Jos is a city in the Middle belt region of Nigeria. It is
the capital of Plateau state. Popular known as J-Town, the city is located on
the Jos Plateau 4,062 feet high above sea level. Jos is an important center for
mining of tin. Jos can also be said to be a place where the sales of fruits is
not so expensive. The earliest settlers known in the region were the Nok people
as early as 1000 BC.
Jos is a place where everyone can stay. The cost of living
is relatively low and the environment is friendly. The weather and climate of
the city is also a factor that makes it a top choice for where to stay in
Nigeria. Jos is listed among the most beautiful cities in Nigeria.
If you have the intention of moving to Jos and you are
looking for the best places to stay. This list takes you through the best five
places you can stay in Jos.


Rayfield is a suburb of Jos. The area is located in Jos
South Local Government Area and it is known as the industrial center of Jos.
The area is fast developing as it is seen as a center of commercial activities
in Jos. It is one of the best places to live in Jos because it offers job
opportunities for those who are unemployed because companies like Nasco group,
Standard Biscuit, Oil mills, etc. are located there. It also boasts as one of
the most secured area in Jos since the old government house is located there. Rayfield
may not be an area to stay if you don’t have enough money because its housing
system is expensive. You can rent a 2 bedroom flat for as low as 450 thousand
naira only and a shop space for about 200 thousand naira only. There are lots
of hotels and relaxation centers in the area to relax and have fun.


Dadinkowa is an area located in Jos North Local Government
Council. DadinKowa is a high choice for anyone that wants to live in Jos because
it has a clean environment and renting an apartment is cheaper when compared
with Rayfield. You can get a two bedroom flat for as low as 150 thousand naira
and to buy an ideal apartment can go for 7.5 million naira if it is a 4 room
apartment. The area has hotels and places of relaxation. A popular hotel that
can be found there is Ichaba hotels where you can book a room for as low as 3
thousand naira per night. You can also do your shopping in DadinKowa Market or
at Goldcare.


JentaAdamu is a nice place to stay in Jos. It is a sweet and nice
neighbourhood. The most
challenging issue in Jenta is Water but alternatives have been provided by the Government to
carter for the needs of the residents. Summit Hotels, which is one of the best
hotels in Jos is located at the area.Houses in Jenta are relatively cheap as
you can get a good self-contain for a hundred thousand naira and a two bedroom
flat for as low as 150 thousand naira.


Tutunwada is a residential area located in the Northern part
of Jos metropolis. It is one of the best places you can stay in Jos because it
has places of interest you can visit to have fun and also to relax. You can go
to Terminus market for your shopping and to get any household items you need. You
can take a stroll to the Jos polo field to either play polo or watch as they
play. The state polytechnic Jos campus and the University of Jos are situated
in the area. A two bedroom flat in Tudunwada can be rented for 200 thousand
naira per annum.


Buruku is another happening area in the city of Jos. It was
initially at the outskirt of Jos but because of the fast and rapid development
of the area, it was later merged with the city of Jos. Buruku also serves as the
headquarters of Jos South Local Government Council. The Jos international
stadium is located at that part of the state. It is also the Houses in the area
are quite expensive because of the nature of activities in the area but there
are no fixed prices for each apartment as the prices differ depending on the
owner and the finishing of
the apartment.

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