generators are highly sought after by households and businesses majorly because
they can power most common home appliances like Fridge, television, fan,
pressing iron, sound system, and many more. This has made generators of this
capacity very popular across households and businesses in Nigeria.
Homes and
small businesses in Nigeria rely on 3.5KVA generators for stable and dependable
power needs all day, everyday. This is why we have decided to take a look at
the 3.5KVA generators currently available on the market.


There are a
lot of 3.5KVA generator models from popular generator brands around the world.
Below I introduce you to four of them.

1. LUTIAN LT3990E 3.5KVA

LT3990e gasoline generator offers an electric starting system for ease of
operation. It is a fuel-efficient, low noise power generating set, with an
automatic voltage regulator, for stable power output, and an automatic overload
cut-off system in an electric circuit breaker. The LT3990E electric starter
generator runs on a high quality and high performance LUTIAN LT168F-1 engine,
and a high quality alternator.
LT3990E gasoline generator offers rated AC output of 2.5 kilowatt, maximum AC
output of 2.8 kilowatt, AC frequency of 50/60Hz, and rated voltage of 230/120V.
Its LT168F-1 engine model is a 4-stroke, single cyclinder, air-cooled, OHV;
with power output of 4.8 kilowatt; and a transistorized magneto.
LT3990E gasoline generator has a fuel tank capacity of 15 liters, a runtime of
12 hours at tankful, a noise level at 7 meters of 67 dB, and a oil tank
capacity of 0.6 liters. The LT3990E weighs 50KG.


EC3500CX gasoline generator has a rated output of 3000W and maximum output of
3500W. It runs on a single cylinder, 4-stroke, air-cooled OHV engine.
Compared to
other 3.5KVA generator brands in Nigeria, ELEPAQ EC3500CX 3.5KVA generator is
very affordable. What it offers is great value at reduced cost is what it
offers in its electric starting system, decompressed light recoil starting
system,  built-in Automatic Voltage
Regulator and overload protection.
generator also saves you a lot of money on gasoline as it is very
To ensure
longevity and effective operation, 
ELEPAQ generators come with fuel sediment cups which prevent dirt and
water from running down to the carburetor from on top the fuel tank.
generators are very easy to maintain, and the brand’s spare parts are available
in spare parts shops nationwide. All these apply to the 3.5KVA ELEPAQ EC3500CX
gasoline generator.


Thermocool Hustler
Max 3800ES 3.5KVA generator is
designed to have 1000 hours continuous running life
span. It is further
designed with unique features to give consumers optimum value for their money.
Ease of use and power are combined in the Thermocool Hustler Max 3800ES 3.5KVA generator.
Starting up has never been easier
with the easy button –a small push and all the power is at your fingertips.
With wheels and handles for easy movement, slot this amazing Thermocool Hustler Max 3800ES 3.5KVA generator  into your home or office life and high 3.5KVA power output will always be guaranteed.
Thermocool generators are
protected by an oil alert system, have electronic circuit breaker (protects generator from being overloaded), recoil starting system, Electric starting system, Remote starter, 100% copper coil, 100%
Power output, Wheel & handle for easy movement, Oil alert lamp, and Key Start, Automatic
Voltage Regulator.Their engines
are designed to be rugged, durable and efficient, and can run continuously for a thousand hours without engine turning off. The Thermocool
Hustler Max 3800ES 3.5KVA
generator has all these features.
The Thermocool Hustler
Max 3800ES 3.5KVA generator  works with
Smart throttle for better fuel efficiency. S
mart Throttle is a device
specifically designed to supply the Generator an accurate amount of fuel
required to support each additional load demanded from the generator by consumer home appliances, thus eliminating wastages
and improving fuel efficiency by 10-15%.
Thermocool Hustler
Max 3800ES 3.5KVA generator also features
Smart Choke for Easy remote
Start. Smart Choke
enables generator to turn
OFF or ON with the aid of a remote control from a distance of 40 meters without
any human intervention. This
is also designed with reduced noise levels, reduced engine vibrations
and excellent fuel efficiency to give users maximum relaxation and benefit for
their money.
The Thermocool
Hustler Max 3800ES 3.5KVA
generator also comes with 3 in 1 digital meters d
esigned to give
real-time reading of Total Run Hours from First Usages, Total time of Current
usage, frequency and Output Voltage.

4. Tigmax TH5200DXE2
3.5KVA Generator

TH5200DXE2 is a 3.5KVA generator with fine attributes. It is made of 100%
copper wire, and is capable of  carrying
your pumping machine of up to 1HP, fridges, televisions and other home and
office appliances.
The Tigmax
TH5200DXE2 features a single phase, SPE200E,Max 6.5HP, 4-stroke single
cylinder, OHV, air cooled engine; a
brush, self exciting, synchronous, 2-pole,100% Copper enamelled Wire alternator; and both the recoil and electric starting
The 3.5KVA petrol
generator also has a fuel tank capacity of 15 liters; a runtime at tankful and
50% load of 10 hours; and a noise level at 7 meters of 68dB. The Tigmax
TH5200DXE2 generator weighs 63.9KG. It also comes with a 2-wheel kit and
handles for ease of movement from one point to another.


The 3.5KVA generators mentioned
in this list might all be of the same capacity, but they are not all good for
you. When they go head to head with each other in terms of cost, durability,
fuel efficiency, ease of maintenance, and so many other factors, you discover
the myriad of differences between them. The best way to arrive at the 3.5KVA
generator that is best for your need is to weigh their strength and weaknesses,
then relate them with the strength and weaknesses of your pocket, and those
features you look out for most in a 3.5KVA generator. It is only this way that
you can arrive at the 3.5KVA generator that is best for you.

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