Ibadan has
evolved drastically economic wise yet underdeveloped. ‘Ibadan has not really
developed economically and physically, but it has not decayed.’ (Tomori
A:1995). He went further to say that the character of a city
s economic activity determines the nature of its domination.
in Ibadan comfortably is highly dependent on how much you can manage your
finances and draw your budget within your means. There are residential areas
where the true nature of your pocket size can be well managed.
places are commonly occupied by average classes of people who go about their
daily businesses with contentment. The city of Ibadan is generally cheap to
reside in because of its simple system of affairs and low budget allocation
from the Federal government.
low-budget residential area can be defined by its geographical location,
commercial development, urbanization, proximity to highbrow locations and
sites, the presence of popular brands and the cost of living.
areas are more all-encompassing because of the immense development in terms of
and closeness to the city’s best infrastructural amenities in the aspects of
accommodation, social events, effective transportation system, good roads,
economic stability, security and other benefits.
the other hand, other areas lack these facilities. We should also take note
that these areas are not filled with only poor people. On the contrary, wealthy
people also find haven in such areas for the sake of having hassle-free lives.
Here are 5 examples of the cheapest places to live in Ibadan without having to
empty your bank account.

AKOBO-OJURIN (Lagelu/Akinyele Local government Areas)

is a very quiet and serene area where cost of living is affordable. Here lives
a peace loving people who only mind their businesses. It is surrounded by many
small and large communities such as Olounda-Abba, Aba-Afa, General gas, Alafia
estate, Adeyipo village, Kolapo Ishola Estate and so on.
keeps growing in population everyday because of its expansion of access roads
by the Oyo State government and its commercial potentials. In terms of
electricity supply, the Power Holding Company is fair to them because there is
on the average, about 10 to 15 hours constant power supply daily, sometimes 24
hours.  However, there are limited
evidence of development compared to highbrow areas.
is a general market called Ojurin market where all residents go to for
shopping. We also have Odoogbo army barracks, police station, several churches
from different denominations, mosques, small cyber cafes outfits,a radio
station called Impact Business Radio(IBR FM 92.5) at Kolapo Ishola Estate,
pharmacy shops, filling stations, small factories, gas station, few health
centres and canteens.
are no club houses, recreational centres or banks. Houses and lands are very
cheap. One can purchase half a plot of land for as low as N100,000.
Establishing small scale business here is quite pocket friendly as well.

2. BASHORUN (Ibadan Northeast)

Bashorun is developed to a large extent and
sophistication can be found there. It is an interesting area that has the only
state owned television, Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo State(BCOS) and its
radio section, Radio Oyo, the famous Maria Hospital and few other clinics, a
general market, few hotels, police station at Oluwo-nla and clubs.
Inspite of these notable facilities, Bashorun is
still very cheap to reside. You can get essential commodities at affordable
prices unlike industrialized areas. People here adopt simple lifestyle, going
about their daily lives without breaking the civil law.
There is absence of commercial banks in Bashorun,
only cooperative societies. There are very few industrial sites here, except
small scale businesses. Many other factors contribute to the affordability in
Bashorun and newcomers will find it easy to cope with.

3. OLUYORO OKE-OFA (Ibadan North-east local

Looking for a place to move into with a low monthly
earning in Ibadan? Then think Oluyoro Oke-ofa. This is a place with minor
commercial presence. Many residents eke out living from petty trade, farming,
teaching, motorcycle business, and artisanship. But the good news is that you
can get all that you need at cheaper rate.
Most landed properties that are sold here are virgin
lands, meaning that the lands have not been used before by anyone or activities
and they are sold directly by the original owners. As a result, they can be
obtained for as low as N100,000 per plot. Many agents can easily find one-room
apartment and affordable self-contained for interested clients.
Essential commodities from all categories are not
difficult to find since there are many small shops scattered around the area.

4. LOYOLA AREA (Ibadan North-east local

Loyola area is recommended for low income earners.
The residents are mainly traders, public servants and farmers. They are
peaceful and accommodating. There is Loyola College for secondary school
students  alongside other schools, from
creche to high school.
Food vendors abound here, filling stations, low-cost
houses and shops, worship centres, cyber cafes and small scale industries.
Loyola falls within the less city areas of Ibadan.

5. ASHI-BODIJA (Ibadan-north local government)

Ashi-Bodija is a low-budget area in the ever busy,
ever bustling Bodija where all classes of people live. Ashi-bodija has basic
amenities such as schools, all church denominations such as Catholics,
Anglican, Redeemed Christian church of God and Muslim worship mosques.
has a police station at Ashi road (Iyana Olopa), hotels, access roads and
filling stations. The inhabitants are mainly civil and public servants,
teachers, traders, bankers and many more.
are similarities in these 5 residential areas such as hotels, police stations,
filling stations, access roads and restaurants. These important basic amenities
are there to make life easy for the inhabitants. Some commodities may cost less
in the markets owned by the residents because there is no steep competition
from already established business ventures.
commodities are cheaper in these areas and the sellers make substantial
profits. They have good relationship with their customers.
interested non-Ibadan residents can relocate to any of these places in order
to safe cost. But remember, ‘cut your coat according to your size’ should be
your watchword.

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