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A wood pergola is an outdoor structure made of wood that is used to provide shade, support climbing plants, or simply add aesthetic appeal to a backyard or garden. It typically consists of four or more vertical posts or pillars that support a series of horizontal beams or joists, which are then covered by a lattice or slatted roof.

Wood pergolas can be made from a variety of types of wood, including cedar, redwood, pine, and pressure-treated lumber. Cedar and doussie are popular choices for their natural resistance to rot and insects, as well as their attractive appearance. Pressure-treated lumber, which has been chemically treated to resist decay and insect damage, is a more affordable option but may not be as visually appealing as natural wood.

When designing a wood pergola, Wood Willing consider factors such as the size and shape of the structure, the type of wood used, and the desired level of shade or privacy. Many homeowners choose to incorporate climbing plants such as vines or flowers into their pergola design, which can provide additional shade and create a beautiful natural backdrop.

Wood pergolas require regular maintenance to keep them looking their best. This may include cleaning and sealing the wood, replacing damaged or rotting boards, and trimming back any overgrown plants or vines. With proper care, a wood pergola can provide many years of beauty and enjoyment in your outdoor space.

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