Basic education is very important in any locale, and it is
no different in Lekki side of Lagos. That is why parents take very great care
to make sure that their ward gets the best when it comes to primary education,
this is because it is the building blocks that will go a long way to determine
how secured your child’s future will be.
Lekki in Lagos state is one of the places where you can be
sure you will find great schools that provide quality education for your
children. This awesome locale has a very conducive environment and not only
that, but it is also very secure. But out of good schools, there are always
some that will be ranked among the best. That is why we have compiled five of
the schools in Lekki that will satisfy your children educational needs and also
make sure that they are quite prepared for anything that they will face in life
after primary school.
1.       Corona schools

One of the best primary school in Lekki is corona schools.
They have facilities that would set your child on the right path for a brighter
future. Since when the school was founded in 2009, the goal has been to create
a caring, friendly and supportive environment for your child or ward to not
only learn but also develop in all aspect.
Also, the curriculum of corona school has been tailored to
meet the standard used globally. And even to ensure that your child or ward can
compete with any other school on a global scale, they had a pilot run of the
international school curriculum in all their primary schools in 2012.
One of the highlights of the school is that over the years,
they have maintained a culture of making sure that the students get the best
out of quality education both in and outside the classroom. If you want a
school that meets both local and international standard, then corona schools is
just the perfect fit for you. They have various activities that not only keep
the mind of your child sharp but also make sure that they are physically
Furthermore, corona schools have dedicated about 5% of pupil’s
tuition for making sure that teachers are well trained and continue to follow
recent education trend, globally.
So if you want qualitative education for your children don’t
hesitate to take them to 35, abijo G.R.A phase 2, Lekki-Epe Expressway, Lagos,
which is where corona school is located.
2.       Grange primary school

Another of the primary school that is located in Lekki and
meets all the needs of its pupil for both curricular and extracurricular
activities is Grange schools. The schools provide a learning environment that
is best suited for learning. They also make sure that their pupils have access
to good teachers, great sporting facilities and mentally stimulating
The inception of Grange schools was because the British
expatriates who lived in Nigeria before independence had no British schools to
enrol their child in. This left them with no other choice that to develop a school
that could cater for their children needs in Nigeria. The school was
established in 1958 and is the oldest British-based school in Nigeria. If you
want your child to attend a school that they will providethem with the same
standard of education they will get if they were in the United Kingdom, then
take them to Grange schools.
Your child will also have the opportunity to mix with kids
from other countries in the world. This will enable them to experience a
culturally mixed but comfortable environment. The teachers that caters for children
educational needs at Grange are top notch, and they are quite unrivalled in the
whole of Nigeria.
Grange’s curriculum is approved by UK’s independent
association of preparatory school and also one of the three schools accredited
by council of British international schools (COBIS) in West Africa
When you take your children to grange school, you can be
sure that they will learn everything they need to prepare them for life beyond
primary school. It is located at Harold shodipo crescent, GRA. 
Chrisland schools

Chrisland schools are a group of school that are spread
across the country. Many of them are in Lagos, and they all offer the best
education that any parent could hope their children will get. The one in Lekki
is located at OlubunmiOwa Street and is undoubtedly among the best primary
schools in Lekki. They are famous for being the leading brand of private
schools in Nigeria. They are committed to satisfying the ever-increasing demand
for education both in Nigeria and on a global level.
The school runs a curriculum that combines that of Nigerian
education system and British educational system. They are mainly about
nurturing children to everything they can be by providing them with all-round
quality education. Some of the facilities that Chrisland School offers in
addition to quality education are; large sports ground, an Olympic size
swimming pool, nicely furnished computer rooms, spacious classroom and library
and a laboratory that is adequately equipped to make sure that your child gets
the very best. They also have accreditation form council of British
international schools (COBIS), alliance franchise (AF) and national council for
private school accreditation (NCPSA)
The staffs of the school are well-trained and have undergone
a thorough screening process to make sure that they are efficient enough to
take care of your children needs. But your ward might need to take some I.Q
test before they can be offered admission into the school, this is to know how
best to train each and every child.
4.       Pinefield schools

As one of the oldest schools, you might think that they are
not current enough to take care of all the needs that your child will have
about education. But Pinefield is a school that has continued to stay ahead of
others in making sure that their pupils have nothing but the best academically.
They are also undoubtedly one of the best school in Nigeria and produces
students that can compete with their peers from anywhere in the world.
The school has a curriculum that is a mixture of Nigeria and
British system. Thereby making sure that the pupils develop strong literacy and
numeracy skills from the earliest years. Every child at Pinefield is treated
uniquely so that their needs can be met satisfactorily. There are also a lot of
other activities that they take your child through so that they can imbibe a
culture of learning that will stick with them throughout their lives.
Pinefield schools not only provide a conducive environment
for learning, but they also encourage your children to express themselves in a
confident and presentable manner.
The staffs in the school are properly trained, friendly and
are always available to tend to every of your child needs. If you visit the school
website, you will see various testimonies from parents who have witness
first-hand the prowess with which the school handles the learning process. They
are located at Christ Avenue, off Admiralty road, Lekki Phase 1, Victoria
Island Lagos.
5.       Meadowhall schools

This is another school in Lekki that will cater for all your
child education needs. Meadowhall school was established in July 2002 and has
since then been providing qualitative education in a very conducive
environment. They have facilities and staffs that are well trained to make sure
that your children have only the best.
For their curriculum, they combine both the British
curriculum and Nigerian curriculum so that your child can be competitive
globally. They also include the Nigeria culture in training your child. All
this is just to ensure that your kids are prepared for anything they might face
after primary school.
Staffs at Meadowhall schools have undergone rigorous
screening exercise to make them well tailored to meet all your children
educational demand. The school is mainly concerned about equipping your
children with skills they will need for future learning. There are also various
extra-curricular activities that are organized at regular interval. Another
important that might make you seriously consider enrolling your child at Meadowhall is the fact that they have a special education
needs (S.E.N.) department to take care of any additional support that your
child might need.
The school will build and nurture your child in every
possible area to make them have a good impact in Nigeria and the world at
large. It is located at Meadowhall way, Alma beach estate, Lekki-Epe
Expressway, Lekki, Lagos. 
In conclusion, there is no doubt that the importance of your
children basic education is critical, that is why you have to make sure that
they have nothing but the best. So if you are living in Lekki or its environs
or you want to relocate there, the list of schools in this article are well
equipped with adequate facilities and well-trained staff to meet the need of
your children in and out of the classroom.

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