There are several
Catholic secondary schools in
both day and boarding schools

are for
only boy
s and some
for only girls,
also several mixed
Catholic secondary schools in Abuja.
Below is an introduction into the activities of 5 of

Girls Secondary School

The school was founded
by the Sisters of Saint Louis. It is a day and boarding school just for girls,
located at Gwagwalada district, in the capital city. Most of the students are
Catholics, but, some are of other
church denominations and religions. The students
are taught by Sisters of Saint Louis Nigerian province. The school has a serene
environment, devoid of distractions, and conducive enough for the students to
learn. They are encouraged to join clubs such as the Cultural group, Literary
and debating society, Drama club, Maths club, Chess club, French club, or the
Arts club. The school also offer classes in Ballet, music, and sports. There
are also pious clubs such as Holly Childhood, Legion of Mary, Vincent de Paul,
Y.C.S, and Sacred Hearts, which the student can be a part of.
New intakes must be 10
years or above. The school ha

strict regulation that all new students seeking admission into the school as a
boarder must be able to take care of themselves and also cope with their
educational studies at the same time.
The admission form costs  ₦5, 500 and the tuition fee per session is
about a million naira for day students and a million and hal
f for boarders.

The King College

Christ The King College is a catholic
mission secondary school established in the year 1991, by Dominic Cardinal
Ekendem of blessed memory. The school belongs to the Catholic Archdiocese of
Abuja and is managed efficiently by the religious congregation of the Marist
Brothers of the Schools, province of Nigeria. It is a boarding school just for
boys located in Gwagwalada area of the metropolis. The school is focused on
bringing up God fearing boys and good leaders of tomorrow. They follow the
American and British curriculum, as well as allowing their students to
participate in all the examinations organized by the host country. The school
has a well-equipped ICT laboratory, functioning science laboratories, an Arts
studio, a Music room, a Sick Bay, and a fantastic sports arena.
Every new student must
be nine
above. Any child below nine is rejected, no matter how intelligent he is. This
rule was inducted so that the students will be
old enough
and ready for life after school by the time they graduated. The application
form is about ₦5, 000.
Depending on the class
of the student, the tuition fees ranges between 1.2 million naira and 1.6
million naira per session.

Pacis College

Regina Pacis is a Latin
word meaning ‘Queen of Peace’. The school is a mixed population located in
Garki II and it is a day and boarding school established by Dominic Cardinal
Ekendem Archbishop of Abuja in 1991. The school is managed by the Daughters of Divine
Love. The school used to be called, Regina Pacis Girls Secondary School, unlike
now. The students are about three thousand.  The school’s sports’ facilities are second to
none. The science laboratories are well equipped, the Arts and Music rooms are
furnished with the latest gadgets, and aside from their academics, the students
are encouraged to participate in extra-curriculum activities, such as swimming,
dancing, playing instrument and others.
The admission form cost
₦5000 and the tuition fee ranges from a million naira to a million naira and

Misericordae Secondary School

The school is a day
school located at Nyanya, and established in 2011 by the Daughters of Mary
Mother of Mercy Congregation. The students are taught by experienced teachers
who are strictly followers of the Lord Jesus Christ. The school is focused on
building character in the students and as well
as building their strength
in their academics.
The classrooms are
large and well ventilated, with white boards. The science laboratories are
stock and well kitted, the Music room ha
s several musical instruments and
every child in the school
encouraged to learn at least, one musical instrument. There is a very large
Arts room, functioning ICT hall and
an e-library, a sick bay with a registered and
proficient nurse, good field where the students are trained in different
sports, and several other facilities.
The students are also
encouraged to join academic clubs and participate in extra curriculum
activities. Every year, the students go for one excursion or the other,
depending on their classes. Most times, approval are sought from the parents of
the wards.
one’s parents do not sign off on a trip, that child isn’t going anywhere.
The trips, be it in the capital city
or a different state,
attracts extra charges


from the basic tuition fee paid for every term.The parents are usually informed
through letters, emails and phone calls on the different activities in the
school per term.
The tuition fee is
about a million and half per session.

Girls Secondary School

The school is located
in Kuje. It was established by Mother Mary Charles Magdalene, an Irish sister
of the charity, founder of Handmaids of the holy child, Jesus. It is a school
for only girls who are mostly Catholics, but, a good number are protestants.
The girls are tutored by very experienced teachers, who encourage them to
participate in extra-curriculum
joining groups and clubs such as Drama, Press, Arts and others.
Every student is
entitled to a computer system in the ICT room
. There is an e-library in the school, as well
as the regular library, Music room, Arts studio, air-conditioned classroom
s and many other facilities.
Every student that
apply to the school for admission are always above nine years of age. The tuition
fee is between
1.5 million

1.8 million naira per session.

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