Modern Hardwood Sliding Barn Door


Say goodbye to noisy door slamming, door not closing tight, and to ubiquitous wood door designs with this hardwood sliding barn door by Wood Willing.

Handcrafted from air-dried Iroko timbers, the wooden sliding barn door is hung on a top rail with two trolley hangers, and opens and closes with the aid of two smooth-running rollers. Aside separating rooms from each other and providing privacy, the wood barn door is space saving and gives your room an elegant flair.

The door is sanded smooth, and then coated with layers of Polyurethane varnish, protecting them from scratches and helping to prevent damage resulting from contact with moisture.

With this modern barn door design, you eliminate the stress of breaking walls to hang frames before door installation. And in case you want something like this but not exactly like this, you are welcome to discuss your choice of wood and finishing. Wood Willing will deliver your custom solid wood barn door to wherever you are in Nigeria.

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