Shop wood Handrails in Nigeria on Wood Willing. Shop contemporary and classic designs of curved and straight wood Handrails made by Nigeria’s best woodworkers.

Wood handrails are a type of railing system commonly used in buildings, homes, and outdoor spaces to provide support and safety for people as they ascend or descend stairs or walkways.

Handrails can be made from a variety of woods, including Iroko, Mahogany, and Teak. The type of wood used will depend on factors such as durability, strength, and aesthetic preferences.

Wood handrails are typically installed in conjunction with balusters or spindles, which are vertical posts that support the handrail. The handrail may also be connected to newel posts, which are larger vertical posts that provide additional structural support at the beginning and end of a handrail system.

In addition to providing safety and support, wood handrails can also add visual appeal to a space. They can be finished with a variety of stains and paints to match the decor of a room or outdoor area. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning and refinishing, can help to extend the life of a wood handrail and keep it looking its best.

Handrails and other décor products made from solid wood are things of value. They carry impressionable charm, character, and elegance in their appearance, and are designed to stand the test of time. Seasoned solid woods used by Wood Willing in making these products are resistant to insect attack, and can withstand any weather condition. Nothing beats the natural grains and textures of solid wood products, and this is clearly why makers of alternative materials like MDF have been expending lots of energy to copy the appearance of solid wood yet solid wood has remained the standard.

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