There are many good secondary schools in Akure which
have over the years proven to be the best in terms of teaching and exposing
students to the realities of life and how they can be better citizens of the
country. Among these numerous good schools, we have decided to list the best 5 private secondary schools
in Akure. The criteria of this list include the number of facilities found in
the school coupled with the amount of exposure the students get from the
schools. Also among the criteria of listing these schools as the best private secondary
schools in Akure is the
schools’ success
rate in
past external exams such as WAEC, NECO, NAPTEB, etc. Each school on this list has been able to record at least 65 percent success in WAEC and
NECO each year.
If you want to transfer you child or children to a private
school in Akure, below are list of private schools that can assure you to get
the full value of your money as they are all determined to bring the best in
their students by ensuring that they are well trained to become good ambassadors
of their schools by contributing meaningfully to the society.


When it comes to secondary education in
Ondo state, then Preston International School is second to none. Preston
International School is a mixed school of boys and girls who wish to be either
day students or borders. The school started operation from the 16th
of September, 2006 with 75 students and ever since they have continued to grow. The vision of the
school is to provide a world class education center that will groom students
that are well mannered, respectable, God-fearing, and diligent and cultured
that can contribute meaningfully to the general development of the society. Preston
International School tops our chart for the best private schools in Akure because they always organize
series of events that keep the students busy throughout the session. The
citadel of learning host the Nigeria spelling bee on 14th of
October, 2017, the health department of the college held a health talk for the
students. They also held other events that helped in making the students better
citizens of the country. They also take their students on excursion to improve
their exposure. Facilities in the school that can aid students learning in the
school include standard whiteboards, Library, ICT center, Sport ground,
Laboratories, Health center, swimming pool and first class boarding facilities.
If you wish to send your child to Preston
International School, there admission process is easy as you can write their
entrance exams in any of these cities: Port Harcourt, Lagos, Warri, Akure and
Abuja. But supplementary exams are held only in the school ground in Akure.


Hallmark Secondary School is located at Italurowo Ondo/Akure Road, Ile-Oluji Junction,
Akure Ondo state. This prestigious
college was founded in the year 1995 with the vision of providing a school
aimed at producing students with academic excellence and that can fit to any
situation and condition in life. Hallmark Secondary Schoolhas the goal of
making a child academically sound, spiritually matured and mentally sound.  The school is no doubt one of the best in
Akure because as a boarding
school, it has all the facilities and equipment that makes the environment
conducive for learning. Prospective students seeking for admission in the
school can do so easily by going through the admission process on the school
official website on http://www.hallmarksecondaryschool.com
with an application fee of just 5000 naira only.
It is among the best schools because it has
produced students that have excelled academically. The schools has many awards
to its credit which includes the 1st position National Mathematics
Queen, Pan-African Olympiad (Abuja) in 2010 and 1st position in the
Junior Engineers, Technicians & Scientists Competition (JETS, Nationwide)
in the year 2013. They also have a very good WAEC and NECO exam records.


Pacific Academy Akure was established in
September 2012 as an academy saddled with the responsibility of creating and
producing students that are intellectual and sound academically by impacting
them with knowledge and skills capable of making them stand out among their
peers. Though Pacific Academy officially started as Pacific Comprehensive
College in October 1994 in lagos state before it opened its second branch in
Akure in 2012. With the experiences gained by the management of the Academy in
Lagos, they were able to make the one in Akure a top notch college. The school
is located at Gbeleaje Street, Off Irese/Radio Road, Opposite Oyarugbulem,
Akure.  It is among the best private
schools in Akure because they have modern Educational facilities that aids in
the teaching and learning process of the school. Aside from their normal school
activities, they also engage in extra curriculum activities which help to shape
their students into being responsible and capable future leaders of the
country. These activities include leadership training program aimed at building
leaders of tomorrow, students’ publications, music and creative arts
exhibitions, study skills course and excursion.
The criteria for admission into Pacific
Academy includes 2 passport photographs, photocopy of birth certificate, last
academic report, character testimonial from the previous school. With these,
the student can sit for their entrance exams.


Palmrock International School was founded
in the year 2013 with the aim of building a world class institution. Though the
school is still young but it has been able to carve a space for herself in
Akure because of their flexible teaching style. At Palmrock, they combine both
the British and Nigerian curriculum to impact the best on their students, their
facilities are up-to-date and they have the best set of teachers who always
ensure that the best is reserved for the students. The school is located in No
1 Palmrock Street, Oda Road, Akure, Ondo State. You can get more information on
their school website on


With over 10 years of training and branding
students into better citizens and future leaders of the country. Lydia Memorial
School was established in 2005 with the main objective of creating an
institution with standard equipment where students can be trained to blaze-through
the challenges of the high technologies of the 21st Century. They
school is equipped with a standard ICT center that students use for research
works and also to make the students familiar with the latest trends globally.
Other facilities that the school has include a Library, Laboratory, reading
center, etc. Admission process into the school is easy
because you can always go to the school to purchase the application form for a
token of 5000 Naira only. The school is located at Agbamiloja Layout, Ijoka
Road, Akure.

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