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Education is a powerful tool
which has the intrinsic capacity to turn the world around. Children are refers
to as “
early learner” because of the
perceived “emptiness” of their brain, thus the called “
tabula rasa”. With this understanding, the early childhood days of any child
who will be great must not be carelessly handled. The difficulties currently
experience or ever experienced in our nation and all the nations of the earth
are not far-fetched than the quality of Education that was handed down to them
by their fathers. Don’t leave the growth of your children to chance and
complain of poverty, empty your pocket today to train-up your children as such
children in-turn replenish the once emptied pocket. Information is power!
Therefore go for the best.
ready to heed the aforementioned suggestion, the following are the trusted
school in Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State Capital that have the morality, technicality,
proficiency and mental acumen to bring forth the best in your children as you
also co-operate with them.


Abuad International School
is one of the precursors of Afe Babalola University, located at Federal Poly
Road Ureje inside the main University campus, Ado-Ekiti, Ekitit State, Nigeria.
 It is a mixed school.
It was
founded in September, 2015 by Aare Afe Babalola. It was established to
the children self-awareness from tender age,
imbibe academic and moral excellence on the future leaders from infancy.  It is quite obvious that, mere hearing the
name alone should trigger that nothing less than first class quality is
expected to be seeing in the school and that is how it is.
They are equiped with all
the facilities than any parent can ever think of as far as Primary School Education
is concern. Some of them are; spacious playground, kids relaxation centre with
first class equipments, dinning centre, constant power supply,
accessible by road, well drained land, quiet study environment, homely
environment, Modern audio-visual instructional materials in each classes,
qualified class instructors, medical facilities, well stocked library, top class
facilities for indoor and outdoor games, modern age classroom, internet
facilities and lot more. What then do we have to say,  Abuad International is the perfect place you trust that your children and wards will
be giving the best start for life.


The Petoa Primary School is located at Awodele, Off
Iyin Road, Basiri, Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria. It is a mixed school.
It was established on 26th September, 1994 by Peter
Olujide Ajayi with the vision to raise exceptional brilliant minded children,
with the rightful tools in their hands to face the Secondary school demand
squarely without bending or yielding to stress, pressure and the popular saying;
“I cannot do it”. Their vision has birth forth unreserved approach to learning,
embarked on by the school. Their unbeatable and uncompromising efforts have
greatly increased the population of the school geometrically.  
The school has several facilities that aid learning
and moral discipline is well ensured.


Adonai International School is located at 88, Basiri
Road, Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria. It is a mixed school.
It was established in September 2000 by Deaconess
Olufunke Adakeja. The school came to be out of her unreservedly compassionate
love for children. Her mission is to produce men and women intrinsically built
with great measure of integrity, uprightness, honesty, tenacity, sound
mindedness, selfless service oriented, responsible citizen to say but a few.
With the motto: “Producing Excellence”.
There are several facilities within the school; school
bus service, air conditioned class room, projector in all classes, computer
network in all the classroom, well trained and highly motivated teachers and
non teaching staff, E-learning packed with audio-visual teaching that aid
learning and lot more. For a future loaded with hope, Adonai International
School will do just good.


Maximum International School is located at the Ekiti State Housing Estate,
Opposite Federal Housing, Afao Road, Ado-Ekiti.  
The school was
founded on 19th September 2001 by Dr. Remi Famiwole and Mrs. Lola Famiwole with
the vision to give sound moral, intellectual, physical and social training to
children. Therefore enabling them to succeed and break forth in all their life
They are blessed with very spacious and fenced
landmass, indoor and outdoor games, playing ground equipped with great number
of equipments, regular power supply, very quite environment, accessibility by
road, modern audio-visual instructional materials room, qualified teaching,
non-teaching staff, Health-Care facilities, up-to-date library and many more.
They also have club societies such as; Literary and Debating Society, Dramatic
and Cultural Society and the Choral Group. “Motto: Education is
TMIS is an institution prepared to give their pupil the best in life.


The school Covenant Academy is located along Afao
Road Opposite Federal Housing Estate Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State,
The school was established in 2005 by Mrs. Sola Omotosho. The school was born out
of God divine leading, as said by the founder with the vision to promote
functional education in the State and the country at large. Hence, their
motto:  “Promoting Functional Education”.
The school has adequate facilities that promote
learning. Such as; modern laboratory, water network, fair power supply,
good multipurpose hall, standard ICT centre, sport complex/play ground,
good and standard library, swimming pool, school bus service, medical
facilities amongst many others. Aside these are club societies available for
pupils, such as;
music and drama,
entrepreneur, debate/press, mathematics and foreign languages.
What else is needed to make the future of your wards great that is not on ground
at Covenant Academy, quite affordable and provides academic proficiency maximally.
The pupils at CA have so much ready to prepare them for a successful academic

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