The mind of the child is a
clean slate and whatever is written on it through the actions and
words of people around them forms the thought system,
ideas and behavioral pattern the child will later grow up to exhibit. Just like
a solid foundation is the basis for a good building, so is the primary
education phase a paramount foundation for the education strides of any
individual and only access to quality education at this level can guarantee
quality results and performance in other phases an individual will encounter
later in life.
Below are 5 primary schools in
Ilorin that can guarantee quality
primary education.

 1. Roemichs

Roemichs Group of school
established in 2006 by Mrs Jumoke Harb is one of the foremost primary schools
in Ilorin metropolis. Located along Offa garage road, Ilorin, the school has excelled at providing a safe
and secure learning environment while at the same time offering a wide array of
exciting and challenging academic programmes. This is in living up to her motto which is ” Excellence in all
Roemichs is committed to a vision
of quality education which guides and inspires. It is a vision which challenges
children to attain their highest potential, in whatever they do now and in the future.
The primary school prides itself as
one of the best primary schools in Nigeria and the presence of foreign
nationals as teachers is a pointer to this fact.

2. Molly’s
International School

Molly’s daycare and primary school
was established in 2016 and has since grown to become one of the best primary schools in Ilorin.
With state of the art facilities like music room, Use of white boards plus the
services of efficient teachers and staff, Molly’s prides itself as one of the
best primary school in Ilorin.
With a mission statement to build
thriving citizens of tomorrow by encouraging cognitive ways and empowering the
children with strong morals and academic excellence, Mollys International School surely knows its onions.
Located along Pipeline road, Tanke,
Ilorin, Molly’s appealing infrastructure and serene environment has contributed
to the respect and recognition it has gained so far.

3. Faith

Faith Academy, located along Sango – Kunlede road was established by the
Living Faith International Church. The primary school is well recognized for her efficient extracurricular
activities like her inter house sports competition which matches the high
academic standard that it has set for itself.
Located in a serene environment
with very adequate staff, Faith
Academy has produced
some of the best common entrance results of students in Kwara state.

 4. Flora

Flora Schools is a school owned by a specialist in the
field of education. The school
executes her works
through qualified and
well trained teachers, is particularly aware of and committed to focus on
children and youth development in accordance with international practice, meets
international standards and is government approved.
Situated in Tanke, Ilorin, Flora
Schools reputation is based on: its capability to teach, expose students to
useful, quality and uptodate information, its ability and experience to mobilize
and engage in any kind of project that can enhance the teaching and learning
activities in the school in a record time supported by the commitment and
strength of its personnel and its own large fleet of modern teaching equipment.
All these services and committed attention to the wards for a tuition fee of
less than 70 thousand naira per term.

5. St

Since its inception in 1969, St Joseph’s has been showered
with laurels within and outside Kwara State in sports, quiz competitions,
debates etc. The school has produced people with great minds who are making
waves in their various fields of endeavors.
The school premises located at
Ahmadu bello way boasts of a serene and conducive learning environment. At St.
Josephs, there is a
deep belief in dignity of labour:
that in working towards realization of set goals, individuals should be steadfast, and only then should there be a guarantee of success.
This is the reason for its
motto “Work and Steadfastness”.

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