Yenagoa is the
state capital of Bayelsa state and is still very much
an emerging city when compared to other cities in Bayelsa state. There are five
other major cities in Bayelsa state namely Oporoma city, Otuoke city,Ogbia city
,Odi city ,Nembe city and Brass city. Yenagoa doubles as a city and also one of
the eight Local Government Areas in Bayelsa State. The City has an estimated
population of about 2.6 million inhabitants with the ijaw people having the
dominant percentage of the City’s population. It is quite a small city when
compared to a city like Port Harcourt. If you are looking to visit or reside in
yenagoa, here are factors and reasons why you should do so more quickly.

1.  History of Yenagoa

is the traditional home of the Ijaw people. The Ijaw form the majority of the
state. English is the official language, but Epie-Atissa language, one of the
Ijo languages, is the major local language spoken in Yenagoa. It became the
state capital of Bayelsa state in 1996 and since then urban development has
accelerated rapidily. It is worthy to note that its name Yenagoa forms part of
the states name Bayelsa, the name Bayelsa been coined from three LGAS; Brass
(BALGA), Yenagoa (YELGA) and Sagbama (SELGA). Yenagoa is also known as the home
to the Bayelsa United FC, a premier league football club in Nigeria.

2.  Climatic Conditions of Yenagoa

As with
the state, Yenagoa is a lowland state characterized by tidal flats and coastal
beaches, beach ridge barriers and flood plains. It has a riverine and estuarine
. The climate here is tropical. Most
months of the year are marked by significant rainfall. The short dry season has
little impact.
 Rain occurs generally every month of the year
with heavy downpour.

Different ways to get to Yenagoa

You can visit Yenogoa by land, sea or air. Yenagoa is connected by the
East-west Road to a major cities such Warri, Owerri and Port Harcourt. Bus
Shuttle services are available from these and other nearby cities to Yenagoa.
Also road transport within Bayelsa to Yenogoa is facilitated by public taxi
cabs. The most popular inter-state bus transport companies that provide Bus shuttle
mass transit services to Yenagoa from those major cities include the Peace Mass
Transit Limited with a fully operational park located at Ekeki in Yenagoa and
G. Agofure Motors with a park stationed in Swali. The average cost of
getting to Yenogoa via road transport from various parts of Nigeria is N4900.
Yenagoa is also connected
to the Riverine parts of Bayelsa State by Water. Boat transport from these
water-bound communities is a major source of human and material influx into
Yenagoa. The average cost of traveling to Yenagoa by Boat from the Riverine
areas of the State is N2500.
Currently, constructions
have begun on a multibillion naira International Cargo Airport in Amassoma, a
city near Yenagoa. Due to this fact, visitors can access the either the Port
Harcourt International Airport in Rivers State, the Asaba Airport in Delta
State or the Sam Mbakwe Airport in Owerri, Imo State. The average cost of
traveling to Yenagoa from different parts of Nigeria via Air transport is
27,600 naira.

4.   Christianity is the main religion

any major city in the southern part of Nigeria, Yenagoa is dominated largely by
Christians with the Roman Catholic and Anglican churches been more prominent,
but there is still a few that practice traditional religion in the area.

5.  Educating the Young minds is not also left out

are quite a good number of beautiful quality schools in Yenagoa. These schools
are not just available but also cheap. Good examples of primary schools in
Yenagoa include Bedrock International School, Sky intellectual Model School,
Belary School etc. Examples of good secondary schools in the area include Faith
Comprehensive International Secondary School, Ferad technology, Apex Secondary
school etc. Also situated in Yenagoa is the International insttue of tourisn
and Hospitality. National Open University of Nigeria also has a study center in

6.  Lots of Yummy food in Yenagoa

Yenagoa is the delight of tourists as they are treated to the exquisite
food and drinks the city is known for.
Eating in Yenagoa is a
worthwhile venture owing to the fact that the City has a variety of great
tasting local dishes plus a lot of sea foods that make these dishes more
tantalizing and nutritious. Some of this dishes include    Polofiyai(A very rich soup made
with yams and palm oil), Kekefiya ( A pottage made with chopped unripened or
green plantains, fish, other seafood or game meat called “bushmeat”
and palm oil), Bole and Fish (roasted ripe or unripe plantain served with fish
sauce or palm oil), Gbe (The grub of the raffia-palm tree beetle that is eaten
raw, dried, fried in groundnut oil or pickled in palm oil) and  Kalabari “sea-harvest” fulo( A rich
mixed seafood soup or stew that is eaten with foofoo, rice or yams). The most
popular dish is Bole and Fish and this delicacy can be found in all nook and
crannies of Yenagoa mostly by roadside food vendors
Despite these, there is a host of restaurants within the City
metropolis from where Visitors can try out these delicacies and one can choose
from the different facilities according to ones preferences and budget. Some of
the major Restaurants in Yenagoa include: Pizzeria, Pepperoni, Bukka Swallows and Skippers Fast food.

7.  Festivities are the “in” thing

boasts of beautiful and colourful festivals. These festivals which attract
participation from Residents and Visitors alike include the Okolode festival
observed by the Ekpetiama Clan of Yenagoa, the Obunem festival observed by the
Epie Clan and the Famgbe Beach festival.

8.  Quality Infrastructure

roads, adequate clean water supply, beautiful Houses and electricity supply in
Yenogoa is been upgraded presently. There are also good medical facilities in
Yenogoa such as maternity clinics, hospitals and primary health care clinics.
In recent times more roads are being created to link Yenogoa to other places, more
tourist attraction, lovely buildings and good water supply is been put in
place. This has greatly increased the rate of urban development in Yenogoa.

9.  Yenagoa is peaceful and safe

the introduction of Amnesty program, Yenagoa is relatively safe and quiet. With
its serene environment and average population, one can walk the streets of Yenagoa
without fear of been mugged. As a city overlooking the ocean, it has a warm and
serene atmosphere that invites one to take a work and watch the ocean or go
fishing or take a ride around town and live a carefree life. It is a happy city
where crimes are very few.

Yenagoa has a lot of industrial
potentials yet untapped

potentialities for industrial take-off of Yenagoa as well as the whole state of
Bayelsa State are very bright. Agricultural products on which small to medium
 scale industries could be established include palm oil, coconut, rubber;
while the fishing industry a could concentrate on fish oil extraction, fish
packaging/canning et cetera. Other farm products on which industries can be
based are local gin distillery from raffia palm and palm wine tapping. However,
the major areas for investments in agro -allied industrial development are as
Vegetable Oil extraction from coconut and palm
kernels, Production of Ogbono, Use of Timber for the production of toilet
rolls, corrugated boards for packaging, tooth picks, ice cream sticks and straw
matting for packing,
Ancillary Facilities for Fishing such as fish net
making, boat building and fish canning.

from mineral based industries also offer wide opportunities for investments in
the state. These encompass a wide range of industries contingent on crude oil,
by-products of petroleum refining such as jelly greases, rubber products, floor
tiles, tarpaulin and so on. It also has tourism potentials of the state rest on
its beautiful coastal sandy beaches, numerous traditional festivals, long and
winding streams and rivers as well as forests with their associated shrines and
rich wildlife.

Lots of Beautiful things to do in

are quite a lot beautiful places to visit in Yenagoa. So many activities exist
that one can engage in Yenagoa, this activities could be commercial,
educational, spiritual or for tourist purposes. Whatever form of activity a
Visitor chooses to engage in during his/her stay in Yenagoa, the City’s vibrant
and fun-enhancing lifestyle is certain to make the experience a fun and
memorable one for you. Whether you are on a budget or have a lot of cash to
spend, there are a lot of fun activities to engage in. You can visit the
mesmerizing Ox-Bow Lake or take a walk across the Swali Bridge and observe
breathtaking views of the ocean. You can attend the Okolode festival or attend
the Bayelsa international Jazz festival. You can also engage in sporting and
recreational facilities at the Samson Siasia sports stadium. Enjoy a boat
cruise along the city’s waterways or catch a movie at the Silverbird cinemas.
You can also go in a shopping spree in the city’s markets (Swali and Oyoyo
markets) and malls (such as Barbie Supermarket, Seaticks Quickkey
, Teides Plaza, Sunky Supermarket etc.).
are a number of options available to anyone who wishes to move around the City.
The City has commercial motorcycle riders, tricycles (keke Nappep), private and
public taxis. The intra-city roads in Yenagoa are quite motorable and movement
within the City is not very laborious. Visitors to Yenagoa can choose from the
available transport options based on their personal budgets and tastes. The
commercial motorcycles, tricycles and public taxis all offer services at cheap
prices which fall into similar price ranges of 50 Naira to 300 Naira. The private
taxi cabs offer personalized and exclusive services to commuters at costs
ranging from 1000 to 2500 naira.

Beautiful and inexpensive hotels to
enjoy a nice stay in Yenogoa

has a lot of nice luxurious hotels that only caters to your comfort. It has an
extensive collection of Hotels that cut across different price regimes and is
suitable for travelers who are on different budget packages to secure Hotel
accommodations that are in match their budget plans. There are high budget
hotels and low budget hotels. The range of cost for hotel accommodation can be
as low as N2500 to as high as N56000. Good examples of a highbrow hotel in the
area are Aridolf wellness resort and spa, Torogara luxury guest house, De Brass
suites, Top Rank Hotel Galaxy,  Meglams
Hotel etc. A good example of a low budget friendly hotel is Golden gate hotel.

The Ijaws love nightlife

is a joyful City. The Ijaws who are the principal residents are widely known
for their great appetite for parties. It is no surprise therefore that the City
has a vibrant nightlife. There is quite a number of bars and night clubs around
the City. An example of one of such popular bar is De Brass.

You can always live within your
budget in Yenogoa

is not quite and expensive city as is popularly rumuored. It is a cheap city
when compared to cities like Port Harcourt. A self contain in Yenagoa can be
gotten for as low as N100 thousand naira while in the Hub of Port Harcourt
city, such price level is almost nonexistent. The cost of feeding in Yenogoa is
nowhere as high as that of Port Harcourt city. And quality food can be gotten
for very little money. There is also access to unlimited fresh foods and
seafoods. Whatever your budget entails, Yenogoa promises to give you the best
of the best.

Hope you visit soon!

dramas and issues with militancy has made a lot of people scared of visiting
Bayelsa state, but with the emergence of amnesty programmes and the eager minds
of the fun loving people of Bayelsa state, Yenagoa has moved from such days,
security is assured in recent times in Bayelsa state. It would be the pleasure
of these warm hearted people to cater to your comfort and desires, visit soon!

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