Ado Ekiti is a city in
Nigeria, the state capital, and
headquarters of the 
Ekiti State
. The population is close to
500,000 at present. The people of Ado Ekiti are mainly of the Ekiti sub-ethnic
group of the 
Yoruba. Ado Ekiti City has a State-owned University (The University of Ado Ekiti now Ekiti State University,
), a privately owned University (The Afe Babalola
University, Ado-Ekiti
)Polytechnic (The Federal
Polytechnic, Ado-Ekiti
), a privately owned polytechnic (Crown Polytechnic, Odo,Ado-Ekiti) two local television and radio stations, – NTA Ado
Broadcasting Station of Ekiti State Television (BSES), 
Radio EkitiProgress FM Ado Ekiti. One private Radio Voice FM. Various commercial
enterprises operate in Ado Ekiti. The city is the trade centre for a farming region where 
yamscassavagrain, banana, plantain, and tobacco are grown. Cotton is also grown for weaving.
If you are seeking a choice of residence within Ado, here are a
number of places you should consider:

Polytechnic Road (Ureje)

Though places like Ewi palace, Fajuyi Park,
Government House, the mountaintop arena very close to the Old Garage
of the National Union of Road and Transport Workers have been points of
attraction to people over the years and people tends to settle  around these
, yet Poly road is another beautiful place someone can consider
residing in. Taking a cruise from Poly
junction down the road, with several channels
of river path, which characterise the
cool breeze enjoy by the passer-by and the residents. Green grasses and shrubs,
with good electricity supply, though domestic water supply is usually from
independent boreholes. Houses common in this place are bungalows and Duplex.
The topography of the land is amazing and not erosion prone. This single axis
shelters the ongoing Federal Government Food Reserve Silos, The Federal
Polytechnics’ Ado-Ekiti and Afe Babalola University (ABUAD) one of the leading University in Africa, the state golf
centre, civic centre and the central yam market are all located in this
place  to say but a few, these have
triggered the ever-rising business
opportunity in this area. Security in this area is a shared responsibility.
A Plot of land sells for N700 thousand to 1m
interiorly and N1m-1.5m along the roadsides.
A self-contain is within the range of
N60- N80 thousand, one room goes N30- N45
thousand while two bedrooms flat is
within N150-180 thousand annually.

Road (Along EKSU)

From a by-pass from the Ekiti State Teaching
University Hospital (ESUTH) is the
road leading to Iworoko, alongside which Ekiti State University formerly known
as University of Ado-Ekiti was built. Some of the things that characterise this place are; road
accessibility, nearness to several facilities, business thrills, fresh
agricultural products from the farm, quick patronage from student around the
residence, massive development envelop with modern architectural design and lot
more. Quality of life is guaranteed to
the residing folks in this place with the availability of other natural
resources in addition to the aforementioned points are fresh air, due to green
grasses and shrubs, absent of factories which increase air pollution etc. Nevertheless, the inhabitants
must have a little patient with the little noise generated from the block
industries along the road path, though only felt in the day. People who are working outside
this axis and only retire home in the evening
will escape this little but to be considered issue.
Though, security too in this place is provided on individual bases.
A Plot of land sells for N1m-2m. A self-contain is within the range of N80-N100
thousand, single room will rent for N45-
N50 thousand while two bedrooms flat is
within N200- N250 thousand annually.

Estate (Ikere Road)

This is another amazing place someone can
consider to reside in Ado-Ekiti. The estate is located along this path which is
exclusively for sale, some kilometres
away from the Government House. This environment is characterized by modern
architectural designs. Houses found in this area are bungalows. This is the
link road between Ado and Ikere Ekiti. It has accessibility road, nearness to
market (especially the popular Fayose Ultra-Modern market and others), cheap
transportation cost, good electricity supply, quietness and several accrued benefits to the inhabitants. Security is organized
by residents and water is gotten from individual boreholes.
A plot of land in this environment is within
the scales of N1.8-2m at the apex part of the road and might be sold lesser than
this at the rear end. Self-con is around
N80- N100 thousand, 2 bedrooms flat for
N200- N250 thousand and 3 bedrooms flat
for N300 thousand. What makes house rent high in some of these areas are; if the
house is tiled, fenced and water networked. Though a detachable 2 bedrooms for
sale might be around N5-6m.


This is also a beautiful place within the
Ado-Ekiti metropolis that a residence can find succor and quality life. The
then Ekiti-State textile company was situated on
this street, though was later converted
to an Ultra-Modern market by the former
governor; Dr. Kayode Fayemi. Along with this are; City Quest House, PHCN Basiri
service centre, St. Silas Anglican
Church, Holy Family Catholic Church, St. Gregory Hospital, Royal Castle Event centre and lot more. Apart from all these are
the numerous motor routes to different places at affordable prices and standard
of living that is within the reach of average earners.  A plot of land might go for around N1-2m in
this area or lesser, depending on the exact area at this location.


The best among
the list of estates within the metropolis
is Fajuyi estate. It is located along Iyin road. It is named after the then
military Governor of western state; Francis Adekunle Fajuyi. This is a
government reserved area (GRA), serenity is sure in this place, and their
security is first class. The recreation centres are ever within the resident reach such
as Fajuyi amusement park, Moremi memorial centre
etc. Almost everything needed are very
much available.  The buildings within
this estate are basically for sale. 2 detachable bedrooms flat are around
N6-10. Outside this estate, by the road-side, a plot of land will cost N1million and above. A 3 bedrooms flat is
rented at N300 thousand yearly. Along
Ilawe road, a 3 or 2 bedrooms apartment will cost N150-N250 thousand depending
on the facilities in the building.

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