Time was when the available
was the preferable. By and large the years passed by and some of the things
available before have becomes detestable due to inability to build on the
existing quality and standard laboured for by our fathers. Though, few were
able to set the ball rolling while some took a downward trend.
Nobody has successfully
outgrown, or developed more than the available information around them, thus
the slogan; Education is Power!  Parent’s
especially the learned ones are incurably in search for schools who have
displayed themselves skilful, dutiful, up-to-date and consistent in their
pursuit of moral implantation and academic excellent. The aforementioned
requirements are though only attainable with various facilities availability,
such as; well equipped library, Advanced practical laboratories, qualify
teachers, conducive environment for learning, functional Information Computer
Technology (ICT) etc. Just to mention the most integral part.
With the above expectation
in mind, the followings are secondary school in Ekiti state thatare up to the
task, ready to offers their best to the human capital development for a
brighter future of our state, country and the world at large.


Shepherd International College is a day and boarding
school located at Shepherd Road, Sije Omisanjana, Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State,
Nigeria. The facility provides for boys and girls.
The school was established on 19th September, 2005 by
Pst. Mr&Mrs.Agboade. It was established
with the aims and objectives of providing students with solid foundation
for a successful future, academic excellence and to impart moral principles and
discipline that can help them to stand firm in the world full of corruption and
to make the world around them better than they found it. Without agitation, it
is a school where the best can be achieved morally, academically and
spiritually. With the motto: “fountain of knowledge”, sincerely that is what it is, as they bagged; Overall best Young
Scientist Presidential Award in 2017.
There are lots of facilities that
anyone can imagine, such as;
well-stocked library, well equipped laboratories, access to modern
communication technologies and information computer technology(ICT),accessibility
to road network, water network, standard hostel accommodation, medical
facilities, regular power supply, transport facilities, extensive playground
and sport facilities.
Serene Environment, moral and
clinical counselling,
seasoned and tested education professionals, character training are other privileges available in Shepherd
International School. Alongside all these are skills acquisition and
extra-curricular classes.


Petoa City
College is a day and boarding school located at Awodele, Off Iyin Road, Basiri,
Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria. It is a co-educational school.
 The school was established in 2005 by Peter
Olujide Ajayi. It was established basically to breed new sets of students that
are capable to stand the test of time, compete favourably with their counterpart
anywhere and anytime. Their motto; “IN GOD WE TRUST” show-case there degree of
moral discipline and spiritual alignment. 
The behavioural discipline recorded by the students has remained
unmatched and unequalled.
It is a
government approved school far back as 2005. They are also blessed with well
equipped laboratories (electrified), spacious playground, water network,
accessibility, male and female hostels with separate buildings, clinic centre,
colourful environment and qualified teachers. They also have several other
skills and extra-curricular activities by which students are enrol to aside the
normal academic work.


School, Ado Ekiti is a day and boarding, public secondary school located in Ado
Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria, few metres away from Fajuyi Amusement Park. There
school uniform is White and Navy Blue. The school accommodates both boys and
girls. The girls’ section is located down the hill, which is directly opposite
the boys’ section.
It was
founded on 30th June 1933 by the British missionary, Archdeacon Henry
Dallimore. It was formally called Ekiti Central School,’ a co-educational
secondary school. It was renamed ‘Christ’s School, Ado Ekiti’ by Sir Bernard
Henry Bourdillon, the then governor of Northern and Southern Protectorates of
Nigeria. In 1936, it moved to its permanent and current site, the Agidimo
Hills. It was conceived as an attempt to advance secondary school education in
Ekiti land and Western Nigeria in an atmosphere where discipline, diligence and
academic excellence would be nurtured and guaranteed. The major aim of the
school was to make the individual a useful person to himself and his community.
Outside the normal academic subjects, the following skills are bonuses to the
students; Tailoring, Brick-making, Plastering, Building, Carpentry for boys and
Weaving and Knitting for girls. Agriculture and Cattle keeping are also
The school
had produced nothing less than 10% of the academic professors in Nigeria. The
school is also characterised with very spacious environment, well equipped
laboratories, standard football pitch (including other recreational games),
functional ICT centre, 4000 capacity library etc. There alumni strength is
second to none in Nigeria. To crown it all; their Teachers are up to the task.


TIC is a day
school located at the Ekiti State Housing Estate, Opposite Federal Housing,
Afao Road, Ado-Ekiti. It is a PRIVATE co-educational school.
It was established in September, 2007 by Dr (Mrs).
Remi Famiwole, an educationist with Grade II Teacher Certificate in Education
(N.C.E), Masters in Agriculture Education and Mechanisation and PhD in
Vocational Agriculture Education. The school was established with the vision to
give sound, moral, intellectual, physical and social training to children.
Therefore enhancing them to be able to compete favourably with their
counterparts in other schools, States and Nations of the earth. With the Motto:
Education is Life.
The school is blessed with several unbeatable
facilities such as; accessibility by road, wonderful topography, quiet and
homely environment, modern and audio-visual instructional materials room,
qualified teaching, non-teaching and health care staffs, well stocked library,
modern age classroom, well equipped laboratories ,internet facility, skills
acquisition and extra-curricular activities and lot more. Just being a student
in this school is a qualification to enjoy all the above mentioned benefits and
lot more. Their school fee is quite affordable.


model school, Omuo-Ekiti is a day and boarding, private-owned Secondary school
located in Kota OmuoEkiti, along Ikare road and some kilometres away from the
Ekiti East local government. It is a co-educational school.
It was
founded in September 16, 1990 by Pastor Mr&Mrs. SBK. Fadumiye, with the
mission to bring up God fearing children, and leaders of tomorrow. There
environment is very quiet and large therefore making the place conducive for
learning. They are also blessed with large play ground, functioning
laboratories (electrified), up to task teachers and many more facilities that
simplify learning. This unflinching persuasive attitude of the School brought
them to major breakthrough as the best school with outstanding performance in
the 2016/2017 WAEC and NECO result in the whole Ekiti-East, what amazing school
to be.

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