Taking the tour of the house of a billionaire will
certainly leave anyone in wonder due to how grand and magnificent it would be.
Well, Folorunsho Alakija’s house is nothing short of that. Sit back and relax
as you give you an online tour of her home.
Folorunsho was once thought to have the most expensive
house in Nigeria with a worth flowing into hundreds of millions of naira.
However, information on the worth of houses of other billionaires like Dangote
and Femi Otedola came into view and her mansion was nothing compared to theirs
in terms of worth.
Nevertheless, she still owns one of the most expensive
mansions in Nigeria. In the article, we are going to share details on
Folorunsho Alakija’s house, its location, and photos of the exterior and

is Folorunsho Alakija?


Folorunsho Alakija was once the richest black woman in
the world after surpassing all others. She was later overtaken by Oprah Winfrey
whose net worth now stands at $2.4 billion.
Folorunsho is a businesswoman with several investments
in oil, fashion, and printing industries. She was born into a life of luxury
and spent her early years in the United Kingdom where she acquired her primary
education. She returned to Nigeria and attended Muslim High School in Ogun
State before moving back to London for her tertiary education.
She got a degree in Fashion Design from the American
College in London. Alakija began her business career in Nigeria as an executive
secretary at Sijuade Enterprises. She went on to establish her tailoring company
“Supreme Stitches”. Folorunsho later took an interest in oil and established
Famfa Limited. In 1993, her company was granted an oil prospecting license
The license marked the beginning of the expansion of her
wealth as she was fruitful in her quest to find oil. However, she had to battle
the Nigerian government in court to keep ownership of her company. She was able
to succeed and later went on to become the richest woman in Nigeria.

Alakija’s House


Most of Nigeria’s millionaires and billionaires own
grand mansions which are too big for them to stay. Some billionaires have a
mosque and/or a church located within their mansions which gives guests a
chance to worship at any religious building they wish. Others have numerous
bedrooms and some structures which we could consider unnecessary.
Folorunsho seems to be the only Nigerian billionaire to
stand out. Rather than build an old fashioned styled house due to that fact
that she spent most of her early years in the 1900s, she decided to go for
something futuristic.
We don’t have a lot of
pictures of the house as it is just around 70% completion. Folorunsho gave the
building task to renowned construction company Julius Berger Company since 2014
to handle the designing and building of the mansion.
The mansion was expected to
be completed in 2018, however, it’s still yet unconfirmed if she has added the
finishing touches to her home. There have been lots of speculations on the
features of the house as some media outlets report that the house is expected
to be bulletproof.

However, we can‘t confirm
any features until the house is completed. The mansion is located in Ikoyi,
Lagos State which is one of the luxurious and expensive locations in Nigeria.
Looking at the exterior,
you will find most of the facilities you would expect to see in a luxurious
house. The exterior is fitted with an outdoor swimming pool and a garage. Also,
there are some trees and a lawn to add some natural feel to the mansion.
Looking at the photos above
you would agree that this house should be worth hundreds of millions if not
millions of Naira. Well, if you are one of the richest women in the world with
a net worth going into billions of dollars you can afford anything.
The house said to be worth
over N700 million which is more expensive than any asset that a Nigerian
celebrity can afford. However, among billionaires, Folorunsho’s house doesn’t
really carry much weight.
Dangote’s house is
reportedly worth billions of Naira and that is expected as he is the richest
man in Africa. Unlike Nigerian celebrities, billionaires don’t really argue and
try to show off their wealth on social media to get recognition from fans and
non-fans alike.
Even though her net worth
has seen a considerable drop from 2015, Folorunsho continues to live her life
of luxury and her business exploits and interests keep growing from year to


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