desire of every parent is to give their children a first-class education.
Considering the fact that good education is the bedrock to a successful life, a
school with adequate equipment and manpower to facilitate learning will be the
best choice. A suitable school that will accomplish the training a child
requires cannot be recognized by mere appellation.
are few features that will distinguish school from schools. Every child needs a
good environment for growth. It is a fact that children spend most of their
time in the school. The school serves as the central point of their growth
apart from the home. The school environment is very important in the child’s
development. Things to check are the classrooms, learning aids, science
laboratory, sport facilities, and sanitary facilities. Others are the quality
of teachers, parent staff relationship, distance from home or office and most
importantly the cost.
the above characteristics in mind, below is the review of private secondary
schools that will give your child the wholesome tutoring for a bright future.

1. Dority International Secondary School Aba

international secondary school is located at 19-21 Umuodu Avenue Abayi Aba. The
school was established by an American woman married to a Nigerian Mrs. Zovannah
Onumah and named after her mother. In order to bridge the gap in the
educational system of Aba, she decided to establish an institution that will
give student adequate training for life.
school motto is derived from Latin phrase Sursum ad Summum which is translated
“Rise to the Highest”.
select only the diligent and dedicated student by carrying out series of
entrance examination.
school is furnished with modern learning equipment in the like of interactive
whiteboard, computer laboratory, science laboratories and well-trained
school library is fully packed with local and foreign books, giving the
students wide range of study advantage. 
say but a few, the quality of student that emanates from this institution and
the records of achievement will speak better. Students from Dority
International Secondary School have won the cowbell mathematics competition in
the state for a couple of years in a roll. Also, they have good records of West
African senior school certificate Examination (WASSCE) and other external
examinations. One of the secrets of their successes in these examinations is
the series of mock test the student are exposed before the main exam.
 Over the years, DISS has proved to be a
dedicated educational institution and the vanguard of quality education in Aba.

2. Living Word Academy Secondary School Aba

word Academy Aba is the educational arm of Living word ministries incorporate.
The school was founded in 1995 by Bro Emma Okorie and his wife. L.W.A.S has two
campuses in Aba. The first is at Abayi Ugwuala which is also the genesis of the
school and the other one is at Oghor-Hill Aba.
made it into the list of best private secondary schools with lots of credits.
The institution has a goal of training children in the head and in the heart. A
training that is not focused on knowledge alone, but the holistic development
of a child. Living academy has a good stand against examination malpractice and
other social vices mitigating the proper development of adolescents.
students have distinguished themselves in many competitions, both national and
school has the following facilities; standard classrooms, laboratory,
playground, multipurpose hall, swimming pool, ICT laboratory and sick bay. They
also have hostel facilities for boarders and bus service.
of living word academy enjoy regular inter-house sports competition, quiz,
debate, spelling bee, and special music class. It is a whole world of learning.

 3. Christ the King Cathedral Secondary School Aba

the King cathedral secondary school is owned by the Catholic church Aba
dioceses. C.K.C was established in 2002. Since then it has grown to be a
springboard for innovative young minds aspiring for greatness. Reverend father
Walter Obinna is the current principal of the school. The school is located on
the premises of Christ the King Cathedral Asa road Aba.
C.K.C secondary school, it is believed that what the students become in life is
formed from their early exposure. The school motto is moral and academic
of C.K.C are giving the opportunity to discover and develop themselves with the
aid of the following facilities; physics laboratory, chemistry laboratory,
biology laboratory, home economics laboratory, fine art studio and music
events that give the student the necessary exposure are; cultural day,
excursion, quiz competition in various subjects, inter-house sport and
extracurricular clubs.

4. Intellectual Giants Christian Academy Aba

Giants Christian academy Aba was founded 1997 by Revered Dr. Mrs. M. E Ngwu
(JP) who is also the president of gracious riches in Christ ministry
international. Aba play host to three of her five campuses these are 40-50
Esiaba street Umungasi, 85 Etche Road by Asa Road, and 207- 210 Uratta road
motto of the school is “study to show thyself approved”.
classrooms are spacious and well furnished. Science laboratories are equipped
to give the students a quality taste of science education. Other facilities
are; library, computer laboratory and school buses. There is accommodation for
boarding students with constant power supply.
in IGCA are seen as individuals and are accorded with the opportunity to
discover who they are. The school has raised many teenagers who have proved to
be giants in their respective fields. This school has long success record in
state, national and international examinations.

5. God’s Own Academy

own academy was established in 1996 under the leadership of Mrs Kate Uwakwe who
is also the principal of the school. The school according to her was a vision
giving to her to rebuild the broken walls of children’s education. 
main campus is located at Km 58 Port-Harcourt express Aba and another campus at
youth Avenue Umuojima. 
school focuses on developing good moral, spiritual stamina and academic
has facilities for boarding and day students, spacious playground, science
laboratories and qualified teacher.
part of the learning process, the students can join different clubs in the
school including JETs club, mathematics club, drama club and the coral wing.
Each of these clubs is given time to showcase their skill once every week.
school has a well equipped computer-based training centre for students who will
like to learn additional skills in ICT.

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