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Wood panel doors have been very popular wood door design in Nigeria since time immemorial. Their name essentially tells you what they are – wood panel doors in Nigeria are crafted not of one single piece of wood, but instead are comprised of panels of wood. Each of these wood panels will fit together in order to create the finished doors that we all know as wood panel doors. For example, a six panel wood door will be made up of six inset rectangular or square wood panels within the door. Likewise, a seven panel wood door comprises of seven inset panels that are traditionally rectangular or square in shape. If you have adult age, then you have likely encountered dozens, if not more, panel doors in your lifetime.

The square or rectangular panels of a panel door can be raised or recessed in the door, which can have a solid wood core, or be comprised of wood and other materials in order to help the door be lighter. The panels are often surrounded by either simple or more complex stiles, rails, and mullions.

Made in Nigeria wood panel doors by Wood Willing can have one panel, or it can have several. The door can also have glass panes, or lites, set into the wood as well in case you want to allow light through the door.  Typically, wood panel doors are used for exterior doors, but if you want heavy doors that can better deaden sound in the inside of your house, then you have a wise choice in wood panel doors.

Wood Willing crafts her wood panel doors from well processed hardwoods that can stand weather changes, insects attack, and frequent slamming and banging.

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