is the next city when travelling to the south from the federal capital
territory. It is located just beside the great river Niger. Lokoja is bounded
by river Niger on one side, the other end is beautifully spotted by hills and
mountainous landscape. The monumental river Niger and river Benue meet in
Lokoja, forming a confluence. The city is a favourite stopover for numerous
travellers from the North to other parts of the country and vice-versa. The
travellers spend some time to rest or to buy fish from the fishermen along the
Niger River.
Lokoja served as the commercial route during the pre-colonial era and colonial
era. It also serves as the administrative centre for the British Government.
Presently, Lokoja might not have much influence on national politics, but it is
the seat of power of Kogi state.  Lokoja
like every state capital houses the paramount Government establishments.
a cosmopolitan city, several of the ethnic groups from different parts of the
country now see Lokoja as their home. Ethnic groups in Lokoja are the Igala’s,
the Igbira’s, the Nupe’s, the Oworo’s and the Hausa’s.
the temperate climate of Lokoja, there are some beautiful places where a home
can be located within the city.

G.R.A Lokoja

reserved area Lokoja is the home of most elites in the state. The government
house is located in this area and many other former governors have the
residents in G.R.A Lokoja. G.R.A has good road network and tarred road,
portable water supply and constant electricity. These social amenities are
provided by the state government, but individuals have alternative provisions
as back-up.
streets are furnished with street light and security is guaranteed. Most houses
in this area are personal houses built to the taste of the owner in a modern
style of architecture. The type of houses found in the G.R.A are bungalow,
Duplex, semi-detached duplex and mansion.
plot of land within this area will sell for 100 million to 300 million. There
are very few or no rental houses around Lokoja G.R.A. Although, you may not
find any undeveloped plot of land in this area, but a property you can redesign
to suit your needs.

Maryville Street (Bishop Court)   

is the central part of Lokoja. It has a link to the famous Ganaja junction at
one end and the government house at the other end. Maryville is a stone throw
from Federal University Lokoja. Popularly known as bishop court because, the
house of Catholic bishop of Lokoja is situated in the area. It has good road
network and constant power supply. Because of is closeness to the city centre, there
is adequate security from the police. Individuals in this area provide private
security to each house.
is access to pipe born water, but most houses already have industrial borehole
installed for portable water supply.
bedrooms flat will cost between N250 thousand to N400 thousand annually, while
three bedrooms flat will cost N400 thousand to N500 thousand annually.
types of houses you will find in this area are bungalows. Owners have the
privilege to choose design and style. Most importantly they are modern designs.

Lokogoma Phase II

phase two Lokoja is an extension of Lokogoma village. This area is known for
business activities. There are lots of shops on the major road and large malls
like Lokogoma shopping mall. Situated in the heart of the city, it has good
access roads and constant electricity. To add to the beauty, it is serene and
has access to pipe born water supply. You can easily find grocery stores and
supermarkets within the area.
rent a two bedrooms apartment will cost N200 thousand to N350 thousand annually.
Single apartment with fenced compound for rent is between N650 thousand to N700
thousand per annum. Two rooms self-contained apartment will cost N150 thousand
per annum.
of a plot of land is between 4 million Naira to 6 million Naira. 

Crown Estate

estate is located at Otokiti along Kaba road as you travel further away from
Murtala Muhammed way. The main gate of the estate is opposite Chari Maigumeri
Barracks. Unlike most common estates, it is not filled with rolls of funny
looking identical houses. There are individually selected edifices depicting creativity
and professionalism of the builders. Some of these buildings are multiple story
apartment buildings, bungalows, duplex and semi-detached duplex.
streets are properly marked out with drainage to prevent erosion. Electricity
is fairly constant; a simple alternative will bridge the gap. At crown estate,
water is provided by individual boreholes.
is jointly organised by all residents of crown estate, this attracts little fee.
In addition, the military barracks gives it a certain level of security from
external threats.
2 bedrooms apartment in crown estate will cost N250 thousand to N300 thousand
per annum, three bedrooms apartment will cost N350 thousand to N400 thousand per
annum and a four or five bedrooms apartment with fenced in yard will cost N450
to N500 per annum.
plot of land sells for 4 million to 6 million in crown estate. Most of the
buildings meant for rent have borehole installed with overhead tanks.
crown estate is not very big in size but sure will make a lovely place to live.

Zango City

little further along Kaba road away from Army Barracks, lies a new site. Here
the land is open and buildings are springing up fast. For those who will love
to have more than a plot for a property, this will be a good location. The
beauty of Zango city is that it has good electricity.
houses in this area are bungalows and few multiple stories apartment.
rent a two bedrooms flat will cost N150 thousand to N250 thousand. A plot of
land in Zango city ranges from N700 thousand to 1 million.
are lots of buying and selling going on in this area, you can get fully developed
properties and plots of land.


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