The commercial city of Onitsha in Anambra state is
unarguable the busiest city in South Eastern part of Nigeria. The city is located
on the eastern bank of the River Niger, the second longest river in Africa and
is linked to Asaba Delta State by the famous Niger Bridge. Consequently it is
the gateway that connects the South East to the South West Nigeria. Onitsha is
the regional economic hub for commerce, industry, trade and logistics in the
South East and thus experience heavy commercial, industrial and human
activities on a daily basis. The metropolitan city also is home to very large
and small markets including the popular Onitsha Main Market, one of the largest
markets in West Africa. Of importance is that the large movement of heavy duty vehicles
for distribution of goods from Lagos and food like beans, rice, onion, tomatoes
etc from parts of Northern Nigeria to buyers from all over South East and
South-South Nigeria.
Consequently, living in Onitsha can be very dicey due to the
heavy congestion, noise and environmental pollution which can expose residents
to various life threatening conditions in short or long term. Many parts of Onitsha
were not properly planned thus homes are built in the same areas as industries
and commercial  areas resulting in severe
land and air pollution that have attracted WHO attention. While choosing a
place to live in Onitsha, it’s necessary to carefully consider places with good
access roads and drainages, clean environment, clean pipe borne water, good
power supply, quality housing, adequate security and  safe neighborhood, less congestion, not
overcrowded, less prone to flood etc. Having put the above into consideration, I
hereby present to you the 5
best places to live in Onitsha.

  1. GRA Phase 1 Onitsha

Government Reserved Area (GRA) phase 1 is one of the best
residential areas in the city of Onitsha. Simply known as GRA, the suburban is
as old as the coming of the white men. The exclusive beautiful residential
layout was first mapped out and developed during the era of the colonial masters
in Nigeria for their habitation. The famous American Quarters is also part of
GRA Phase 1. After independence and subsequent vacation of the homes by the
colonial masters, GRA Phase 1 was occupied by top government functionaries and
political elites. The area has been fully developed by the public and private
sector and is currently home to the high and middle class who could afford to
it. The green vegetation and the River Niger which lies west of it , gives GRA
the view of a complete natural habitat.
GRA Phase 1 is properly planned with good access roads and
drainages which are regularly maintained and unclogged. The streets are very
clean and extremely neat. Electricity supply is almost constant and there’s
adequate security for lives and properties. The houses are of high quality and modern
and the area is generally spacious and peaceful with no congestion. There are
almost no commercial activities in this place making it quiet and very
habitable. There are also no industries located in this area so air pollution
is at barest minimum.
In addition, there are good schools for children of all ages
in this area thus it is generally considered a great place to raise children. Shoprite
mall is also located in this area for great shopping experience. Onitsha
recreational club, prestigious eateries and other relaxation centres can also
be found here.
The only disadvantage of this place is that housing is not
affordable for the low income earners.

  1. GRA Phase 2 Akpaka     

GRA phase 2 is a highbrow developing residential area situated
in close proximity to GRA Phase 1. It was mapped as a Government Reserved Area
by the Anambra state government and is being developed by both the public and
the private sector in line with the urban development plan of the state. The area
is mainly accessed through the Onitsha-Otuocha road, and is surrounded by several
housing estates including Omagba Phase 2, American quarters and Federal housing
GRA Phase 2 stand out with its well-planned layout, exquisite homes, good
access road, good power supply, availability of clean water, adequate security,
neat environment, green vegetation and less densely populated living quarters. Sanitation
is great and air pollution is non existent.
This quiet and peaceful domain also has in proximity great
nursery, primary and secondary schools for children to attend. The
neighbourhood although very friendly is governed by estate rules which do not
allow unnecessary interference in the lives of residents. Young families will
have a great place to raise their children if they get an apartment or build a
house in GRA phase 2.

  1. Omagba Phase 1

Omagba Phase 1 is classy yet affordable residential area
with little commercial activities located at Onitsha South Local Government
Area of Anambra State. It lies close to the Onitsha Main Market, thus offering
decent accommodation to many workers and traders in the town.  The residential area is set apart with good
access roads, decent and modern apartments, adequate security, clean and serene
environment and is generally free from noise and social disturbances that may
plague other areas.
Omagba Phase 1 has in its vicinity many great nursery,
primary and secondary schools to choose from families who have children. Popular
Churches, Great Hotels, Commercial Banks, Events Centres  and good medical facilities are also situated
there and nearby. Night life is exciting as great bars, trendy eateries,
supermarkets and classy clubs are also in the vicinity.

  1. Omagba Phase 2

Omagba Phase 2 also located in Onitsha South Local
Government Area of Anambra State  with
land mass slightly larger than Phase I is also one of the finest residential area
in Onitsha. It’s near to both Onitsha Main Market and also New Spare Parts
Market. The residential area is remarkably with its good roads, affordable and
modern housing, well secured neigbourhood, well ordered streets and serene
environment. There are no industrial and little commercial activities there thus
it’s free from loud traffic noise  and the
nuisance of air pollution caused by industries.
It’s home to top schools like Learning Field International
School for nursery and Primary education and also some great secondary schools.
It also accommodates many Churches, Banks, Event centres, hotels, restaurants,
relaxation and entertainment centres.  Night
life in this area is also very lively.

  1. 3-3(Three-Three) Onitsha

3-3 is home to the middle class in Onitsha. It is a
residential area secluded from the busy life of the commercial centre.  It has basic amenities like good water, power
supply and good access roads. The streets are neat and the quality of housing
is very good. Housing is made up of duplex, flats and self contained apartments.
The area is generally free from pollution and loud traffic noise. Adequate Security
and safe neighbourhood is also a great attribute of 33. The environment is calm
and great for young families who may wish to raise their children or the aged
who seek to retire. There are numerous good schools within and around 33 for
parents to choose from. The estate is guided by rules and residents are
expected to abide by them.

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