school education is very important in shaping the future of a little child
because it helps in building a child’s confidence. However choosing a very good
school will save the parents from being totally responsible for teaching their
kids both moral value and how to be intellectually fit since there are teachers
that will help train the kid while in school.
For the
benefits of those looking for a good and nice Primary school to enroll their
kids in, we have compiled a list of 5 best primary schools in Benin City. There
are many good primary schools in Benin but the list is based on the number of
qualified teachers, their infrastructures, their facilities and most
importantly the way they handle the kids.


St. Mary
primary school is a school that is aimed at building the children’s experiences
by providing the best foundation for early learning. At St. Mary’s, they believe
in developing and cultivating the ability to learn from an early age and they
use their crèche and primary facilities to capture the magic. The school was
founded by Dr (Mrs) Mariam Egbe Asakome in the year 1996 with the vision to mould
her students into strong and formidable leaders of tomorrow. This vision was motivated
by her strong love for children. St. Mary primary school makes it to our list
of 5 best primary schools in Benin City because they have facilities such as a
good playground for kids and sport facilities which will ensure that the kids
keep fit physically and mentally during their stay in school. They have
teachers that have great passion for imparting knowledge and love for children.
If you wish to enroll you child to St. Mary Primary school, you can go to their
official website on www.stmarybis.com or
you can get the admission forms in the school premises which is Opposite Benin
Golf Course, Reservation Road, Benin City.


Model Education Centre makes it to our list of 5 best primary schools in Benin
City because it stands out uniquely from other schools when it comes to their
methods of imparting knowledge to their students. They are distinct with
glaring attributes of academic excellence with over 20 years experience in the
teaching profession. They remain committed in giving out qualitative education
at the grassroots level. The school is located in a serene environment that
makes it conducive for both teaching and learning. Discipline is of priority as
they aim at producing law abiding citizens that will help in the development of
their immediate society and the country at large. Their school facilities
include a coaster bus that is used to convey their students to their various
destinations, they also have playground where children exhibit their
psychomotor skills and they have well ventilated classroom for academic
purposes. For those that wish to send their kids to Nosakhare Model School, you
can do so by purchasing their application form at the rate of 3 thousand naira
at 148, Upper Mission Road, Opposite Payne Primary School, Benin City, Edo


primary Montessori school
is a privately owned establishment
which is located at 218/220 Murtala Muhammed Way P .O. Box 524, Benin City, Edo
State. They stand out as one of the best schools because of their highly
motivated and patient teachers who have strong academic qualifications.
Teachers in the school have been trained on how to fully develop the lives of
the kids by creating a mother and child kind of interaction. The kids are being
taught about fifteen different subjects with which include but not limited to
mathematics, writing, listening, reading, etc. The school has available
specialist rooms for art, music, library, and finally an audio visual room
which creates repeated sounds to improve the child’s memory. They also perform
practical with computers, enabling the students become confident users at early
stages of their lives.


known as WOFS, Word of Faith Schools is a citadel of Academic Excellence with
Godliness as their core purpose in developing the total child. As a Christian
school, they are committed to the development of their kids in all relevant
areas of life which include spiritual, mental, physical and social dimension. They
give awards for special efforts in sporting activities, class work, good
manners and behavior. This will encourage the students and motivate them to try
harder next time. They have modern facilities that aid learning and teaching
process, making it easy to for teachers to impart the desired knowledge to
their students. Other facilities in the school include a standard playing
ground for the students and a computer room where the students engage in
practical classes to help them become computer literates even at a tender age.


Group of Schools was founded by Rev.(Mrs) Roseline I. Okhakumen (JP) some years
ago. The school has a Nursery and Primary school with the vision of bringing up
their students to the fear of God. Their teachers are trained personnel that have
the quality and consciousness that always go with courses that build their
credibility and ability to impart quality knowledge to their students. They try
to bring out the best in their students by giving them tasks aimed at shaping
their intellectual skills. Winrose makes our list of 5 best primary schools in
Benin City because they use a unique method of teaching by using easy methods
that will enable the kids learn faster. The teachers are very patient with the
kids since they know they are still very young and will need extra care. Admission
process is simple and flexible making it easy as possible for students who
intend to join the school. You can get the application letter for a fee of 5
thousand naira from the school admin officer.

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