Are you a
landlord stuck in a disagreement with a daredevil tenant and are thus wondering
how many months is quit notice in Nigeria?
Or are you
a tenant whose landlord is threatening to eject from his property and you are
not sure if the quit notice he served you is long or short enough to conform
with the institutions of the law?

Well, the timeframe
for valid quit notice
may be determined by the agreement the tenant had with the landlord. If no agreement was made, the timeframe will be
determined by the operations
of the law based on the
period of tenancy agreed
between the two parties
and/or mode of payment of rent.

The table below offers a
breakdown of legal lifespan of a quit notice in Nigeria as determined by the
period of tenancy:

Period of Tenancy

Lifespan Of Quit Notice

Tenancy at will

7 days

Weekly tenancy

7 days

Monthly tenancy

1 month

Quarterly tenancy

3 months

Bi-annual tenancy

3 months

Annual tenancy

6 months

The tenant
is expected to pack out at or before the expiration of the quit notice, or
remain and face
court action to be sought
by the landlord
for recovery of property.
Do have in
mind that the court frowns at forcible eviction of a tenant by the landlord. In
a case
where the tenant remains on the property at the expiration of the quit notice, it is advisable that the landlord
should rather than take extra-judicial measures towards evicting the tenant,
a formal eviction proceeding in
a court of law

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