Mansonia Wood Flooring


Mansonia Wood Flooring is milled from timbers cut from tropical Mansonia tree, also known as African walnut, or Anyi (in Igbo).

In the absence of stain, Mansonia Wood Flooring is characterized by yellow brown or dark gray brown heartwood, frequently with a purplish cast, often showing light and dark bands; and a whitish, sharply demarcated sapwood.

Mansonia has fine to medium texture, generally straight grain patterns, and low to medium luster.

Mansonia is referred to as African walnut in the US because of its resemblance of the American black walnut.

Mansonia Wood Flooring by Wood Willing needs no heavy staining or finishing as it comes naturally with stylish grain patterns that are too beautiful to be hidden.

Available as 10″ plank and 4″ strip.

Delivered in semi-finished form.

Price is per square meter, and it’s not inclusive of installation and finishing.



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