is believed that parents have the responsibility to raise their children. But
since the inception of western education, the school have shared this
responsibility with parents. As a haven of training, the school gives children
the inertial to live and thrive in an ever-developing world.
The modernise system of living entrusted the schools
with a sensitive task of raising the younger generation, a number of
institutions have risen to take up the challenge. Amidst this great number,
there are few who distinguished themselves in the process of carrying out the
As parents, one of our topmost duties is to make the
choice of a good school for our children and wards. Better still, every parent
needs to look closely into the activities of any educational institution they
prefer for their children. Some of the things to consider before making a
choice are, location, conducive environment, learning facilities, recreational
facilities, and cost.
In Kogi state, a number of schools have taken the
giant stride to make learning fun for their students. The list below gives a
brief breakdown of five selected institutions that have proven ready enough for
the big task.

international college Lokoja

Al-Ahzar international college is located in Zango
Daji a serene environment which provides the required space an institution of
this calibre will require executing her mandate. It was established in
September 2010, a school for boy and girls; with boarding and day facilities. The
vision of the school is to become a world-renowned institution devoted to
grooming disciplined leaders who will champion a new world of development.
To achieve this Goal, the school is run by a board
of governors who formulates policies to be executed by an administrator and a
principal both appointed by the Board. At AIC, education is aligned with ICT.
The school curriculum is designed to prepare the
student for national and international examinations. Some of the facilities
that put AIC on the edge are standard classroom blocks, audio-visual teaching
aid, sport and recreation facilities, sickbay, 200 capacity ICT laboratory,
science Laboratory, library with wide range of book collections, comfortable
hostels, and transportation for day students. The school also have a mini farm
that exposes the students to a first-hand learning experience in animal
The teaching and non-teaching staffs at the school
are committed to the success of the student and the security in AIC is guaranteed.
AIC has proven to be a haven of intellectual, moral, physical development and
academic excellence.

Navy Secondary School Okura

The Nigerian navy an arm of the Nigerian Armed
forces does not only protect the waterways or engage in military warfare. It is
also saddled with the responsibility of education her workforce through formal
education and special courses. To ensure this is done, the Nigerian Navy
Directorate of Education has several educational institutions across the nation
with aim of producing more effective military workforce.
One of such institutions is NNSS Okura. Although,
NNSS Okura like other Navy secondary schools serve as an institution of
learning for children/wards of serving and retired Navy personnel, other
services as well as civilians who prefer education in a military environment.
NNSS Okura was established in 2015 as the number
seventh Navy secondary school in the nation. Like other, it is aimed at
providing qualitative education to students at secondary level. Located in a
homely environment, NNSS is a full boarding school with both military and
civilian staff.
The school is equipped with modern learning
facilities, sports facilities, hostel accommodation, portable water and
constant electricity. In addition, security is provided by naval personnel and
civilians as well.
The students of NNSS are giving qualitative
education sandwich with military discipline.

comprehensive school Ajaokuta

Kingdom comprehensive school Ajaokuta is the
secondary arm of Our heritage group school. It is located in Kaduna estate
Ajaokuta. It was founded in 2013 by Heritage gospel Church Ajaokuta. The vision
of the elders and overseer of the church Pastor Joshua Abiona to improve the
educational system in the state gave birth to KCSA.
Some of the facilities in the school are; library,
science laboratory, dining hall and recreational facilities. KCSA has a set of
dedicated staff working to execute the vision of the founders.  
It is mandatory for students to wear school uniforms,
that why they are provided with brown trouser/skirt and white top for junior
secondary while the senior students wear dove-gray trouser/skirt and white top
with a grey jacket.

Secondary school

Harmony secondary school Lokoja is one of the oldest
privately owned secondary school in Lokoja. Established about three decades
ago, it has a long record of success in secondary education. HSS is located
opposite phase II Lokogoma Housing estate, Murtala Mohammed way Lokoja Kogi
state Nigeria.
Over the years, HSS has experienced vast
infrastructural development which gives her an edge over other schools in the
metropolis.  In addition, their longtime
experience has made it possible for the school to come up with other methods of
enhancing the education of young people through special programmes like JAMB
class, computer training, national and international external Exam preparatory
classes, Adult class etc; all designed to fit into normal school timing.
Students in HSS enjoy standard science laboratories,
library, modern teaching aid, ICT and sports facilities amongst other.

International School Lokoja

Julitola international school is another school in
Kogi state with success stories in educating teenagers. Located at no. 62 block
21 plot 1 crusher, along Okene road Lokoja.
The school was established to give education pack
with self-reliance training to young people so they can thrive with ease in our
changing world.
The school has its facility located at a good
neighbourhood with proper planned and constructed blocks of classrooms. Their
teachers are qualified and equipped with word class facilities.
Students of JISL have displayed exceptional quality
in several competitions within the state. They are also exposed to
extra-curricular activities to further enhance their learning.
All work without play they say makes Jack a dull
boy, therefore; recreation at JISL is very important as the children have
access to standard indoor and outdoor sports facilities and inter-house sports

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