where to find a new home can be very worrisome at times. It’s not just a matter
of picking a place to live, you want to be sure of your security, comfort and aesthetic perfection; you want to see the blend between your home and your personality.
Not only is
state the commercial and
economic hub of Northern Nigeria, it is also one of the oldest states in Nigeria.
Life in Kaduna is multi-faceted and dynamic depending on the area you find yourself.
From the hustles
and bustles to the daily struggles, and to the endless streams of commuters,
male and female, young and old alike, going to and fro, typical of Nigerian city
life, Kaduna state has it all. Perhaps you’re a real estate investor looking
for new opportunities to exploit, or just a regular home seeker looking for the
best areas in Kaduna that will suit your needs and taste, you need to grab a
seat for a few minutes and read on…
Below are the 5 best places to live in Kaduna State.

1. Sabon Tasha 

Sabo is currently the fastest developing residential
and commercial district in Kaduna. Located in Kaduna South, its territory borders
with Narayi Highcoast, Barnawa, Ungwar Sunday and it is fast expanding. Because
of the fine network of good roads, movement in between Sabo and these places is done
in record time.
of the new Ibrahim Patrick Yakowa expressway is part of the contributing factors
to its development as most “town-workers” now prefer to get accommodation
in Sabo, while retaining their employments in Kaduna central area.
Sabo also boasts
of thriving regular markets, schools, hospitals, a military barack and companies.
In terms of cost of living, Sabo is one of the areas with the lowest cost of living
in Kaduna state. Food prices drop significantly in harvest periods because many
small scale farmers in neighboring villages bring their harvests to Sabo
markets directly from their farms.
Getting a
decent house in Sabo is also not difficult and easily affordable. Regardless of
your economic power, you will surely find a home of your standard in Sabo. If you’re
considering cost of living, security and mobility, then Sabo is definitely the
place for you.

2.  Barnawa  

Barnawa is certainly one of the
most peaceful places in Kaduna; and also one of the most beautiful. Houses in
Barnawa are decorated with trees and flowers of different varieties and
designed into different patterns, just like you see in American homes. There
are banks, filling stations, schools, eateries, hotels, relaxation spots,
boutiques, event centres, religious centres, business plazas and many private
companies, all well planned and structured. The development of Barnawa definitely
follows the state’s masteplan so if you’re obsessive about living in a well detailed
home and environment, Barnawa is for you.
The standard
of living in Barnawa is way higher than that of Sabo because everything is well
planned and organized and getting to Kaduna town area from Barnawa is easy with
access routes. Housing units in Barnawa are all planned to suit the taste of
the prospective occupants. If you’re more keen about your comfortability in a neat,
urban environment, you’re a Barnawa person.

3.  Gonin-Gora  

Located at the outskirts of Kaduna
city, Gonin-gora is currently gaining the attention of many real estate
developers. People started picking interest in Gonin-gora because of the excessively
congested nature of Kaduna town. Getting an affordable home in a peaceful
environment is what characterizes Gonin-gora. For those interested in investing
in properties, Gonin-gora new extension is certainly a place to visit. The
environment is unique in itself; with a federal highway passing through it,
many markets and ‘one-stand-kiosks’ can be seen all-around. It is a really quiet
place to settle and generally suitable for a peaceful, simple lifestyle.

4.  Ungwar-Rimi  

This is easily the most elegant,
luxurious and exquisite place to live in Kaduna state. Situated at the very heart
of Kaduna town, Ungwar-Rimi is located within the business district of the state.
Living in this place will definetly impact your perspective and self awareness because
you’ll find yourself in daily interaction with the elites, the crème-de-la-crème,
the who-is-who of Kaduna state. Ungwar-Rimi is well secured with gated streets
and security details guarding the area. Electricity supply is more constant, although
all homes are fitted with alternative sources of electricity. It is also a common
practice for each home to have its own borehole system. Houses in Ungwar-Rimi
make its avenues and streets an appealing scenery; you’ll feel good just going round
to look at the houses. Although in proximity to town, Ungwar-Rimi is a business
district of its own. It boasts of some of the most standard hotels and major
businesses in Kaduna state and has a decent market. Although living in Ungwar-Rimi
is a bit expensive, the environment ensures that you get the exact value for
your money in terms of comfort.

5.  Badiko 

Finally, in our list is Badiko, a quiet and
peaceful residential and business district located in Kaduna north. Badiko is
one of the few places in Kaduna where you’ll find houses of different grades.
The houses around Governor’s road are tastefully built and the vicinity is
nothing short of a GRA. Other areas in Badiko have houses occupied by middle
and low-income earners. Boasting of superbly built duplexes and bungalows, it
connects outwardly to the Nnamdi Azikiwe expressway and inwardly to Kawo area.
This network of roads grants easy access to Kaduna town, as well as a direct
link to the express by-pass. Badiko settlement is a well planned metropolis. The
houses in the luxury area are modern and beautiful. The lifestyle in the GRA
area is suitable to persons who desire to live without having to experience disturbances
from neighbors, or noisy streets. The middle class areas are affordable and
residents enjoy communal living.
It would be
rather misleading to conclude by stating specifically, the best place  to live in Kaduna. This is because all the
different areas of residence each have their unique desirable characteristics, and
also, their down sides. A clear understanding is gotten by considering the fact
that as humans, our needs and wants are as diverse as our finger prints. Therefore
what it’ll require to get maximum satisfaction and comfort differs from one
person to another. One thing is certain though, whatever your taste is, you’ll
definitely find your place in Kaduna.

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