Port Harcourt

Port Harcourt, the pride of the Rivers
man, is a beautiful city.
city is filled with all kinds of neighborhoods just like
every other city in the world.  And like
in every city there are both High brow residential areas and residential areas
for the average community. But, unlike some cities in the world,  Port Harcourt is not quite clear cut into the
high and low brow areas, in fact, there is almost a complex mix of these two
regions in both the suburbs and in the centre of the city Port Harcourt.
As the tough economic times continues in
the country,  a lot of people are looking
to cut down cost of living by moving to more affordable environments which
still offer relative security. Cost and standard of living has made a lot of us
to really look for alternative lifestyles, it is with these knowledge that a
list of four of the cheapest and still most importantly safe neighborhoods of
Port Harcourt, is put together.


Rumuokoro is located at the outskirts of
Port Harcourt town in Obio Akpor LGA. Rumuokoro boasts of a major market in the
region where foodstuffs can be purchased for very cheap rate and so the cost of
food in this area is quite low and very okay for both the wealthy and the
average families. Rumuokoro is actually a bubbling area, activities go on at
Rumuokoro at all hours, Low income earners looking to start a small scale
business in the region will be satisfied by the rate of turnover due to the
population of people that visit and occupy the area. Housing in Rumuokoro is
also quite affordable. One can get great apartments at a very good price. For
instance, Self contains in Rumuokoro are available at pricing range of N90000-
150,000, yearly and a one Bedroom flat goes for the range of  N120,000-180,000. Rumuokoro also boasts of beautiful
and standard schools, so education is not an issue. Rumuokoro is also quite
safe and secure for everyone.


Borokiri is located south of Old GRA,
after Lagos bustop in the heart of Port Harcourt City.  It is close to the Port Harcourt State
secretariat. Borokiri is serene environment where families will have comfort of
quiet and child friendly area. Borokiri also has a major market, where
foodstuffs can be purchased for an astonishing price range when compared to
every other part of Port Harcourt. Borokiri is quite close to Okrika LGA, a
fishing town in Rivers state, and so because of these traders from that town
visit the market with their goods (both fishes and farm produce) making the
price of foodstuffs in the market vey affordable since it is purchased mostly
directly from the farmers and fishermen. Apartments in Borokiri are also very
affordable and although Borokiri also has very high quality apartments, one can
pay about 20% less the price of that same level of apartment than the amount it
will be rented for in areas like Old GRA.

Eastern Bypass

Eastern Bypass is located near Ogunabali
and is actually within the high Brow residential areas in Port Harcourt ( Areas
such as Abuloma and Trans amadi) . This area is quite newly developed and
contains a lot of new houses of less than 10 years. The houses in this area are
only a bit expensive and can be afforded by the medium wealthy families. There
are also apartments for the low income earners but these apartments are not
quite as standard as the others, but they are quite satisfactory. The area is
also relatively safe and serene. Cost of foodstuffs in this area is only a bit
expensive and can be purchased from the many minimarkets that can be found
within the vicinity.


Ogunabali is located near Elekahia. The
area is also known as a tech village, since the sale and repair of computers,
motor spare parts and other machines can be done here at quite an affordable
rate.. The area is quite serene and neat. Apartments in the area also quite
affordable and are available for everyone, from the poor to the wealthy. The
area also boasts of beautiful schools that are also quite affordable. The cost
of foodstuffs, goods and services in the area are also quite affordable to

Adageorge/Mgbouba axis

This area is located around the
Adageorge/Nta link road. The nearest landmark in the region is the NTA
broadcasting station. This area is quite mixed, containing many high brow apartments
and apartments for the low income earners. Depending on one’s income, there are
several different levels of apartments to choose from in the area. Cost of
foodstuffs, goods and services in the area are quite affordable and can be purchased
from the many mini markets in the area. One can also visit the Mile 1 and Mile
3 markets which are among the major markets in the state. These markets are
located only some miles from this area and with a bus fare of about N100-150,
visitation to these markets can be quite easy. The cost of education in this
area is also relative to ones income, a lot of educational facilities abound
these areas and are available for all levels of income, there are schools for
the rich and there are schools for the poor. The environment is quite
beautiful, neat and serene. It is also a relatively safe location.
Apart from these regions listed here,
there are also other very cheap areas in Port Harcourt (some far cheaper than
some of the areas in this list). Some of such areas include Diobu, Bundu
waterside and so on. But because of the level of crimes that abound in the area
and because security is a major concern, they are not listed here.

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