Owerri is the
Capital of Imo state, popularly known as the Eastern Heartland. It is quite famous
for its abundance of hotels, bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and casinos. Owerri
is referred to as the entertainment capital of the Nigeria.
It houses an engaging
mix of everything Igbo and contemporary. Apart from the fact that owerri has a
very vibrant nightlife; it is also known for its beautiful and fun places. Here
below are a few of owerri”s beautiful and awesome sights and sounds.

Mbari Art and Cultural centre

Owerri is an original igbo city and like
any other, it is intensely proud of its cultural history. One place to
appreciate this cultural phenomenon is the Mbari Cultural and Art Centre.
is a visual art form practiced by the Igbo people in southeast Nigeria
consisting of a sacred house constructed as a propitiatory rite. Mbari houses
of the
Owerri-Igbo, which are large opened-sided square planned shelters
contain many life-sized, painted figures (sculpted in mud to appease the
Alusi (deity) and Ala, the earth
, with other deities of thunder and
water). Other sculptures are of officials, craftsmen, foreigners (mainly
Europeans), animals, legendary creatures and ancestors.
The Mbari art and cultural centre
located in
Mbari centre is
situated at Ikenegbu in Central Owerri. It is being housed by the Imo State
council for Arts and Culture.. Its centre is divided into three sections made
up of the Mbari Museum Kitchen, Mbari House and an amphitheatre

Oguta Lake Resort

Oguta Lake is a lean ‘finger lake’ formed by the
formation of a dam on the lower Njaba River with alluvium. It is the largest
natural lake in Imo State and the second largest in Nigeria. Oguta Lake’s
catchment area comprises the drainage area of the Njaba River and a part of the
River Niger floodplain in the region south of Onitsha.

lake is situated in Oguta about thirty miles (48.27 km) from the junction
of the Ndoni and River. It is a fine piece of water, being about five miles
(8.05 km) long from east to west and a mile and half (2.41 km) wide.

lake with its clear blue color, non salty taste is the perfect holiday
destination for splashing around, boat cruising and many more..

Just nearby
the Oguta lake is the Oguta Lake Holiday Resort. The Lake Resort boasts of one
of the best facilities dedicated to hospitality in Nigeria. These facilities
include: A Golf Course with 18 standard international holes Natural confluence
of Oguta Lake and Urashi River, Cruise boat services, Golf Club Bar House/
Oguta Lake Motel for refreshment, a luxury hotel for lodging and feeding as
well as a recreation park.

Owerri Mall

Owerri  Shopping Mall, with its
satisfying aesthetics it is a prime hang out spot within the city. You can see
a movie at the cinema or grab burger and fries at the food court, shop for
anything and everything at affordable retail stores or just come to chill with
friends. There’s always something for everyone at the mall.

favorite place to all, the mall features a tenant mix that includes fashion,
accessories, telecommunications, health and beauty retailers as well as
restaurants, fast food services and entertainment, providing a wide range of
choice to the Owerri market. It also houses one of the Genesis Cinemas outlets
for the movie-goers and also a branch of the hypermarket, shoprite.

Channel O

Channel O located at M.C.C Road, Umez Eronini
Street, in Ikenegbu layout, Owerri
, is one of oldest and well visited
street cafés in Owerri. The best place to get affordable and unbelievably tasty
shawarma which goes for as low as 600 naira.

Mimi place

Mimi’s Place is
one of the city’s top entertainment hangout destinations. Its contains open-air
joints and indoor bars and lounge for musical and dance performances.
Entertainers of various genres are invited to perform every evening in front of
guests as they order drinks, eat food, suya and frolick with their loved
ones and friends.

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