Ibadan is a city that has been rumoured to be a boring,uptight and
dull town. Non-residents view Ibadan as a place full of local, uncivilized and
unexposed people who have archaic idea of good time.
Well, it is a big relief to disappoint these set of people because
truly, they only judge by the limits of their knowledge about the capital city.
The metropolitan residents here are fun-loving individuals who will stop at
nothing to shed stress in exchange for undilute
d entertainment.
Needless to say that many firms and business owners in the
hospitality sector have also seen this bright-side of the ‘brown roof’ state
and they have grabbed the opportunity in Ibadan by pitching their tents in
various locations across the city. There are countless night-clubs, numerous
hotels, hang-out spots, eateries, bars and cinema outlets strewn all over the
But there are places spectacularly equipped with breath-taking
facilities that can blow the minds of their clients away at the first entry
into their premises. We call these outfits ‘the hottest joints’. Some of these
entertainment centres have been in existence for decades while some are just a
few years old.
However, we have decided to pick out 5 hotspots based on their facilities,
customer satisfaction, creativity and sophistication. So for visitors to Ibadan
who want to have a nice time, check out these boisterous spots and enjoy a
voyage to the land of festivity.


Occupying over 13
acres of land, it
is a popular destination for recreational and eventful activities which also serves
forestry purpose. The recent upgrade of this garden adds more taste to
its splendor as it offers
diversity of recreational pleasure
s. It has a botanical garden with explicitly attractive
flowers, trees and shrubs, a mini zoo and a swimming pool. Also
it features a lake
where one can
sail a boat on an aquatic layout. Agodi gardens is a nice place to have good time. 
This garden is located at Agodi area of the city, close to the
university of Ibadan and the Secretariat Complex. The garden has beautiful lush
green milieu and unparalled recreational resources.
You will find fresh
lovely florals inside the botanical garden, a clean swimming pool, trees of
different breeds and different animals at the zoo.
In addition, there are playgrounds with erected timbers specially
made for children to play around. There is also a waterpark where unlimited fun
experience can be seen and a restaurant as well within the premises.
The management of Agodi park and gardens have drawn a beautiful
plan to expand the centre and add more to its fascination. There will be animal
enclosure and a creation of natural vegetation. These facilities will give
visitors the chance to experience real ecosytem. In addition to that, there
will be water ways and mall.


Ventura Mall is a shopping centre jampacked with various
entertainment tools that keep its visitors asking for more than shopping every
day. You will find a standard restaurant with mouth-watering local and foreigh
dishes, sporting engagement, bouncing castles, etc. It is located at Sango-UI
road, Samonda.
The most popular feature at the mall is the Film house where
latest Nollywood and Hollywood blockbusters are being shown everyday of the
week to the delight of its audience.
Film House cinema offers best of cinema thrills with as low as
N600 to N1000 (N500 for 3D glasses), then N1,500 during public holidays. You
can also keep your mouth busy with popcorn, Sharwarma and Sausage while
watching your film.
The place opens from noon to late in the night.
Arcade is another side attraction where children and adults can
enjoy video games, bowling and more.
Ventura Mall also provides spaces for occasions like Easter Carnival,
birthday parties and there is maximum security.


Parents at Bodija are blessed to have Funfactory nearby for their
children to enjoy. Funfactory
is a park specially created for toddlers and pre-teenagers. With its bright
Astro Turf grass on an
expanse of more than 3000 sq metres, the fun centre is a place to be.
Funfactory also organizes functions such
as Easter carnival, Santa Clause, birthday parties, musical concerts,
Children’s Day and family picnics.
You can also find interesting sections
such as Restaurant, Play Grounds for children, Event Centre for ceremonies, and
numerous games that keep children begging for more.
Birthday Party Event Centre, Wedding Anniversary and
Reception Event Centre, Restaurant, Swimming pools, Kids Play Ground, and so
many other creative and interactive games for children. providing ambi
ence, safety and excitement at the same time.
Above all, maximum security is guaranteed.


Are you a club addict? Do you want the best in entertainment that
washes away boredom? Are you one of those who believe that Ibadan is a dull
city? Then think again.
You can’t go wrong with GQ Lounge Night club if you are looking
for the best in night life experience. GQ lounge is located at 26, Awolowo
Road, Bodija Estate. The lounge is a very ideal spot to hang out alone or with
your friends in Ibadan. There you will discover varieties of regalement. 
GQ offers the best services with an outdoor bar, a club that
operates all day, latest banging music blasting from the stereos of the
funkiest DJs in Ibadan and a spacious dance-floor to show your dance skills.


Established by a Lebanese business man in the 1980s, Kokodome has
been reputed to be the oldest club in Ibadan. The club is located at Liebu
Bypass, close to the tallest building in Ibadan,Cocoa House.
It has a large pool, a standard restaurant that serves delicious
meals, especially Lebanese cuisines and the main club house where all night
lifers gets the real fun.
So there you have it. If you’ve just moved to Ibadan, ensure
you take a stroll down to one or all of these hangout spots to have a feel of
Ibadan life. Ibadan n’ile Oluyole is one of a kind.

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