Have you ever been dazed by how amazingly furnished a living room was?
 If you have, you may have realized that the skill to nicely
furnish a room comes with having a flair for style and colours.
One of the first places visitors come
into is the
living room. A living room is also
where family
members meet.
This is why giving it an
amazing look should be prioritized
. Photographs, imageries and colours are meant to portray
the things a home owner values.
You do not want to leave any stone unturned
when it comes to planning and organizing th
is important space. As such, it doesn’t matter
whether you live in the highbrow Ikoyi or the regular classed Yaba.
Who says you cannot have an eye
living room irrespective of where you live? Here are some proven
and tested tips to follow

1. Use Cheerful

Ever heard
about the science of colours
? Colours have a way of affecting our moods.Cheerful colours
simply put are bright colours that are appealing and relaxing at the same time.
Colours like white specifically
portrays cleanliness, simplicity, pureness
and sophistication. It also livens up and rejuvenates the human spirit. So,
after a hard day’s work, you can come home knowing that the theme you have in
your parlour can help ease some tension.
Some of the cheerful colours you may
want to consider using include; Light pink, lilac, and cream, off white, milk,
amongst others. Your painter can also come up with some shades of bright colours
by simply mixing paints together to arrive at some cheerful colours.

2. Use Matching

If you plan to have two themes in
your parlour, you may want to consider a mix of bright colours, instead of a
mix or bright and dull colours. One of the tricks about colours that you should
have in mind is that bright colours also give an illusion of space. It makes
the house spacious, even if in the real sense it isn’t.
If for instance you plan to use a white
colour of paint for the walls, you have a duty to use colours that match the
main white colour. Colours like cream, light pink, milk, should do the trick.
You should also consider balancing up
with images.You may consider accessorizing
framings and displaying family pictures, pictures of people, and heroes of the
past that you respect and admire

3. Use Ample
Ventilation And Light

Pictures taken in a poorly lit home
has a way affecting the general outcome of the picture. This is why you have
got to work at making sure that your room has enough light. There is nothing as
poor as having a very beautifully arranged and well-designed room in a not
stuffy space. It is for this reason that you
make sure

that the windows of your living room can be opened and that natural air can
come in and go out (cross ventilation).
 A badly-lit room may be a put off for
visitors, so, make sure that you let some natural light into the room as
frequent as possible, as this is one of the attributes of a stunning interior
décor. You can also in addition make use of bright bulbs.

4. Experiment With
Wall Papers

Recently, there is a wall paper craze.
In fact, before
now, wall papers were adjudged childish, and were only used in children’s rooms.  Today, however, you would find that wall
papers are being used innovatively to add magnificence to a room.
There are various designs that you
may consider choosing from that can help you interpret the idea of how you want
your home to look like.
Designs like brick designs, floral designs,
amongst others
can be gotten at the popular Tejuosho market in Lagos
and the Idumota Market on the Lagos Island

5. Work With
Interior Decorators

It is vital that you know that you don’t
need to have millions on your account, or be a well-known personality or
celebrity to engage the services of designers or interior decorators. If you
look around your sphere of friends, you may find someone who is or may know an
upcoming expert who knows her onions.  As
a matter of truth, no matter your level, you can engage them and find one whose
fees can sync with your budget.
One of the places where such people
are found is in the markets where wallpapers and home accessories are sold.
Their skill can assist in decoding your ideas and turning them into reality
giving your
living room a new look and ambience.

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