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Small ‘I Pass My Neighbor’ (or I better pass my neighbor) generators loosely refer to portable, low capacity generators that are wildly popular across homes and small businesses in Nigeria. The term originally referred to the 0.9KVA TIGER TG1200 generator which was a pioneer in this field and popularized private and domestic  power generation in Nigeria.

I pass my neighbor generators mostly have low noise level, but due to their presence in large numbers across all neighborhoods and households in Nigeria, they quickly
gained notoriety as a major cause of noise pollution.
I Pass My Neighbor generators are ideal for usage in households where the need for energy is at a very basic level. These generators are also very popular among small business shops like barbing saloon, phone repair shops, football viewing
centers, and so much more.
Being the most ubiquitous generator size in Nigeria, I Pass My Neighbor generators’ spare parts are readily available, and so are mechanics specializing on them. If you
are wondering which of the small I Pass My Neighbor generators to buy in
Nigeria, below we briefly review five of them.



1. TIGER TG1850

TIGER 2B1850
TIGER TG1850 generator is a portable I Pass My Neighbor generator with different oil chamber. It is ideal for home use and in small and medium businesses.
The impressive features of the TIGER TG1850 generator include overload protection in an auto-circuit breaker, which cuts off current when output voltage exceeds the designated maximum output capacity. The generator also has steady output, is relatively noiseless, and can easily be moved around from one point to another as a result of its light weight.
The TIGER TG1850 petrol generator provides reliable and stable supply of power in the home and in shops. It is
designed to carry only lightweight home appliances like TV, ceiling fan, light bulb like most of the other I Pass My Neighbor generators on this list.
Durability and reliability are two qualities that made the TIGER TG1850 popular, and these features have remained with it up till today.


The ELEPAQ SENWEI SV1850 generator comes with a seperate chamber for oil. It is
a portable single phase, petrol generator, with AC output of 220V.
The generator’s
4-stroke, single cylinder, air-cooled OHV engine has maximum output of 2.8 Hp,
and a brushless, synchronous, 2-pole, 100% copper enamelled wire alternator type.
The  ELEPAQ SENWEI SV1850 has only a recoil starting system. It also has a 5 liter capacity fuel tank which carries it for 7 hours at 75% load. The oil tank capacity of the ELEPAQ SENWEI SV1850 is 0.6 liter.
With noise level at 7 meters of 66 dB, the ELEPAQ SENWEI SV1850 is a lot louder than all other small I Pass My Neighbor generators.
The SENWEI SV1850 also has overload auto-circuit breaker, is durable, and is great for domestic and commercial use.

3. TIGER TG1200/1550

The TIGER TG1200/1550 is an eco-friendly petrol generator with low noise and low emission. It’s the original I Pass My Neighbour generator, and the most popular among the small generators in Nigeria. The TIGER TG1200/1550 features an AC circuit breaker which cuts off current when output voltage exceeds the designated maximum output capacity, and a recoil starting system. It is fuel-efficient, reliable, easy to operate and maintain, and durable.
At a little below ₦40,000, the TIGER TG1200/1550 is also one of the cheapest generators in the Nigerian market.
The TIGER TG1200/1500 is great for use in the home and in small business shops.


The SUMEC FIRMAN SPG1200 0.9KVA generator is a highly durable low budget, single phase generator. It has AC frequency of 50 Hz, 900 watts as starting watt, and 780 watts as rated watt.
The SUMEC FIRMAN SPG1200 has maximum power output of 1.5 HP, with its 2-stroke, single cylinder, air-cooled OHV engine. It also has a brushless, self-exciting, synchronous, 2-pole, 100% copper alternator, a 4 liter capacity fuel tank
capacity, and a noise level at 7 meters of 61 dB.
All SUMEC FIRMAN generators are equipped with perfect capacity and reliability, are powerful, enjoy rapid start with sufficient output, and this applies to the SUMEC FIRMAN SPG1200 generator. The SUMEC FIRMAN SPG1200 is also very durable: it guarantees over 1200 hours long operation after which it might still remain as brand-new as before, and this probably explains why it is popular among small businesses in Nigeria.
The small SUMEC FIRMAN generator needs little or no repair if used properly. It is
eco-friendly, with an environmental design of low noise as well as low level emission.


SUMEC Firman SG1200 petrol generator is another portable I Pass My Neighbor generator from the popular FIRMAN brand. It is a reliable and durable small generator model, with a single phase, 50 Hz AC frequency, 800 starting watts, and 650 rated watts.
The SUMEC FIRMAN SG1200 has the lowest capacity of any generator from SUMEC FIRMAN, but it is not lacking any of any of the features that made the brand a household name in Nigeria. It has a 2-stroke, single cylinder, air-cooled, OHV engine, with maximum power output 1.5 HP. The alternator is a brushless, self-exciting, synchronous, 2-pole, 100% copper. The SG1200 has only the recoil starting system.
Other amazing features of the SUMEC FIRMAN SG1200 generator include 4 liter capacity fuel tank, a noise level at 7 meters of 61 dB, and a weight of 19.5 KG.
The SUMEC Firman SG1200 is ideal for use in the home and at the working place, but only to power small appliances.

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