Looking for the biggest estates in Nigeria to invest? Or
maybe you just want to know the more about the biggest estates for
informational purposes.
Whichever the case may be, simply proceed to read this
article, as we talk about the biggest housing estates in Nigeria, listing only
the best of the best that would be profitable to you if you are an investor.
Real estate has become one of the most lucrative
opportunities for investors seeking to make long-term gains. Investors like
Warren Buffet, Donald Trump and Samir Tapir have real estate investment to say
their thanks to for the billionaires they now are.
Over the years, luxury rental properties have become one
of the most lucrative means of investment especially amongst the most privileged
of individuals in Nigeria. These luxury properties are targeted at company
officials, celebrities, politicians and also billionaires who could possibly
afford them.
If you are wondering where most of the expensive and
biggest real estates are in Nigeria, Then you should know that Lagos takes the
trophy home. The bustling city which has the best economy in Nigeria offers the
most expensive properties and best investment opportunities to those seeking to
make profit off real estate.
In this list, you will find several housing estates in
Nigeria and their respective locations. Some could certainly be expensive and
break your bank depending on your income level.

1. Gwarimpa estate – Abuja

Known to be the largest single housing estate in Abuja
and allegedly West Africa, the Gwarimpa housing estate takes the first place on
our list.
The estate was built and commissioned by the Late
General Sani Abacha and referred to as the largest housing estate in the whole
of Africa at its inception. Occupying an expanse of land of about 1090
hectares, we can certainly agree to that.
Today the estate is home to a majority of civil servants
in government offices. The estate is also home to several high commissions and
embassies including the ECOWAS court which has an official quarter for the
President and Members.
The average prices of property for sale in Gwarinpa
estate is around N65 million with a 5 bedroom detached duplex costing around
N90 million.

2. Festac Town – Lagos

With over 5,000 housing units, Festac Housing Estate
sits comfortably at the number 2 spot in our list.
The housing estate was initially built to house
participants of the Second World Festival of Black Arts and Culture of 1977.
After the festival, the Federal Government Of Nigeria allocated landed
properties and housing to the winners in the festival although they were
forbidden from reselling or renting such properties.
Today, you can rent or buy landed properties in FESTAC,
although you would want to be cautious as the area is known to house some of
the most notorious of internet fraudsters.
The housing estate is also referred to as one of the
best housing estates in Nigeria because it not only offers to house the rich
but also to the middle and low-income levels which makes it one of the most
affordable housing estates in Nigeria.
When it comes to prices of properties, you can get a
5-bedroom semi-detached duplex for about N65 million and 7-bedroom detached
duplex for N90 million. Rental properties are also available and you can get
3-bedroom apartment t N1.3 million per year.

3. Sunnyvale Homes – Abuja

For the third spot, we are moving back to the Federal Capital
Territory, Abuja. Sunnyvale is a large and fairly new estate in the bustling
city of Abuja. The estate occupies an expanse of land of over 101 hectares and
thousands of housing units.
Sunnyvale estate is located in Dakwo District of Abuja
and features world-class utilities and comfort for the occupants including a
shopping mall, dedicated police state, sports center, and a recreational building.
The estate offers every house type option from two
bedroom bungalows to 4 bedroom detached duplexes. Prices of properties in
Sunnyvale estate are on the expensive side as a 3-bedroom semi-detached
bungalow could cost you as much as N21 million.

4. Friend’s Colony Estate – Lagos State

Friend’s Colony Estate is a fully serviced residential
estate located in Lekki, Lagos. The estate is al a high-class estate as not
only the properties in the setae are expensive but the day to day e.g power
supply bills services would cost you a lot too.
Like most high-class estate, Friend’s Colony Estate boasts
of world-class facilities including an adequate drainage system, 24-hour
electricity, 24-hour security, a serene environment, and various other
The estate also has an iFitness gym and a swimming pool
for its residents although you are required to pay a membership fee before
being granted access.
Cost of property in Friend’s Colony Estate are expensive
as you should expect, a 5 bedroom Detached Duplex could cost you about N90
million while a 4 bedroom Detached Duplex could cost you about N70 million.
There are also rental properties in the estate as you can rent a 4 bedroom
Detached Duplex for about N4 million per year.

5. Rainbow Town Estate, Port Harcourt Rivers State

Probably the most expensive housing estate in the
South-South region of Nigeria, the Rainbow Town Estate covers a land space of
about 23 hectares.
Located in the Trans-Amadi business and industrial of
Port Harcourt, Rainbow Town Estate is said to be the largest housing estate in
Rivers State with a worth of N82 billion and about 1,181 housing units
comprising of duplexes, bungalows, and high-rise luxury villas.
The estate consists of several towers including the
15-storey Point Block towers, comprising of nine blocks and 468 apartments; a
12-storey City Block towers comprising of 16 blocks and 640 apartments and a
15-storey tower which serves as a commercial hub, Movie Theater, shops,
restaurants, motels, and a helipad.
The estate also boasts of many more facilities including
a police state, fire station, a central station for power, water and sewer
plants, a medical clinic, school and clubhouse.

6. RIVTAF Golf Estate – Rivers State

Known as the largest housing estate in the South-South
region of Nigeria, the RIVTAF Golf Estate occupies an expanse of land of about
40 hectares. The luxury estate which targets high-income individuals boosts of
excellent world-class utilities with excellent landscaping, drainage, and electrical
It also offers security and other recreational services,
including a golf course, clubhouse, restaurants, shopping malls, and a swimming
The estate consist of two phases; Phase 1 and Phase 2
Phase 1 consists of 708 units broken down into 608 2/3
bedroom apartments, 68 units of 4 bedroom apartments, 38 units of 4/5 bedroom
Phase 2 consist of 120 units of 4/5 bedroom houses, 30
units of 4-bedroom townhouses, 180 plots of land and 9-hole golf course.
Buying a housing or landed property in RIVTAF Golf
Estate is quite affordable as the management of the estate offers buyers
flexible payment plans.
Prices of houses in RIVTAF Golf Estate depend on the
facilities of the house and the Phase the house is located in. A 4-bedroom
semi-detached duplex would go for N74 million, the same house would go for N61
million if it is located in the Phase 2 area.

7. Parkview Estate, Ikoyi – Lagos State

Also known to be one of the safest estates in the city
of Lagos, Parkview estate takes its place on our list.
The estate has reportedly had no case of theft in the
past decade which is due to the top level security it offers, other facilities
and services it offers include; constant electricity, several high-class
hotels, adequate waste management system and a serene environment
Located in Ikoyi, Lagos, the Parkview estate is a highly
luxurious estate built with the comfort of the rich and wealthy in mind, which
means it is very expensive to live in such area.
The estate has a total of 400 housing units excluding
the buildings and houses under construction and although Parkview is majorly a
residential estate, there are several private firms who have their offices and
guest houses located in the estate
Getting a property in Parkview estate isn’t cheap as a 3-bedroom
apartment could cost you about N85 million while a 4-bedroom and 5-bedroom
apartment would cost you N160 million and N250 million respectively. These
prices are subject to change and you might get a 5-bedroom duplex at a higher
price depending on the size of the house.  

8. Nicon Town – Lagos State

Located in Lekki Peninsula, Lagos, Nicon Town is one of
the biggest and most expensive residential estate locations in Lagos. The town
was planned and built by Chevron Employees Multipurpose Cooperative Society
Nicon Town occupies a land space of 57 hectares divided
into over 400 plots. The residential estate is known for its luxury and world-class
utilities. The estate is occupied by only high income earning individuals as
they are the only class of individuals that could afford to rent or buy a house
in the area.
At its inception, you could get a parcel of land in
Nicon Town for about 5 million, but recently there has been an appreciation of
property in Nicon Town and you would have to pay about N155 million more that
same parcel of land.
The estate boasts of a serene environment, an adequate
water management system, and drainage channels. It also has a beautiful natural
landscape making it a go-to location for those who seek to relax.
Rental properties in Nicon Town could go as high as N2
million per year for a 3-bedroom house. The same house could cost you around
N55 million if you choose to buy it instead.

9. Efab Estate – Abuja

Although it is primarily located in Lokogoma Abuja, you
can still find the Efab housing estate in other parts of the Nation’s capital.
The estate occupies a land space of about 60 hectares
with over 800 housing units. These housing units consist of 5-bedroom duplexes,
4 and 3-bedroom detached bungalows and boys quarters in every housing unit.
The estate also boasts of its own world-class utilities
and services which includes adequate waste management and drainage system, 24-hour
electricity, treated water supply, schools, hospitals and spaces for shops.
Cost of property in Efab estate is quite expensive,
although we can say that the cost meets the value due the world-class utilities
the estate offers.
A 5-bedroom duplex could cost you between N70 million to
N130 million while a 3-bedroom bungalow could go for as high as N40 million.

10. Crown Court, Mabushi – Abuja

Located in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, Crown
Court housing estate consists of 106 units of detached and semi-detached luxury
houses. The estates just like others in our list boast of world-class
facilities and amenities including an Independent Power supply, an adequate
waste management system, an underground drainage system, and adequate security.
The estate also has several recreational centers
including clubhouses, swimming pools, and gyms. It has also has an Estate Mini
mart and a Laundry mart.
That concludes our list of the Top 10 biggest estates in
Nigeria, if you noticed, most of the biggest estates can be found in Lagos and
Abuja with Gwarimpa and Festac Town being the biggest estates in Nigeria and
West Africa.

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