doors, or simple wooden room dividers, you can find all you need and more.

We also offer a wide range of frosted and clear-glazed doors to help your space feel lighter and brighter, traditional entrance doors featuring carvings, contemporary white interior door designs, etc.

Browse Nigerian solid wood doors and partitions crafted from Teak, Mansonia, Mahogany, Iroko, and Azobe.

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