Getting a home in Lekki is something approaching the Holy Grail of
successful Lagos-ing, and with good reason. Lekki is the new frontier of
Lagosian prosperity, with close proximity to the Island CBD and all the
attendant economic perks, but without all the stolid and straight-laced
sensibilities of the ‘old-money’ inhabitants of VI and Ikoyi. Lekki is a
vibrant, young, and futuristic place crackling with energy and optimism
generated by thousands of upwardly mobile young professionals who live and work
there. Imagine how great it would be if it didn’t disappear underwater every
July and the tap water there was actually drinkable…
Well actually, there are some areas in this exciting part of Lagos
that do not suffer from the issues that make Lekki have its notorious Marmite
effect on people. Here are three of the best areas to find a home in Lekki.

Admiralty Road

Not to be confused with the insanely popular Admiralty Way, which
lies adjacent to it, Admiralty Road is one of the quietest and classiest areas
in the whole of Lekki Phase 1. For the busy professional who works around the
Admiralty Way business district, the daily commute to work is a 5-minute Uber
ride. The Lekki-Ikoyi link bridge is also very close by, so VI, Ikoyi and 3rd
Mainland Bridge are also easily accessible. Admiralty Road and the streets off
it have a variety of exciting bars, restaurants and hotels. Heck, there’s even
a boat club there if that sort of thing catches your fancy. There is also a
plethora of supermarkets, groceries, ice cream parlours, retail malls and even
a farm produce shop within walking distance. None of this excitement interferes
with the silent ambience of the neighbourhood, which is also one of the
greenest in all of Lekki. If you are lucky, you may be able to get a place with
a view of the Lagoon and the majestic landmark bridge over it, which is one of
THE great sights of Lagos. Perhaps the greatest thing about Admiralty Road,
apart from its great location is that unlike practically the rest of the
surrounding area, it does not suffer from the dreaded annual Lekki floods.
Perched at a vantage point right over the bank of the Lagoon, its raised
position makes it impervious to flooding (though the tap water generally isn’t
that great, except you use an industrial borehole or a water treatment system).
The average 2-bedroom residence on Admiralty Road will set you back an average
sum of about N2 million, so you know, nothing good comes cheap.

2. Platinum
Rows Estate

Nestled in a quiet cul-de-sac between the 4th and 5th
roundabout on Lekki-Epe Expressway, Platinum Rows Estate will shock you for a
number of reasons, not least of which is the awful state of the road leading into it. The 400-metre journey from
the Expressway turnoff to the estate gate can feel like a driving obstacle
course with an uneven, ungraded road and huge rocks jutting out at intervals.
You are occasionally confronted with large pools of water concealing what could
either be a simple pothole or a portal to the other side of the world, if you
are brave enough to find out. However, once you make it past the purgatory path
and into the estate, you could be forgiven for thinking that you stepped into a
different dimension which has that road as its gatekeeper. It is a truly exceptional
real estate development of extremely high quality, featuring several 2-bed and
3-bed duplex units built to very high finishing standards. Security, power,
water, drainage, roads and street lighting are handled centrally, and residents
of Platinum Rows Estate are thus set free to enjoy what could possibly be the
best-finished accommodation in the entire Lekki area. The estate has a general
aesthetic theme that is strictly adhered to, so don’t expect to see a garish
green mansion next to a dull brown bungalow, as in the case with so many
private estates in Lagos. The smooth estate road, fancy brick décor,
understated design flourishes and touches of greenery make it a place you could
see yourself living and raising a family in. The cost of a typical duplex at
Platinum Rows Estate? N3,000,000 per annum. That is a good deal.


Just a little further down Lekki Expressway at the 5th
Roundabout (Jakande) is a mini-city called NICON Town. It was originally built
as a housing estate for the Chevron Employees Cooperative Thrift & Credit
Society, and these days it is the hidden gem of the Lekki peninsula. Like
Platinum Rows Estate, the road to NICON Town is fairly non-descript, thankfully
without all the hydraulic vehicle motion and questionable puddles. Once you get
in however, it is a different story. The estate is bourgeois to the core, with
the economic prosperity of its residents in full evidence, and a range of
aesthetically similar but stunning architecture as far as the eye can see. The
first thing you notice is that it is huge.
The second thing you notice is that you can’t get in. Not without an invite
from a resident anyway. And there are gates everywhere. There’s a main gate and
a second gate after that one, just in case you know, someone flattens the first
with an Armoured Personnel Carrier or something. Each cluster of buildings also
has a gate, and there is an electronic security system installed in every unit.
So yeah you get the picture – security is super tight here, so if you’re looking
for a secure residence in Lekki, this is definitely for you. Unlike Phase 1,
this area has no quality problems with regular borehole water, or with
flooding. Not that you would know it because again, all services and utilities
are handled centrally. All you have to do is literally turn up with your money
in hand and step into a world of luxury Bay Area-style living, punctuated only
by your daily 30-minute commute to and from Victoria Island. That’ll be about
N10,000,000 annually for a typical 5-bedroom duplex please.


Chevy View Estate and Victoria Garden City. They’re great, but
they were both built on low-lying land on a coastal flood plain, which means
that you might have to move out every July. You probably
wouldn’t like that.

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