Enugu State
is in the south-east geopolitical zone of Nigeria. It was carved out from old
Anambra State in 1991. It has 17 local government areas and three senatorial
zones. The capital of Enugu State is Enugu. Nsukka is one other famous town in
Enugu State.
The problem
with all these facts listed above is, they are all already well-known. Anybody
with half a brain who didn’t doze through their Social Studies class should
have come across some or all of these facts countless times. In words. Or in
these are not the only facts about the Coal City State. This tranquil homeland
of millions of hardworking people comes with a lot of facts that can sometimes
seem strange, at other times seem beautiful. Below we take a look at some facts
about Enugu State that you just might never have come across.

1. Enugu State is made up
of over a hundred towns

Yes, the
Coal City State consists of over a hundred towns scattered across its 17 local
government areas, most of which were largely independent in the era preceding
the colonization of the geographic space now known as Nigeria.

2. Enugu State is the
largest state by landmass in the south-east geopolitical zone

The Coal
City State takes the honour of having a relatively vast landmass among states
in the south-east. It’s however worth noting that a significant percentage of
this vast landmass is well-occupied by the massive undulating hills that earned
the state its trademark landscape.

3. Enugu State is not an
Igbo only state

Enugu State
has a very large Igbo population. According to many estimates, Igbos make up an
upward of 96% of the state’s indigenous population. However, the state also has
an Idoma and Igala population that run into the thousands. They still answer
their fathers’ names, not minding the strength of Igbonization they have

4. Nsukka local government
area is the largest local government area by population in Enugu State

But Nsukka
local government area is not among the largest local government areas by

5. Nsukka town is not
Enugu’s second largest town after the capital city

Contrary to
what most believe, this honour belongs to Enugwu Ezike, a giant town of close
to forty villages in Igbo Eze North local government area.

6. Udi local government
area is the largest local government area by landmass in Enugu State

Udi however
does not rank on the top three for the largest local government areas by

7. Enugu is no longer a
Coal City State

The last
time anyone mined coal in the state was decades ago.

8. Enugu State has always
given President Buhari the least number of votes among all states in Nigeria

And with
what is currently happening under Buhari’s watch, this has become a record to
be proud of.

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