Primary education is the basic and foremost right of every
child. Its availability and provision is not only the responsibility of state
but parents and households. Primary education brings awareness among the masses,
opens avenues for opportunities as well self-advancement and improvement and
reduces chronic and inter-generational poverty. As a first step in the creation
of welfare and just society, universal primary education is an absolute
pre-requisite for sustainable development. Every single child that means girls
as well as boys should be able to complete full course of primary education.
This is the sole reason why we have put together a list of the best primary schools
in Owerri
to enable new and old residents of Owerri make the best choice of where to look
their child
ren’s educational excellence.

The Broad Oak Schools ( Creche, Nursery And Primary) Owerri

Broad Oak Schools is a brand new private school, located at 117b Wetheral road,
Owerri. They offer a combination of British and Nigerian curriculum. This
school was opened in 2009 with a population of 53 children and presently the
school has 230 admitted pupils and 19 certified teachers. They offer complete
education for life by helping our pupils realize their full potentials t. through
a secure setting, individual attention and a mixture of traditional and modern
teaching methods; thus the imagination can be kindled and academic potentials
fulfilled. This realization informs the limiting of our class size to a maximum
of 20 and 25 for Nursery and Primary respectively. This school is made
affordable to both average and low income earners.

The Blueskies School

Blueskies School is also another unique and beautiful school. It was founded in
October 8, 2012 and barely a year into its existence, it received an award for
in Qualitative Education Management from institute of Industrialist and
Corporate Administrators with headquarters, in Abuja. The school is located at plot
r9 federal secretariat layout, SUBEB road, Owerri. The School offers conducive
classrooms for learning, healthy restrooms, modern ICT Laboratory, stress free
transport service, lunch, guaranteed safety and security, and most importantly
qualified and experienced teachers. These are set in a spacious serene
environment with a playground for children. With the aid of audio-visual
learning, they have put material and facilities in place to help our pupils
learn faster because modern education stresses the importance of sustained
interest as one of the factors prominent in successful learning.

Brainfield School

School is located in New Owerri, Imo State. The school is situated in a serene
part of the town at Plot 121 Ndubuisi Kanu Avenue, Behind Concorde Hotel. The
school is a walking distance from well-known structures such as the Heroes’
park, etc.  The School is a subsidiary of
Brainfield group of schools with one of its other branch in Rivers state. It
offers the  the best mix of education –
ranging from conventional academics to cultural values, producing beautifully
trained, disciplined and confident children- making it easy for them to adapt
to challenges even at the highest levels of the society. Brainfield Schools is
one of the leading private schools in Nigeria. It was founded in 1996 by a
renowned educationist, Prof. Mrs. F.N. Obasi.

Living world Nursery and Primary School

school Living Word Academy is the brain child of the President of Living Word
Ministries International. It started in 1988 at the sitting room of the
President at Nwagiri Street Aba. The school which started with a handful of
pupils and staff has now metamorphosed into a Giant Oak with twenty (20)
schools within and outside Nigeria. In Imo state, it is located at three
different areas of which the owerri address is  20 Louis Mbanefo, Owerri.. Living Word Academy
uses the “head-and-heart” connection formula to ensure that pupils and students
are totally and holistically educated. Living Word Academy, which started with
Nursery, Primary and Secondary schools, with branches all over Nigeria and Togo
(Lome), has extended this vision of academic excellence and character-molding
to the next level by introducing a world-class university known as Rhema University
in the South-East zone of Nigeria, precisely in Aba, Abia State.

Ray Jacobs
Pre-Primary (Montessori), Primary and Secondary School

Ray Jacobs Pre-Primary (Montessori),
Primary and Secondary School (Boarding) Mgbidi is a day and boarding private
school. It was established to give a solid foundation, qualitative and
functional education with inestimable passion for excellence. The primary
school was established by its proprietors in 1995 and expanded to include the
Secondary arm in 2012. The pressure of the mediocre level of education in their
community moved them to establish the model primary school in the first
instance. This reaction was informed by their knowledge that the provision of
care and qualitative education during the early years in life lays the
foundation for imbibing the right values, good character and social behaviour
as children attain adulthood. As a co-educational institution, the school is equipped
with adequate human and material resources, with live-in teachers, matron and

The school situates far from the maddening crowd with its associated noise at
the centre of Mgbidi Township. It is in an area devoid of distractions along
College Road on the West side of Mgbidi town. It stands on a higher plain that
overlooks Obana River and shares common boundary with Mgbidi Boy’s Secondary

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