The non-private
secondary schools in the capital city can be found in every district in the
metropolis.There are day schools and also boarding schools. The ones run by the
federal government are called Federal Government Colleges and are also known as
Unity schools. The ones run by the state government are basically called
Government Secondary Schools. Some are mixed schools, while others are for just
boys and a good number are for just female students. We are going to explore
five of the best government secondary schools in Abuja in subsequent paragraphs

Government Boys College

Federal Government Boys
College was founded in 1999. It is the only federal college for boys in the
whole capital city. Situated in Garki district, it has over two hundred
certified teachers and above 1, 700 students. It is a boarding school that also
accommodates day students.Unlike the lackadaisical trend in some government
schools in the country, the complete tutoring and education of the students is
on the priority list of the school. That is why the students are known for
acing their examinations, especially the ones organized by WASSCE and NECO.
Initially, the tuition
fee was free. But, due to severe economic backlash, parents of students in the
school were given a list of things to pay for every term. Many parents lament
about these extra cost but, the ministry of education has indicated the
necessity of the payments.
The school uniforms are
about 14, 000 naira and the blazer is 5, 500 naira. The prospectus is just 500
naira and it is paid for once. Every boarder pays 15, 000 naira every term. The
students are also asked to pay 16, 000 naira for their classroom furniture,
e.g., a chair and a desk. For boarders, this include bunk and bed, this is also
paid once. The caution fee is paid for every term at a thousand naira,
textbooks and exercise books amount to 15, 000 naira, and paid annually.
Medicals, vocational, utility, and security per term is a thousand naira,
stationaries, sport, clubs and societies is 500 naira per term, and insurance
is about 5, 000 annually, website/e-result/ICT totals 3, 000 naira, with extra
lesson at 2, 000 naira per term.
In total, the
regularstudents pay a total of 65, 000 naira per term, but the new students pay
83, 000 naira.

Government Academy

Federal Government
Academy is also known as Suleja Academy. It was founded in 1986 by the Federal
Government under the Babangida regime. Unlike other secondary schools in the country,
it is a special school for children who are highly intelligent.
It is a boardingschool
running a program that allows gifted and brainy children to fast track the
secondary school education curriculum and complete it in less than six years
with excellent results.
It is amazing that such
institution was established in the country. The students are all on
scholarships which covers their tuition, boarding feeding, uniforms, and basic
text/exercise books. The parents pay for every other thing.
The school is well
equipped, accommodating both male and female students trained by qualified
Getting one’s ward
admitted into the school isn’t a walk in the park. Starting with the processing
fees of about 5, 000, a child seeking admission into Junior class one must be
11 years or above. The school frowns at taking in younger children below 11
years, regardless of how brilliant they are.

Government College, Kwali

Federal Government
College in Kwali area council is a mixed students boarding school.The area the
school is situated used to be densely populated, but, recently, mass relocation
from other parts of the city has made the Kwali area council fit to be called
an urban area, due to the changes in the environment, new businesses cropping
up everyday and infrastructure.
Aside the white and
green attractive uniform, the school is one of the progressive federal colleges
in the country.There are well trained teachers coaching the students and well
equipped laboratories, art studio, and library.
The students are well
trained in ICT, especially after the establishment of the E-library.
Most of the Federal
Government Colleges in the country pay almost the same fees, but with a slight
difference. The junior and senior classes pay about 75, 000 nairaevery term,
but, students in Senior Class three pay an extra 30, 000 for their WASSCE and
NECO examinations.

Government College, Rubochi

Federal Government
College in Rubochi, Kuje was founded in April, 2000. It is a boarding school,
running a very good curriculum with alumni all over the world.
The school keeps strict
rules especially for new intakes. Parents are informed before the admission of
their wards that their children must be able to feed themselves, wash their own
clothes, keep their surrounding clean, with good knowledge of personal hygiene
before he or she is enrolled into the school. This is due to some past difficulties
of some children admitted into the school who couldn’t take care of themselves.
Most times, they either fall ill regularly due to lack of proper personal
hygiene or starvation.
Children in Junior
classes are between the age of 10 and 13, while those in the Senior classes are
between the age of 13 and 16, though some are older.
The tuition fee per
term is about 70, 000 naira and almost a hundred thousand naira for newly
admitted students.

Government Girls College, Abaji

Federal Government Girls
College in Abaji is a boarding school for girls only, situated in Abaji area
council, in the capital city. Abaji is known as the land of the Egbira,
Ganagana and the Hausa people.
Many of the students
who got admitted into the school from Junior class one and leaves after writing
their final examinations in Senior class three, tend to be able to speak the
native language, regardless of whatever part of the country they are from, especially
the Hausa language which is most common in the area.
The school environment
is safe and serene, especially for the female students. There is adequate clean
water supply and frequent electric supply.
The school has a total
of about 1, 500 students, over 80 well trained teachers, and about 65
experienced non-teaching staff members. The students are also known for acing
most of the inter-school competition they attend.
The tuition is about
75, 000 naira, and about 95, 000 naira for new intakes.

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