Wood stairs and railings are made from logs of select hardwood and softwood trees like Mahogany, Gmelina, Iroko, and Teak. These hardwood trees are first felled, sawn into sizable logs, and eventually milled into different designs of staircase and railing accessories like handrail, baluster, newel post or staircase pillar, stair stringer, stair tread and riser, etc.

Contemporary wood stairs and railings in Nigeria are however not entirely made from timber materials. Modern stair contractors and interior designers have mastered the art of combining wood staircase accessories with wrought iron, stainless steel, glass, and even steel cable stair components to create stylish stairs. These combinations of different stair components have quickly gained acceptance among modern homeowners. However, the centuries-old popularity of the classic all-wood staircase has remained unwavering; the current trend has only inspired new ways of making them.

Wood Staircase and Railing Advantages

Our wood handrails, wood stair treads and risers, wood newel posts, wrought iron and glass balustrades are the most perfect combination for a stylish wooden staircase that never goes out of fashion.
Although there are various other materials, like the ubiquitous stainless steel, wood is the best option. Combining hardwood handrails with hardwood stair treads and risers, and matching designs in wood, wrought iron, or glass balustrade in a stair adds sophistication and a touch of class to the home.

Wood Staircase and Railing Designs in Nigeria

Wood Willing deliver classic all-wood staircase and railing as well as contemporary stair designs that combine wood with iron and glass stair components. Let’s look at the different designs of wood stairs we have delivered recently.

1. The all-wood staircase.

The all-wood staircase as the name suggests is made entirely from timber materials. This includes vital stair components such as handrails, balusters, and stair pillars, as well as stair treads and risers, stringers, skirting boards, etc. It is the primary wood staircase design from which other wood staircase designs got their names.

The all-wood staircase is however no longer limited to a single design, even if it ever was. It has evolved into varying designs, the most common of which we discuss immediately.

A. The simple, contemporary all-wood staircase.

“I just want something very simple that’s made entirely of wood.” is how prospective clients interested in a simple all-wood staircase describe their choice of design to stair professionals at Wood Willing. This design of all-wood staircase has no elaborate design. It’s marked prominently for the absence of wood turnings and carvings. It just seems like it’s made by cutting logs into basic square shapes and giving it a perfect finishing.

Simple all-wood staircase design is popular among the Indomie generation who values its minimalist design features as they contrast the old school, antique design features they just left behind in their parents’ home. Combine this wooden staircase type with bright-coloured wood flooring and you get a truly mind-blowing home interior.

B. Antique wood staircase.

Antique wood stairs are marked for their elaborate carvings. Because the components are carefully crafted to stand as status symbols and convey messages of great import, they are majorly associated with royalty in Nigeria.

Nigerian interior designers and stair contractors have however started building fashionable antique wood staircase for the every day modern home. Like its classic progenitor that is made for the people of class, this modern antique staircase still features elaborate woodworks in turnings and carvings but has majorly aesthetic and less symbolic designs and copies the flashy paintwork of modern solid wood furniture designs.

C. Classic turned-wood staircase.

Just in the recent past, wood stairs in Nigeria were commonly made from turned wood balusters and pillars, and a classic design wood handrail, with a reddish brown finishing. This was the fashionable staircase till the advent of the stainless steel staircase. The resurgent popularity of wood staircase designs has meant that homeowners are starting to look back at this design that was once in vogue.

2. Wood with iron balustrade staircase.

This design of wood staircase is made by combining wrought iron balusters with wood handrails, newel post, and other wooden staircase accessories. It combines the beauty of wood with the fashionable wrought iron to form a truly stylish staircase.

3. Wood with glass balustrade staircase.

Another contemporary wood staircase design in our discourse has a glass balustrade. The wood handrail top features a vertical grooving with matching thickness as the glass baluster through which it is held to a firm position.

4. Wood treads with cable railing.

Another staircase design based on wood that has found love among contemporary Nigerian homeowners is the steel cable railing on wood treads. Here, the treads and handrails are made of wood but the balustrade is made of steel cable.

5. Wood handrail on an iron staircase.

This last wood staircase design on our list is not entirely a wooden staircase as only the handrails are made from wood. Stairs here are made entirely of metal, but designers and builders of this kind of stair have found it fashionable to complement their finished work by burying the original iron railing top under the beautiful, grain patterns of a wood handrail. And no one has said that the end product isn’t fashionable as dreamt.

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