secondary schools in
Kano state have over the years proved themselves capable of adequately preparing
young minds for the challenges of our modern society. These
schools not only boast of capable hands in
the very important job of teaching, they also have on ground the necessary
facilities that make teaching and learning smooth and worthwhile. Majority of
these institutions are in the private sector, so b
elow I introduce you to the 5 best private
secondary schools in Kano.

Crescent International School

Crescent international School (CIS) is a school in Kano that
is committed to producing students that can excel in their chosen discipline upon graduation.The school has a good
environment that makes the learning process of the students easy.
One thing that makes Crescent International school stand out is their qualified teaching staff and the
type of facilities that are found in the school. These facilities include a
science laboratory, a fine-art studio, computer rooms and a standard games
ground with a basketball court and a football pitch for sports. The school has
won many awards based on their excellent performance in different competition
across the country. They also have scholarship programs for their best

Queens Science Academy

Queens Science Academy is an all-girls boarding secondary
school. They have qualified teachers that teach the students the required
skills and knowledge that they need to face the challenges of the 21st century.
Science Academy
also aims to fight gender inequalities and mass
illiteracy among the northern female children.
The school started operation fully in September, 2006. It has modern facilities such
as a multipurpose hall, technology laboratories, sports field, computer suites,
dining hall and a dispensary.
Admission is open to all girls from the age of 10 who have successfully completed
their primary education and must have written the common entrance examination and passed.

Excel College

Excel College is a post primary school that uses a blend of modern and Islamic
curriculum to equip
their students with quality education that can help them excel in their chosen
fields. Apart from their normal
academic works, the school also engages their students in co-curricular
activities that are carefully designed to help the students when they graduate.
These activities include interaction with Nigerian Authors, excursions, charity
works, field trips, debates, quiz, weekend entertainment etc. They also have active clubs and
societies like the
French club, Press club, Tajweed club, Young Farmers club, JETS club,
Homemakers club etc.
also offers her
some special subjects. These special subjects include Islamic perspectives, World
History and Islamic Economic and Finance.

Intercontinental Schools

The Intercontinental group of schools is an academic
institution that was established in July 1997. The school started operation
fully by October when it was approved by the Kano state Ministry of Education. The
mission of the school is developing a world standard school by mobilizing the
best teachers that will be committed to training the students into making them
future leaders of the country.
They have well stoked library where students have unlimited
access to resources and materials that can help them academically. They also
have Home Economics/Food and Nutrition laboratory, Art studio, computer lab,
science lab, language room and mathematics Clinic lab.
Admission is open to all students from the age of 10 to 17
years.  Prospective students must have completed
their primary school and purchased the school’s admission form.

Lufaloy Schools

Lufaloy group of schools is a secondary school located in
the heart of Kano metropolis. The school is a day and boarding school with
modern boarding facilities for
both male and female students
, a multipurpose hall, a clinic and of
course a
dining hall
for the foodies
. They also have science and technology laboratories for
Lufaloy  school stands out because they have over the years produced
students that have excelled in both internal and external examinations.
school has clubs and societies such as parliamentary club and press club which
helps the students in developing themselves socially.
To get admission into the school, an applicant will need to
purchase the application form at a non-refundable fee of ₦5,000, and then sit for and pass the entrance examination organized by the

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