Do you live in Abuja?
Or are you a regular visitor to the capital city? After working hard all
week-long, or after implementing a rigorous business contract, regardless of
the kind of job or business you do, there are several
places you can unwind, relax and catch your fun, alone, with family or friends.
Let’s take a drive round the city and view ten of such exciting places.


Jabi lake is a large
body of water surrounded by land. This land has been developed over the years, into
a park called, Jabi Park.
is located in Jabi district and recently, other infrastructure has been put in
place. Now we have a mall called Jabi Lake Mall, in the same location, making
the place a triple-fun destination to be.
The Jabi Lake is accessible
from different parts of the main road and no fee is charged on entry. On a regular
day at the Lake, one could get a speed boat ride for as low as N500 and for a
family N1, 500 and horse ride cost N300 per trip. There is also a skiing
facility for those who enjoy to ski.

lot of people use the Jabi Park to celebrate one occasion or the other, e.g, wedding
receptions. Picnickers are often found at the Jabi Park too. Hawkers of items
ranging from snacks, soft drinks to trinkets are often found in the park,
trying to get people to buy their wares.
The most exciting part
of this location is the Jabi Lake Mall. There are varieties of things one could
get in the shops in the mall, from clothes, shoes, jewelry, food items, fruits,
electronics, to cosmetics and health related medications at affordable prices.
The mall also house
S the
Silverbird Cinema and Shoprite, the two favourite fun spots for a lot of
movie tickets plus a drink and Pop Corn cost N2, 500. During the festive
periods, there are special offers for both children and adults at the Cinema
and also in all the stores.

Amusement Park

The Magicland Amusement
Park is located at Ikukwaba Hills, opposite the National Stadium in the Central
Business Area. The Amusement park used to be known as Wonderland Park. It is
the Nigerian version of Disneyland and it attracts both adult and children. Day
or night, the park is open, between the hours of 9a.m and 9p.m at a low gate
fee of N300.There are dozens of rides for both adult and children such as the
Carousels, Roller Coastal, Water Splashes, Horse rides, Bumper cars, Train and
Bee, Super spin, Pirate ship, Flying tower, Fire fighter, Jungle truck and a
host of others. These rides cost between N300 and N600 per ride.The Arcade Game
Centre is a separate building on the property, flooded by children, teens and also
adults. Like every other park, there are drinks and snacks stalls selling
various kinds of mouth-watering food and non-alcoholic drinks.

Arts and Craft Village

The village is set in
between the Shehu Musa Yar’adua Centre and the Silverbird Entertainment Centre with
Sheraton Hotel behind it in the Central Business district. It is not really a
per say, but, all the shops and
stores in the place are built with mud and thatched roofs with colourful
paintings and art on the walls depicting the African culture. If you are
someone fascinated by art, driven by optimistic inclinations about the Nigerian
artistic growth, you will enjoy been here.A tour into the village opens you up
to sculpted warriors and horses, colourful beaded necklaces, bracelets and
ear-rings, African traditional masks, traditional leather bags, wooden and
bronze sculptures, leather artifacts, tie and dye (Adire) and several other
relics and objects that represent the Nigerian and African culture.
Aside from coming here alone or with
friends on an outing, it is also good to bring the children here because they
are able to learn more about the history of different tribes in the country.
There are also quite a lot of stores where one can get food, snacks and
different kinds of soft and fruit drinks. There are no charges of a fee at the

Children’s Park and Zoo

The National Children’s
Park and Zoo is located in the Asokoro district
just behind
the Presidential Villa.
adult pay as low as N300 and the children N200 at the gate of the Park and Zoo,
which houses a lot of wild animals such as Zebras, Camels, Antelopes, Monkeys,
Crocodiles, Impala, Donkeys, Elephants, Tortoises, Wild cats, Baboons and
different kinds of birds, e.g., the Ostrich. There are also domesticated
animals kept in a secluded area for the pleasure of younger children.The park
and zoo is a very ideal place for a family outing, school excursion, getaway
outing for couples and group of friends who love being around animals.
Apart from picnicking, the park is
also used for events such as children birthday parties, and other occasions.
The café in the park and zoo offer
the best snacks and milkshakes in town and it is opened between 9a.m and 6p.m.


The Bank isn’t a financial institution,
but, an executive night club cum restaurant. It was founded in 2014 and
patronized by celebrities (musical artists, Nollywood actors, fashion
designers, elite bloggers, et al) and the wealthy socialites in the capital
city. It is located in Wuse II and opens its doors at 10p.m.The perfectionist
chef who prepares mouth-watering delicacies lure visitors to make a return
visit. The drinks and exotic cocktails are always on point, inclusive the
topnotch services rendered by the staff, especially the security officials.The
club is divided into sections and people who come in groups are able to carve
out their own private area without distraction from other guests. The Deejays
in the house are very experienced and they can keep one on the dancing floor
from dusk to dawn.The club isn’t open to the general public, but to wealthy and
prominent citizens.


Ceddi Plaza is one of
the largest shopping mall in the capital city, opened to the public in 2005. It
is located in the Central Business area with about fifty-five shops. There are
offices in the building owned by different reputable firms, movie theaters,
bookstore, champagne lounge, restaurants, cafes, boutiques, home interior design
stores, health and beauty salon, telephone store, gift shops, banking and ATMs,
dry cleaning services, dental office, pharmacy, photo studio, event halls,
children entertainment area and game zone.

of the shops and stores are open during the day and a good number of them,
including the movie theaters, bars, and lounges are opened in the evening.
Many families come with their wards
in the evenings, after school hours to catch fun.
will also find teenagers between the age of 14 and 18 years, hanging around the
cafes and buying movie tickets (cheaper for young adults and children), ready
for an evening of entertainment.

weekends, public holidays and festive periods are the busiest times for every
business in the plaza. Many business owners make a lot of money during these
fee is charged on entry and the building has an underground parking space with
reliable security.

Bar and Wellness Center

The Sueno Bar and
Wellness center is an interesting blend of a bar, spa, gym and restaurant which
opens during the weekdays and on Saturday between 9a.m and 10p.m and on Sundays
between 1p.m and 6p.m. It is situated at Wuse II. The restaurant offers
international buffet, Nigerian and continental dishes and A la carte menu with
a starting price of N3000 per meal.

gym is well equipped with experienced trainers and up-to-date machineries.
There are programs for guests who want to shed their excess weight, eliminate
belly fat, look physically fit, et al, at a reasonable fee ranging from N5000
to N75, 000, depending on the duration of the program.
One can get several body treatments
at the spa, from facials to body massages such as hot stone massage, Shiatu
massage and Tummy blasting, with considerable price tags between N3000 and N60,
000.There is also a Yoga studio with a ready instructor in the building.

Trukadaro Place

The Trukadaro Place is
a bowling center in the heart of Wuse II.

is open between the hours of 9a.m and 10p.m. It is unbelievable that such a
place exists in the metropolis. Many do not know of its existence in the city,
but, to those who have found it, it has become a place to unwind and relax with
family and friends, during the weekdays and at weekends.There are instructors
and trainers ready to teach and impart the skill of bowling to first time
players and to those who have forgotten the art. The relaxation hub also houses
a restaurant and an amusement park cum indoor gaming area, making it a fun
place for children and young adults.

does not require to pay a fee at the point of entry.


The Millennium Park is
the largest public park in the city, located in the Maitama district. It was
opened in the year 2003 and inducted by her majesty, Queen Elizabeth II of
United Kingdom during President Obasanjo’s administration.
The park is a free entry zone
divided into two sections by a river. There are several pools and fountains in
the area with a long, wide mass of green cropped grass that stretched
throughout the land, with different kinds of trees and beautiful ornamental
The children section
has a lot of play-machines such as see-saw, slides, horse/car rides, etc.
The park is a good location for
picnicking, bird watching, walking, and a place to sit and think, especially
for authors and writers in general.

amazing that while you sit and relax or picnicking with a companion, family and

Restaurant and Café

The Blucabana
restaurant and café can be found in Mabushi district. It opens at 7a.m and
closes at midnight. It is an infusion of a restaurant, club, gym and beauty
lounge, all rolled up in one for pure relaxing entertainment.
Guests testify of the tranquil
environment, great food and drinks which costs N5000 and above, the Olympic
sized pool, the gym/physical fitness center, bubbling club, spa and the beauty
lounge which offers a lot of treatments. Body treatments cost between N5000 and
N64, 000. Skin care treatments cost between N38, 000 and N66, 000. Hair reduction
on skin cost between N21, 000 and N134, 400. Waxing care cost between N4000 and
N37, 000. Nails and threading cost between N4000 and N13, 000. Blucabana is a
definite hub for relaxation and networking.

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