Akure Ondo state

The city of Akure is home to many attractions that are
visited by thousands of people every year. To be more precise, when you drive
through the city, you can see massive rocks all lined in a beautiful landscape.
A visit to Akure will make you think every city should be laid out with
beautiful natural landscape elements. With the streets laid up with rocks, and
other fantastic places such as the state-of-the-art Dome facility, there are
tons of places you can visit in this beautiful city.
Let’s not bore you with all of them. Check out the 5
top fun
places in to
visit in
Akure below and
let us know which one(s) you would love to visit.

1. The Deji’s Palace

One thing that makes Akure unique among South-western cities
is that unlike others, its King is called “Deji,” not “Oba.” Interestingly, the
King’s palace follows suit. The Palace, located at the city center, was built
in 1150 AD, and is still a very strong structure. It is a tourist attraction to
many visitors and indigenes who love to have a glimpse of what a King’s Palace
looks like. The King resides in a modern palace very close to this historic
one. However, this ancient palace is still considered the King’s palace. Full
of history and myths, the palace is also an architectural masterpiece. The
Deji’s Palace is a fantastic place to visit for those who love to know more
about Akure’s history and who love listening to the myths of the old.

2. Idanre Hill

As noted earlier, Akure is filled with rocks of various
sizes. However, a town whose distance is less than a 45 minute drive from the city
epitomises this gigantic presence of mountains and hills. Idanre Hill is
undoubtedly one of the most beautiful scenes in Nigeria. The hill is about
1,000m high. People who visit this centerpiece usually try to reach the top of
the hill. Yet, few of them have the strength to continue climbing. When you
reach the top of the hill, you can see the whole city of Akure from any
position you stand. It is such a beautiful scenery to behold. Idanre Hills was
registered on UNESCO’s World Heritage Tentative List on 8th October,

3. Akure Township Stadium

This is a 10,000 capacity stadium used for various sporting
activities. The principal activity however, is football. This is the home of
the Nigerian Professional Football League club, Sunshine Stars F.C. Sunshine
Stars is a state-sponsored team and a giant of the Nigerian league. The stadium
is close to the city core and is well-frequented by locals and traveling fans. For
those who would want to see a game on a Sunday evening, this is the stadium to
visit. You can get here easily by taking a cab anywhere in the city and
directing that the cab man drop you at the stadium. Such is the ease of living
in Akure.

4. Olympic Size Swimming Pool

After 35 years of abandonment, the pool was completed in
2011. It is a full-fledged Olympic Swimming Pool by all standards. It measures
50 meter length and 25 meter breadth. The pool has a whole team that takes very
good care of the facility. It is now being utilised by athletes
all over the country.
This infrastructure helps athletes get in shape and train well for upcoming
competitions. It is also visited by everyday people who just want to refresh.This
is one of the places we highly recommend for those who are used to swimming in the
small pools found in hotels. When you visit this facility, you would see the
vast difference between a normal pool and an Olympic size.

5. The Dome International Event Center

Everything about this facility is luxury. The state spent
billions of naira and the people waited for years before the Dome was
completed. Located in Alagbaka, we love this facility even more because of its
environment. Around the Dome are other modern facilities like the Akure Mall,
and other event centers. However, the Dome stands uniquely among them all. It
is an intriguing structure from the very first sight. The name is an eponym of
the shape; it is erected in form of a dome which makes the Dome an
architectural and engineering work of art. When you visit the Dome, ensure your
smartphone is with you so you could take good selfies and wefies.

 6. Bottom Line

Akure is a city of multiple places you can visit. We didn’t
even mention the Sun View Hotel and an array of others that will intrigue
anyone. Anytime you visit Akure, just try visiting one or all of those above
and your time in this city will be mind blowing.

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