Ecclesiae College

Mater Ecclesiae College
is situated in the Epe area of Lagos state. It is a mixed boarding school
founded in 2015. It was established by the Church of the Assumption, Falomo, to
contribute to the educational sector in Lagos state. Their vision statement is
‘To raise men and women of authentic character and profound integrity, imbued
with sincere respect for the dignity of the human person regardless of creed,
colour, class; love for learning and commitment to innovative leadership.’
The school employs
teachers who are able to identify and nurture special abilities in each of the
students. The Nigerian curriculum is taught at the Junior Secondary School
level to inculcate the Nigerian culture, values and beliefs in the students. In
their third year, they sit for the NECO and Lagos BECE. At the Senior Secondary
School Level, comprehensive and harmonized scheme of work is offered, preparing
them for both National and International examinations.
The school has
facilities such as well-built and equipped hostels, spacious and
air-conditioned class-rooms, a large sport field, school clinic, Science, ICT
and Home Economics laboratories, Arts studio, Music room, and a well-stock
library.Catering is one of the compulsory subjects in the school and each
student is mandated to take the class. The admission form is N5000 for new
intakes and the tuition fees is between 100, 000 and 250, 000 naira per term
depending on the class of the child.

Hearts College

Sacred Hearts College
is located in Apapa. It is a mixed boarding school founded in the year 2007.Their
vision statement is ‘To turn out mature young men and women who would be leaders
in our country. To produce graduates who have acquired competencies necessary
for self-reliance in our contemporary society.’
The school follows the
Nigerian curriculum and employs professional teachers and care givers to
educate and take care of the students in every way they can, encouraging ‘the
never give up’ motto.
The school has
facilities such as large air-conditioned class-rooms with smart boards, ICT
center, Science laboratories, Music room, Arts Studio, Library, sport field,
clinic, conducive hostels, and an organized security system. Extra curriculum
activities are compulsory for every student, as well as joining at least one of
the school clubs, e.g., Academics club, Press Club, Math club, Debate club,
Home makers club, Young Farmers club, Business club and many others.

Gregory’s College

St. Gregory’s College
is situated at Ikoyi. It was founded in 1928 and is a Boys only day and
boarding school. It was established solely through the efforts of the Catholic
Mission and has developed into a unique institution sought after by discerning
minds seeking to partake of its caliber of education.The school aims to give
every child a solid spiritual foundation, develop their potential, help them to
be competitive and bold, encourage independent thinking, and create
opportunities for them to reflect on life and learning.
The students are taught
with both the Nigerian and other international curriculums, preparing them for
examinations such as Cambridge IGCSE. It has facilities such has a Chapel, well-built
hostels for borders, Library, Clinic, Science Laboratories, Arts and Music
rooms, ICT center, well-ventilated classrooms with white boards, sports field,
and others.
The students are
mandated to join at least one club and participate in extra curriculum
activities. The tuition fee is between 100, 000 and 150, 000 naira for day
students and between 150, 000 and 200, 000 for borders per term.

Lady of Apostles

Our Lady of Apostles is
an only Girls’ day and boarding school located in Yaba. It was established in
the second half of the 20th century, 1956 to be precise. The
Catholic Mission realized the need to institute a girls’ secondary school on
the Mainland area of Lagos State.
The school had the 2nd
Best school result in NECO in 2013 and they won an award for the Best School
environment in the Mainland. It is known across the state that the students are
very good in sports and have won several competitions over the years.
The school has
facilities such as a Chapel, Library, Airy classrooms, School clinic, Science
Laboratories, Sports field, Dining Hall, Computer, Arts and Music rooms, and
others. Aside from extra curriculum activities, the students join at least one
club from the Red Cross Society, Young Farmers club, Jet club, Anti Aids club,
Press club, Girls Guide, Dramatic Society, and others.
For day students, the
tuition fee is between 90, 000 and 120, 000 naira per term and for borders, it
is between 120, 000 and 150, 000 naira per term.

Finbarr’s College

St. Finbarr’s College
is a day and boarding school for only boys located in Akoka. It is owned by the
Archdiocese of Lagos and founded by late Rev. Fr. Dennis Slattery, an Irish
Missionary Priest whose mission was to train the young ones in basic and
technical education.
The school has won many
awards in sports, for example, they won the Principals cup ten times over
between 1962 and 1980. In the Ultimate Chess competition, they won a few times.
In the Junior Quiz Catholic Schools Lagos competition, they have also won a
couple of times. The school was the first secondary school to represent Lagos
state in the African Union Nigerian Secondary School Sport.
The school has
facilities such as Science laboratories, School Chapel, Computer laboratories,
School clinic, hostels, Tennis court, Sport field, Arts studio, Music room,
Library, and others. The students are encouraged to join at least one club from
Chess club, Literary and debating club, Red Cross Society, Boys Scout/Brigade,
Legion of Mary club, Jets club, Drama club and many others.
Admission for new
intakes, students must not be younger than ten years or older than twelve years
for entry into the Junior class one. The tuition fee is about 850, 000 naira
per annum for day students and about 1.5 million naira per annum for boarders,
depending on the class of the child.

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