All over the globe, it has
become stale news that investing in real estate is one of the best steps to
take as an individual. Reason being that decades down the line, you can s
till make some good returns. A bungalow you bought for 2 million Naira,
in the most interior part
s of
Ikorodu, like Ijede for instance, may skyrocket to a whopping 10 million naira
in 5 years.  This is why s
avvy investors are putting all they have into acquiring real estate
across Lagos,
and Ikorodu isn’t an exception.
If you are considering to
own a property in Ikorodu because you just yearn to, or a friend is telling you
to, whatever it is that
is the
driving force, it
is really
important that you are armed with the right information.
are some facts you can use;

1. Ikorodu Is Densely Populated

might be
in the outskirt of Lagos compared to places like Ikeja, Ketu or
even Oshodi
, but it is still packed with humans like almost every other part of the
Ikorodu is vastly populated, and it’s growing. There are plenty of people here!
whether you are investing in
its real estate
because you want it to be your new
want to build a
rental property
, you should be rest assured knowing that there are a good number of
who may find a need for your investment.

2.There are Times when Traffic
Gets Heavy

Places like Egbeda, Mile two,
others are places famous for their problems of very heavy traffics at peak hours of the day. It might interest you to know that Ikorodu also has this problem. In fact, driving in Ikorodu can be so frustrating you might want to give up.
This is obtainable mostly in the mornings as workers rush to
work and children go to school
, and also
towards the evenings as residents return to their homes.

3. Roads Are Terrible In Both Seasons

 As Nigerians, it is not
strange at all to see bad and dilapidated roads.
This is the case in some areas in
Ikorodu. The rainy season and the dry seasons are both culprit of discomfort. The
Odoguyan bus
stop road for instance in Ikorodu, can be so bad during the rainy seasons
that you might want to boycott it
The dry season isn’t an exception of discomfort too, as the
bad roads gets dusty with
every vehicle that passes leaving a swirl of dust

4.Rent Is Relatively Cheap In Ikorodu

If you are looking to own a house for rent in Ikorodu, it is important that
you know
you might not be making a fortune from it just yet. This is because when it comes to the
issue of rents, some people may not want to pay a premium for an apartment the
way people in the main Lagos Towns do. This may be attributed to the economy;
so care has to be taken in knowing how much you want to invest in your house
you won’t be disappointed with how much it makes

5. There is Power Supply In Nearly All Parts of Ikorodu

If there is anything the people in Ikorodu can
boast of, it is the fact that there is nearly constant power supply. When
compared to what holds sway in places
in Lagos Mainland – like Yaba, Gbagada,and
Ojota, amongst others, Ikorodu
ranks higher with power supply. As such if the
idea of using your generators minimally sounds good to you, you may want to
intensify plans to own a property in Ikorodu.

6. Housing Development Is Taking Over Ikorodu

There is a scramble
for real estate in Ikorodu
as people who
already have properties do not mind acquiring more. This is because to a good extent the
town is developed.
suburbs like Mowe, Agabara, and the most interior parts of Akute, some people
prefer to own properties in Ikorodu.
If you are operating on a shoe string budget, and
are looking for a place where you can get a pocket friendly land, then you may
want to look within Ikorodu. More and more people are acquiring lands there. It
might interest you to know that for as little as 250,000 you can get a half
plot of land
in places
like Igbogbo, Ijede, Ogijo, Eruwen, amongst other places

This however might
not be the case tomorrow.

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