Interior designing is a complicated career in Nigeria.
Wherefore in times past, Nigerians have been known to look down on the field and attribute it to colors and fashion
trends. Today, more and more Nigerians are coming to understand and respect the
field especially with regards to the
beautiful artistic arrangements seen we have come to witness in this
generation. Therefore more and more Nigerians are living the decoration of
spaces to the capable and experienced hands of interior designers.
Having a career in Interior designing requires much more
than being familiar with colors and
combinations. Yes, it is pretty easy to put
together a business card and get started. , it is possible that you could
narrowly escape with little jobs like organizing a client’s home, but it gets
complicated when projects like organizing office space, showrooms, industrial buildings
and so on.  Then it will become of
understanding the vast difference, and you will come to realize that there is
much more to this broad field than just a colorful combination.
So here it goes; how do you really get into the exciting field of Interior designing in this
lovely country. Engaging and carving a niche in this fantastic profession can be quite easy

Are you talented?

The first step in the field of Interior designing is the
most crucial factor; you must have talent, understanding, and respect for colors, combinations, fabrics, and textiles. You must instinctually be able to
discern each and every one of these
dimensions. A good sign is your love for rearrangement of your living space. Do
you enjoy changing and adding an aesthetic
quality to your home, if you do then you are ready to begin? This is crucial because the world of an interior designer is
a hectic one and requires you’re in-depth
love for decorating spaces else you will burn out fast. Hence money should not
be your driving factor but rather your passion.

Invest in the proper Education

The profession of Interior designing is not “a wakeup and
take a dive” field. Wherefore, you can take that a dive (if it’s even
possible), it’s a “good” way to start losing clients because soon your clients will begin to see through your disguises
and sense just how dubious your business really is.
A successful career in Interior designing requires that you
understand the codes, ethics, and
intricacies that govern this field, you can only achieve this by thorough
education, and you can get this at the
different Interior design schools that abound in the country. Some of them run
programs from as low as 3 months to more than a year with flexible class hours
to ensure you can get to your other businesses.

Voluntary Work

Once you have gotten the Education, your next investment is
voluntary works. There are two ways you can use, but the latter should be your focal point. First, you can register
as an intern under the wings of already established interior designers in the
country. Some Interior designing schools offer these opportunities while others
do not. Even if your place of training does not provide
this, you can seek one and work for whatever pay and also if there is no payment involved, its only perseverance that
will help achieve your desired goals.
Secondly, you can design the houses of your friends and
family for free, this will be much fun and constructive criticism gotten from
them can help you identify your flaws and restructure your game plan. Exposure
and Experience are your most significant
assets as your rating will ultimately determine your scale of payment.  It is important to also note that you should
never do voluntary work for a potential client as this can significantly demean your business and portray
your organization as a “charity facility.”
Narrow down the list of friends you would do free jobs for to those who will
ultimately help build your reputation as an established and reputable designer.

Stock up your Resources

Get to know your market intimately. Every material required
in any building such as kitchen cabinets, industrial materials down to even the
price and collections of lamps. You must know places you can get the best
quality at the most valuable prize. This
will reflect on the weight of your quotations and give your clients the desired
impression of how dedicated you really are. Your clients will love you for this
as it is an added advantage to your expertise.

Portfolio building

A portfolio is merely
a picture book designed to explain your work and communicate to your potential
clients. Now a lot of designers make the mistake of picking up designs from the
internet and giving it off as their own. This is not just illegal but a huge
turn off to your clients. You must fill up your portfolio with pictures from
your past works; ensure you use the best photographing techniques to capture
every space). No matter how simple the job is, originality keeps communication
with your intended clients. Therefore a significant
portfolio depends on making sure that all voluntary jobs did are being attended to with the utmost caution
as they strongly determine the quality of your collection.

Your Clients; Not you

Ultimately it’s about your clients and not you. You must be
a people person if you want to excel in this field. You must exhibit attributes
such as excellent communication skills,
listening skills as well as humility. You should make sure to communicate with
your clients’ on more than the level of business; you must see the proposed project through their eyes to fulfill
their desires. Never style your client’s
job according to your personal affiliations, even if you have inputs, ensure to
discuss this with your client and understand how they really feel towards the proposed project. Your client’s needs must take
priority over your preferences in every job.


The field of Interior designing is highly competitive;
therefore extensive marketing skills are required. Take advantage of all levels
and styles of advertisements; whether it is paper advertisement, business cards
or online advertising strategies, you must take complete advantage of every
platform. Online Advertising is a grand
strategy, showcase your unique talent through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on.  Clients can be accessed from anywhere in the
world, you must understand that you can be hired as an interior designer from
areas very far from you.
For real marketing,
remember that your friends and family are critical
points to enhancing and expanding your business. Take advantage of all
organizations you belong to including your religious organization, they are essential.
Lastly, Can you do it
The field of Interior designing is engaging and time
demanding. You will get a lot of clients, but
the key to keeping them is more critical,
with a bit of hard work, quality
portfolio and excellent personal skills
you will soar to great heights.

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