education plays a fundamental but complex role in preparing young people for
the labour market, especially for people who leave secondary education for a
job. Secondary Education is important because
it provides a broad education to everyone. We already live in a world which
evolution, global warming, and basic statistics are doubted and people’s lack
of knowledge about other cultures and our own government are used to manipulate
them. Therefore it is necessary that your child or ward gets the best secondary
education they deserve.
If you want to give your children the best secondary
education in Imo State, here are 5 secondary schools you should consider.

Madonna Model Secondary School

Model Secondary School is a co-educational school situated at Works Layout,
an Ikoku College land area within Owerri. It was
founded on 8th September 1998 by Rev. Mother Mary Joseph Ann Anochie
and her council, and managed by the congregation of the sisters of the
immaculate heart of Mary, mother of Christ. The School is modeled to impact
into students’ excellent academic and moral values which seems to be lacking in
our society today. There is no discrimination in the services she renders to
the society. Within her fifteen years of (age) existence, Madonna Model
Secondary School has produced graduates and people who matter in the society.  The school inculcates and maintains high moral
standard through moral instruction classes conducted every Thursday of the week
by Rev. Fathers, Rev. Sisters, seminarians and lay faithful teachers. Students
are also instructed during the morning assembly. There is always the holy mass
celebrated to re-open the term/session and to close.
Madonna Model Secondary School Owerri prepares her students
for 1st Holy Communion, baptism and confirmation every session.

Ray Jacobs Pre-Primary (Montessori), Primary and Secondary School

Jacobs Pre-Primary (Montessori), Primary and Secondary School (Boarding) Mgbidi
is a day and boarding private school. It was established to give a solid
foundation, qualitative and functional education with inestimable passion for
excellence. First in line was the primary school. This was later upgraded to a
primary and secondary school in 2012. The pressure of the unimpressive level of
education in their community moved them to establish the model primary school
in the first instance. This reaction was informed by their knowledge that the
provision of care and qualitative education during the early years in life lays
the foundation for imbibing the right values, good character and social
behaviour as children attain adulthood. The founders never relented in
providing all the necessary facilities for boarding and comprehensive primary
school. As a co-educational institution, the school is equipped with adequate
human and material resources, with live-in teachers, matron and governesses. The
school bestrides education terrain and satisfies the yearnings and aspirations
of the young education seekers. It boasts of a conducive and stimulating
environment backed with corps of competent and dedicated staff.

St Paul’s International
Boy’s School

boys secondary school is operated by the Catholic Diocese of Owerri. It was
established in 1998 and the school offers quality education to its students
through the effective implementation of the National curriculum and
Catholic policy on education. It is located at No. 3 Nwachukwu Udoka Street,
off Chukwuma Nwoha Road, by MCC, Federal Housing Estate, Trans Egbu, Owerri,
Imo State.The school began originally as a nursery and primary school and by
1998, the school developed into secondary school through the great assistance
of the Sisters of Immaculate Heart of Mary Congregation. By the year 2009,
under the headship of the Very Rev. Fr.
Dr. Augustine Ihedinma, the school underwent a massive transformation
and regeneration. The introduction of the British system of education is a
distinctive feature of the school. In addition, the school’s commitment to
offering good quality education through effective implementation of the
National curriculum and Catholic Policy on education has made it a beacon
school in Imo State of Nigeria.

Pearlville School

School is a grade 7-12 (JSS1-SS3) co-educational all-boarding school with the
aim of developing learners, who through self-discovery, inquiry and
collaborative learning will develop visions for academic and social success.
With a highly qualified and supportive staff, students are guided towards
critical and collaborative learning. The structured, yet friendly environment
enables the nurturing of students’ character, while encouraging them
to develop understanding and respect for community values and cultures.
School embodies all the tenets of an international model school.  It
is situated at Pearlville Avenue, Avu- Owerri West L.G.A., Imo State, Nigeria,
in a very conducive environment for learning, free from all the bustle of a
city.  The school is open to indigenous and international students.
  Pearlville School was officially introduced to Imo State with a ground
breaking ceremony held on February 23rd, 2012. Since then a lot of human and
physical resources have gone into making its Grand Opening for September 2014,
a reality. 

School of Education
Demonstration secondary school

Popularly known as Alvana Model
Secondary School is located at Km 1, Owerri-Oni
Road, near Arugo park, Owerri. It is a School which combines the tenets of
formal education with those of vocational purposes enabling its students to be
versatile in life by making it possible that each student should at least learn
a skill for example: paint manufacturing, leather works, poultry and arable
crop farming, bead making, textiles, etc. through our play-simulation and
teaching with analogy strategy. The school has become notable because of its
impressive catalogues of excellence in national and examinations.

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