Owerri is the
capital of Imo state in Nigeria. It is set in the heart of Igboland and
popularly referred to passionately as the “HeartLand”. It is the largest city
in Imo state and it has three main LGA’s namely: Owerri North, Oweri West and
Owerri Municipal. Currently it is referred to worldwide as the entertainment
capital of Nigeria because it currently houses a large number of spacious
hotels (over 171 hotels), high street casinos, production studios and high quality
centres of relaxation. It is the home to the annual beauty Pageant called “Miss
Heartland”. Owerri is not just a bubbly centre, but cost of living is very low
and the environment is relatively safe. It is one of the cheapest cities in
Nigeria.Owerri is one great city to reside in, this is why we put together a
guide that exposes you to the neighbourhood of owerri and prepares you in your
choice of area that will suit your heart desire.

Ikenegbu Layout

Ikenegbu Layout is a residential
area in Imo State.
area is mainly and purely a residential area. Many beautiful houses and sweet
neighbourhood can be found here.

Ikenegbu is located in Owerri North Local Government Area. Ikenegbu Layout is
also in close proximity to Imo State University and AlvanIkokuFederal College
of Education. It also has some hotels such as the popular Benchmark Hotels
Limited. Houses in this area are quite expensive but relatively, this area is
quite safe and the environment is lovely.

Works Layout

Layout is located in the Owerri Municipal in Imo State. The area is in close
proximity to places like Imo State Ministry of Works around the road leading to
Okigwe and AlvanIkoku Federal College of Education towards Orlu road.
Popular places in this area include the City Mall amongst other things. Houses
in this area are quite beautiful and a bit expensive and so is mostly reserved
for the affluent. The environment is peaceful and relatively safe despite the
abundance of hotels and restaurants.


Umuguma is Owerri West LGA’s headquarters. It
evolved out of the old Owerri Local Government Area in 1996. Today Umuguma is
an emerging city, rapildly being transformed from peri-urban status to an
emerging urbanized city, adorned with dual carriageway. As a traditional bread
basket for the residents in the municipal capital of Imo State,Umuguma is host
to the two largest Housing Estates in the State: Imo Housing Estate and the
World Bank Financed Scheme for Low Income Housing estate and a Federal Low Cost
Housing estate. It also hosts the Imo Housing estate. This area is relatively
serene and safe and houses can be afforded by both average income earners and
wealthy families alike.


area is located near Owerri Municipal and is largely and popularly referred to
as Military zone as it houses the 34 Artllery Brigade amongst others. One of
the major site of attraction in Obinze is the Arsenal golf Club. As a military
area, these area is safe and peaceful and houses are quite affordable around


Nekedeis a town in southeastern Nigeria. It is
located near the city of Owerri. This town also hosts the Imo State new Owerri
capital. Federal University of Technology Owerri is 20 minutes’ drive from
Nekede. It lies on the junction of the Nworie River and the Otamiri River. The
population of Nekede is fast developing into a city with increasing population
due to the citing of the Federal Polytechnic, Nekede. This community, because
of this, hosts mainly the student community. Houses in this area are relatively
affordable. As a student environment, the area is safe and serene.

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