Harcourt in south-south Nigeria
is widely known as Nigeria’s
Garden city. The oil-rich city was named Port Harcourt in honour of
Lewis Vernon Harcourt by Sir Frederick Lugard in August 1913.

It has beautiful coastal sandy beaches navigating through
major cities and towns. The city is bubbling with life and contains explosive
variety of cultures, traditions and ethnic differences.

Port Harcourt is a city that attracts people from all
works of life not just because of
its industrial
potentials but also because of its beautiful sceneries and attractive spots
where one can relax and have fun.

has a lot of hotels, nightclubs, bars, restaurants, and
all round
fun attraction. I
can’t even begin to mention all of them, but this list contains the most


is one very beautiful  recreational park
located in Port Harcourt, at Rumuola, 
along Aba Road, near the 2nd Amphibious Brigade Barracks also known as
Bori Camp on an expansive open land.
park boasts a wide range of services including an extensive children’s
playground, a miniature soccer field, golf course and fitness equipments.
The facility is
on a massive expanse of land suiting for such purpose. Its architectural design
and structural outlay are deliberately crafted. This new park, which is rising
to fame, has a secured neighbourhood that assures of serenity. Everybody can
access it from all parts of the city because of its centrality.
Port Harcourt Pleasure Park has beautiful concrete paths. A well spaced sphere
and internal roads that are duly marked out to make it possible for easy walk
around by quests. There are enriched green terraced lawns to offer natural
healing and the well spaced ornamental trees that keep guests connect to
facility also has an artificial lake constructed in it, made from part of the
Ntawagba creek, it offers fresh water sense, moisten atmosphere and glen sight.
The climbing tower is an imposing feature of the park. It stands so tall. When
on top of its platform, the fascinating view of the entire park lays in the
foreground. But the tower is for those who love the climbing game
Harcourt Pleasure Park facilities include secure car parks, left luggage areas,
cash points, bureau de change plus everything you will need for a day out at
the simplest but finest attraction in Port Harcourt. The facility is also
friendly to the physically challenged. Indeed, everything is done to ensure
guests have a safe and pleasurable experience when they visit. Certainly, rides
within the park and other attractions will not be physically demanding and
vigorous except for children at designated play grounds.

Harcourt Shopping mall (SPAR

Port Harcourt Shopping Mall is arguably the biggest attraction in the city at
the moment.  It is located at 1, Azikiwe
road, Next to Government House (Old GRA), Port Harcourt. it sits on a 16,000 square
metre of letting space. It has amazing range of activities and facilities which
brings delight to patrons daily. The mall is so big that it houses a
significant number of local and continental fast-food outlets and restaurants
serving all types of meals. Patrons will also love the cinema which features 5
large digital screens including two 3D screens and 7.1 surround sound system
and stadium luxury seating. Kids also have their fun arena while love birds can
find a good ‘nesting’ place within the mall. The Port Harcourt shopping mall is
a branch of the SPAR hypermarket, a global retail chain market originating from
Holland. The idea behind these mall is to provide everything you need from home
appliances, electronics, grocery, bakery, fruits, cosmetics etc. shopping which
is normally a toll in Nigerian markets, becomes an awesome experience. The
store has a staff prepared to serve you, well conditioned, open spaces and
ample parking.


Jevinick Restaurant located in 57
Ombia Street, GRA, Elechi,
Harcourt has over 25 years in business. With i
cozy environment, it is bound to give you a fascinating culinary experience
with its mouthwatering African delicacies and has acquired ample culinary
experience e delicacies. Some of these delicacies include Abak, Afang, Edikang
Ikong, Afia Efera, Eforiro, Banga. Abacha, Nkwobi, Ugba, Ukwa, Yam and Peppersoup,
Isiewu, Snail soup, Uziza soup etc. The restaurant also offers home delivery
services, indoor catering and industrial catering services. Apart from Port
Harcourt, it also has other branches in parts of Nigeria.

Restaurant, Sports bar and Karaoke

lovers of the night life, Casablanca is too popular, to overlook. Situated at 2
Sani Abacha Road GRA Phase two, it is a gathering point for fun seekers who go
there to catch fun and relax in a cozy environment.
It has become a haven of fun and relaxation for both the old and young. It
began in 2007 and has metamorphosed into a leading night club in the fun loving
Garden city of Nigeria.

Harcourt Golf club

Port Harcourt Golf Club is a
public golf club established in 1928. It is one of oldest golf clubs in Nigeria
with an 18-hole, par 70, 5,968 yard (5,457 m) course. It was designed by Thomas
Collins. The golf club is located at 31A Forces Avenue, Old GRA, Port Harcourt,
Rivers State. Over the years, the club has played host to both local and
national golf tournaments.
Those wishing to join as members are required to
first join the Main Port Harcourt Club and then they can subscribe to the golf
section. The facility also has a restaurant where you can unwind after your
18-hole golf club is also open to the public all year round
There are also other facilities to enjoy within the club such as
the table tennis hall, the bar, the clubhouse, swimming pool, football pitch,
tennis, squash courts, restaurants, lounge area, internet facilities and gym facilities.
The golf club is no doubt a one stop for sporting and relaxing activities


Ifoko beach is a popular hangout spot in Port Harcourt and
it is not man- made. It is also maintained by the local residents and can be
regarded as one of the best beaches Port Harcourt has to offer. It is well
known for its cleanliness amongst other things. This beach is the source of
livelihood to local fishermen in the area. Tourists are treated to freshly
caught seafood at local restaurants close to the beach. One can also take a
walk along the shoreline, enjoy the scenery and catch the site of a whale. The
shoreline is also borders by rain forest, so one can also enjoy wildlife in the
rainforest of the Ifoko beach.

Harcourt Tourist Beach

The Port Harcourt tourist
is definitely one place you have to visit when in Port Harcourt. It
is a manmade beach and was created in 1988. This beautiful beach located in the
Kolabi creek and is one of the most popular creek-lined beaches in the city.
Its biggest attraction is that it is at the edge of the city and one can asses
a lot of local delicacies in the restaurants around the beach. One can watch
the sun set in this beautiful serene environment or listen to highlife music or
play games on the sandy beaches amongst other fun activities.
Top of Form

Bole King Restaurant

Bole King Restaurant is situated at 10A Omoku St,
Woji, Port Harcourt. It serves the ever popular Bole, a unique delicacy well
known to the south-south region of Nigeria. Bole is actually roasted or
barbecued plantains, but recently includes roasted yams and sweet potatoes.
This is eaten with red oil tomatoes sauce and ugba leaves or uziza leaves. It
is a more beautiful way eaten bole, more interesting than the boring system of
eating roasted plantain with groundnut.
Bole king restaurant offers this
sweet delicacy in a traditional atmosphere. With its bush bar settings, native
or African chairs, salt and pepper shakers, palm wine gourds and cups, hand
fans made from raffia, African styled aprons and highlife African music, it
offers an all round African traditional atmosphere. It also offers Bole in a
unique artistic way5 5, providing different sauces such as Ugba sauce with shredded
smoked fish or chicken and side dishes such as Cole slaw or diced ugba. It also
serves the African wine, palm wine.

Harcourt cultural centre

The Port Harcourt cultural
is a great place to appreciate the culture of the city. Located
around Bonny Street, the cultural centre is entirely engaged in the exhibiting
the rich diversity of the Port Harcourt people and their culture. A lot of
antique local artifacts such as African figurines and pottery can be found
here. One can also purchase local artifacts from this centre, there are many
carved handcrafts and artifacts made by the people of rivers state there. It is
a place where culture meets arts.

Deluxe cinemas

Deluxe Cinemas situated at 51 Birabi Street, Genesis Centre, GRA Phase 2, Port
Harcourt, Rivers is a fascinating cinema house. It is a part of the Genesis
group a Nigerian based conglomerate established in 1991. It promises to deliver
a sensational film experience with is high tech quality screens, reclining VIP
leather seats, discount tickets and special offers. It also offers classic
meals, delectable desserts, appetizers, cocktails and alcoholic drinks. GDC is
one of Nigeria’s leading cinema developers and operators of multiplex cinemas
in Nigeria.


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