Classic Design Wood Handrail

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The Classic Design Wood Handrail by Wood Willing measures 3″ wide x 2&1/2″ thick x 10ft long with option of a 4cm wide grooving on the belly. It’s milled from seasoned Teak, and finished with glossy lacquer with no stain.

The Classic design Wood Handrail includes simple, clean lines and traditional shapes. It is comfortable to grip and easy to use, while also complementing the overall style and décor of the space.

The classic design Wood Handrail can be  attached to balusters, which are vertical supports that hold up the rail. The balusters can be simple and straight, or they can have more ornate designs, such as turned or carved details.

This wood handrail design can also be used in more modern or minimalist settings. Other wood species used for this handrail design include Iroko, Gmelina, and Mahogany.



1 review for Classic Design Wood Handrail

  1. Joe

    The outcome was awesome. Wish I can upload the picture here

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