With new challenges coming up every day, education is
indeed nothing short of a necessity in today’s world. The knowledge and skills which
is acquired through the learning proces
s cannot be taken for granted, and to become a successful individual, the foundation is of utmost importance.
The Secondary education phase
of an individual life is a very crucial stage as it is the time an individual
in most cases becomes an adolescent or is transitioning into adulthood
, and whatever decisions or actions taken or imbibed by
them can either make or mar their future.
Bearing this in mind, it is a
fact that parent
s/guardians want the best for their ward(s). If you’re one of
these parents, h
ere is a list of the best
secondary schools in Kwara state that can guarantee money for service and
secure the future of the children.

 1. Roemichs
International School

International School was founded in 2006 by Chief Mrs Jumoke Herb. Situated in
a serene and condusive environment
at the
heart o
f Ilorin, Roemichs International school offers the best learning techniques
while remaining accessible for both day and boarding students alike.
It boasts of
state of the art facilities
; well equipped laboratories,
standard sporting facilities to enable the student
s learn and develop both academically and
. Roemichs International School
is committed in policy and practice to the delivery of the National Curriculum
of England and Wales whilst fulfilling the requirements set out by the National
Policy of Education in Nigeria and meeting the syllabi of West African examinations.
It also fulfills the requirements of Cambridge International Examinations and
as such offer
s IGCSE and Advanced level examinations.
The Average tuition per term in the
school is around ₦500,000 per ward
Roemichs International School has received awards like the award for 1st place in Kwara state entrepreneurship program in 2012 and
the NECO award of excellence for highest grade in English Language in 2013.

2. Effective
International School

International School located along University Road,
Tanke, Ilorin was established in October
1994 with the sole aim and objective of providing quality education for children
across Ilorin and
Kwara state as a whole. Equipped
with standard laboratories and use of effective practical classes, well-motivated
and result oriented staff and learning that is ensured in a conducive
environment, Effective
International College
has lived up to its name as one of the leading schools in Ilorin
, Kwara state.
tuition paid in the school is around 65 thousand naira to 80 thousand naira per
International School

prizes such as the 1st place prize at the Femtech ICT Competition in Kwara and the best
performing Nigerian student at International Junior Science Olympiads held in
India, in 2013
itself with the globally accepted education standard and the (9-3-4) National
policy on education, Effective
International College
is definitely a secondary school to look out for one’s ward in Ilorin.

3. Sapati
International School

International Group of Schools
along Ajase Ipo Road in Ilorin is another top notch school in Kwara state .The
school offers a broad based curriculum incorporating the British and American
system of education into their style of education as well as process of
ensuring academic excellence. The school is well known for the incorporation of
entrepreneurial skills into her curriculum and offers one of the very best
boarding school services in the state coupled with provision of adequate
security and 24/7 electricity supply.
Sapati International School is also well known for organizing educative and
enlightening excursions for her students to visit various historical and
academic related sites across the country.
International School‘s fees are around a hundred thousand naira for Day students and 150 thousand
naira for boarding students.

4. Union Baptist
Grammar School

in 1994 with the motto “Study to show yourself approved”, Union Baptist is
a Baptist Church funded secondary school which has proven itself to be one of
the best secondary schools in Ilorin. With a student population of over a
thousand, the provision of basic amenities to aid the furtherance of quality
education and assist the student
s to ensure
quality performance in extracurricular activities and sports
, Union Baptist
Grammar School
has found a way into the hearts of many parents and guardians who now entrust their wards and kids in her hands.
a very disciplined and principled stance as well as consistently producing one
of the best SSCE results in Kwara state with a pass rate of 96 percent since
its establishment, Union Baptist prides itself as a top notch secondary school
in Kwara state with awards like the third best NECO results in 2012 and the 2nd
place at the
International Science Olympiads in
Brazil in 2010.
s start at around 70 thousand naira for day students to a hundred and twenty thousand naira for boarding students.

5.  Thomas Adewunmi College

College situated in Oko, Omu aran Kwara state is one of the best secondary
schools in Kwara state. Established in September 1997 with the mandate of
nourishing individual ability and fast tracking educational growth, Thomas
Adewunmi College boasts
of state of the art facilities, well equipped laboratories, sporting
facilities, boarding facilities and a world class curriculum styled after the
British curriculum and system of education. The school is renowned for its
exceptional funding and interest of the authorities and students in science and
research. The SSCE pass rate is 90
and with a tuition
fee between 200 thousand naira to 250 thousand naira per term, Thomas Adewunmi
College has lived up to expectation to the extent of being recognized with
academic awards like the 1st place
award in
the National Debate Competition in 2014, 1st place
award in the KWARA JETS QUIZ and National Champion in the
Microsoft word competition of 2007

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