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How do you
get people to consider investing their hard-earned money on your piece of real
estate in an industry bedeviled by chronic issues of trust? Do you simply copy
what others have been doing and pray that it will yeild a different result, or
do you come up with strategies that earn and keep the trust of your prospective
Prayers undoubtedly
don’t work in real estate marketing anywhere in the world, and prayers don’t
work in real estate marketing in Nigeria. Dishonest tactics and promotions
might work in capturing real estate leads, but most times fail before those
leads are converted into paying clients.
So, what
strategy works in real estate marketing in Nigeria? How do you convince
Nigerians that the real estate you’re selling is right for them without coming
off as one of those fraudsters that quite frankly abound in the real estate industry?
marketing generally, the most successful strategy the world over is getting the
right product in front of the right people at the right time through the right
means. Real estate marketing in Nigeria or anywhere else is no different. The
best way to get people to buy your land is to use the right means to get the
land in front of people that have a need for land, and then let them see why
your land is best for them.
Below we
take a look at 15 strategies real estate agents and owners in Nigeria could deploy
towards getting the right people interested in their real estate, and the right
ways and means to get real estate in front of the right people.

1. Write listings that

Don’t just
write your listing essay to fill in the blank space, or like you’re in a haste;
write to educate your prospective clients about your property.
listing essay should be able to tell your prospective everything about the
features, cost and location of your property while also making very bold
attempt sat convincing them that it is best for them.
listing essay should not only tell the facts about your property, it should also
tell great stories about your property.

2. Get prospective clients
into your property with professional photograhic shots

Taking bad
photos of your property does not speak well of your professionalism, and so is
uploading the photos of your property in very shoddy manners.
You should
take the best photos of your property with the best camera around. Your photos
should be clear and capable of conveying enough details about your property.
however stop at taking the best photos of your property; upload them in a way
that your prospective clients are able to enjoy the fruit of your diligence.
Uploading a photo upside down or joining several shots into one image won’t
make prospective clients appreciate your hard work, it will make them loathe
your sloth.

3. Embrace the use of

When it
comes to real estate marketing, nothing tells a better story of a property than
a video.
Across the
social media, people are engaging more with video rather than written content,
and this include prospective real estate buyers and renters.
Real estate
marketers will run a more effective campaign if they increase their budget for
video content.

4. Don’t just market the
property, market the neighbourhood

Real estate
marketers should not only focus on selling their property, they should also do
more to sell the area where their property is located.
real estate buyers do not only consider the cost and features and size of a
property when deciding or whether to buy or not to buy, they also consider the neighbourhood:
the crime rate, availability of social amenities, presence of school, churches
and playgrounds. Their decision might even depend more on this than things that
have to do with the property itself, so real estate marketers who are serious about
selling should in educating their prospective clients on the condition of the
area where their property is located.

5. Build a strong brand
around yourself or your real estate company

In an
industry bedeviled by issues of trust, nothing is more valuable than a strong
brand built around honest and excellent service delivery.
The best
way to do this is to render the best service in the industry. This attracts
word-of-mouth referrals, and makes your brand a shining star in the industry.

6. Don’t even think of
lying to your clients

If you’re
interested in building a strong brand that will outlive you, don’t ever think
of lying to your client whatever stage you are in with them in the buying
Lies might
get you to sell your present property, but lies will always be discovered, and
at such might prevent you from getting any serious client for your properties
in the future.
satisfied clients is the most valuable way to market your brand.  A client you decieved will make you pay by
investing time, energy and money into doing the opposite.
your brand.

7. Market yourself professionally
on Tukool and/or your personal website

Your page
on Tukool should have the most professional look so prospective clients will
find you as someone they can do business with.
Upload your
best photo. Tell the best story about yourself or your brand. Let your address
be clearly spelt out. Share your social media profiles. Include all necessary
certifications. Your page on Tukool should prove to prospective clients that
you really know your onions.
A personal
website is a also a great medium to showcase what you do to prospective
clients. However, you should only keep one if you’re capable of getting
prospective clients to visit it by getting it to rank on search engines.

8. Use the social media
like a pro, and not like a tout

Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram handles should be very professional
extensions of the professional services you render, so you should utilize them
as such.
Don’t go
around filling people’s chat box with unsolicited property listings. Only
scammers do that, and you doing that is a sure way to getting on people’s
nerves and getting flagged as scam.

9. Invest in flyers and

internet may have grown so domineering within the last few years, but billboard
and flyers and still matter,and you should use them.
Investing in
a well-designed billboard strategically placed at the end of the street or
neighbourhood where you have property will go a long way in attracting
qualified leads.
You can
also print flyers and share it to anybody whose face you look, just like those
evangelists everywhere in your street.

10. Stop spamming the
cyberspace with your listings

How many
times have you bought a property just because somebody managed to sneak into
your inbox? And do you remember how much loathing you had for that brand that
got a spam chat through to your Whatsapp when all the message you awaited was
that of your crush?
Spamming is
generally the worst way to build a brand. People don’t respect people or
company that spam them, and as prospective real estate buyers only work with
those whose opinion they trust and respect, they surely won’t be buying from
you if keeping getting on their nerves with messages they never solicited.

11. Master the art of
internet advertising

advertising, Google Adwords, and even premium packages on industry websites
like Tukool are booming, and real estate marketers who want to make the best
sales should master them.
advertising platforms are relatively cheap and can be more targeted compared to
traditional advertising platforms, so serious real estate marketers should
utilize the enormous advantages they provide.
To make the
best of these platforms, it is advisable that real estate marketers hire
professional consultants or agencies. They can do this more cost-effectively,
and their services normally do not cost an arm and a leg.

12. Share your expertise
by writing for industry publications

Real estate
marketers should flaunt their deep knowledge of the real estate industry by
writing for niche publications.
establishes them as problem solvers that people ccan run to for help. This also
help to build word-of-mouth referral to their services and property listings.

13. Create a hype around
your property using viral content

content is that type of content that can be shared among very large number of
people within a very short period of time.
In real
estate marketing in Nigeria, a viral content can be a blog post about the
features of a super luxirous housing development that is opening in Maitama, a
photo reel celebrating the safety of lives and properties in an Enugu
neighbourhood where every street end is manned by a giant Alsatian, or a video
documentary of the amazing transformation of a Lagos neighbourhood from a crime-infested
slum to the most exclusive neighbourhood in the whole universe.
Hype your
real estate offering by creating such shareable content around it. Believe me,
lots of people will definitely come knocking at your office door.

14. Sponsor social or
religious activities and spread word of mouth about your services

The best
way to let your community know what you do is to sponsor local activities. It
can be at your Church, within your neighbourhood, or at a neighbourhood
planning an activity that can do with your sponsorship.
You could
sponsor the jerseys of your neighbourhood kids’ football club, renovate or
repaint the local elementary school with leaking roof and tartared walls.
Anything to
get your name or the name of your brand out there is definitely good marketing.

15. Build real life relationship
with potential clients

relationship with those who can buy what you are selling, long before they show
any interest in buying.
If those
who buy your kind of property stay at the National Assembly, then hang out at the
National Assembly. If they are at Ladipo Market, then take it as a necessity to
have as many friends as possible at Ladipo Market.
I’m not
suggesting you should start chasing after the friendship of everybody with cash,
what I’m suggesting is simply that you should not always wait for prospective
clients to discover you rather you should help them discover you.
Build a
relationship with those who can afford what you have on offer, and by so doing
they will remember you when it’s time to buy.

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